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I’m glad I don’t use Google as my phone provider from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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I’m glad I don’t use Google as my phone provider

Michael in Tennessee who has been on my podcast sent me this, and I haden’t read it at the time he sent it. Looks like its a great article about the actors within this space, targeting people outside the United States.

The APT group known as APT32 has similar tendencies as other apt groups across the globe. Nobody is targeted here in the United States according to this article. This came from Cyber Scoop and I probably would eventually see this. Thanks Michael, I really appreciate the heads up on this.

Wired first reported this in their article which is linked here in Cyberscoop.

Hackers with suspected links to the Vietnamese government have been using the Google Play Store to distribute malicious software for the last four years,
according to Kaspersky research published Tuesday.

The targeted Android campaign, which Kaspersky dubbed “PhantomLance,” affected roughly 300 devices in nearly a dozen countries including Vietnam, India,
Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Algeria, South Africa, Nepal, Myanmar, and Malaysia, the company said.

I know that APT32 is linked and you’re welcome to read more within the article Vietnamese hackers exploited Google Play Store for espionage campaign is the article. I hope that this finds you well and you find this of value and of interest.

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I’m glad I don’t use Google as my phone provider was released on May 2, 2020 at 8:30 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: May 1, 2020.

Comments (1)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 2 May 2020 alle 19:56 (),

    Well, its sad that google is targeted.
    However remember what I said about contact tracing.
    Social networks like twitter and facebook are big previders.
    Its only logical google would be to, heck even linux is itself targeted and to a lesser extent apple.
    This shows that with all the security, in the world if people pull apps not in the store well boom.
    A lot more stuff is going on about with this damn virus.
    If malware is sneaking into the google store more than is usual, getting past the security of google then they have found a way about.
    But google is a target, most of its services are for cash free.
    It mines and sells our private information to companies.
    I don’t mind this for what I get.
    As I said before.
    Google gives a lot and has helped a lot of people.
    Sure they have our data but its a level playing field for the most part.
    I can even login to zoom with google.
    I have people with google phones and yeah there can be a lot of malware apps about.

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