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We already knew that ransomware gangs break promises

Well, an article that actually talks about what I had said some months ago when the ransomware gangs said that they would back off the hospitals until after Covid. This blog post leads to an article that talks about the fact that the Ransomware strain sent to this hospital did cause a death. There’s another potential death that was never confirmed, but one is too much.

The blog has lots of hospital articles since COVID started, and it hasn’t been good. I really don’t like covering bad news. For example, just searching hospitals, found this blog post from April 16th where I said I was right. Just go to the blog, its covered in show notes, blog posts in articles, and much more.

Today’s post however is going to be Ransomware Groups Break Promises, Leak Data Anyway which was read last week. Jessica Ellis is the person who blogged on Phish Labs about this one, and I found it of value now more than ever.

While paying ransoms to cybercriminals remains very controversial, the trend of ransomware groups threatening to leak sensitive data has added another
layer of complexity to an already difficult decision. Should organizations pay up? Or should they refuse?  According to a recent report, it may not matter.
Data stolen in ransomware attacks is frequently becoming public even after the victim has paid. 

We know this because we’ve seen stories even if they weren’t blogged here about the fact that this hasn’t really stopped, and as I’ve said, the blog has plenty of hospital articles and ransomware articles in its midst.

Some of the major ransomware groups that have publicly disclosed information despite assurances otherwise include:

  • Sodinokibi
  • Maze
  • Netwalker
  • Mespinoza
  • Conti

I’m very familiar of talk of at least three of the five, in fact, Maze even promised to not hit hospitals until we were well under way of recovery from covid-19. Since Covid is sort of here to stay for now, the ransomware groups including maze are doubling their efforts on making you pay for making mistakes.

Want to know what the worst part of this is?

Ransomware gangs have also been observed coming back to victims that have paid and demanding a second ransom payment. Victims of the Sodinokibi ransomware
paid operators only to be extorted again with the same stolen data weeks later. Sodinokibi ransomware currently holds the greatest market share of ransomware
attacks in Q3.
Multiple factors can be attributed to data being leaked despite payment: 

Also, these groups can even go so far as to share their code with each other, making more potent their attacks as well as sharing data as shown below.

Ransomware groups are increasingly linking with other malware families and cybercrime operations to conduct campaigns. Attack collaboration and intelligence-sharing
are becoming the norm as seasoned attackers profit with Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) and partnerships with emerging groups. 
There is no reason to believe that the data stolen during a ransomware attack will not be accessible to all parties involved. Lack of visibility into where
data goes after it is stolen or who may have acquired copies of it means that despite paying the operators what was negotiated, the victim is still prone
to future attacks. 

If this is the case, than we’re in real trouble, even if we do pay. I absolutely don’t know what the solution is except that we need to be very careful on what we do now a days, and its now more than ever. Its been a long year, and it is only barely coming to an end with one more month to go.

There is lots more to read from this article which is linked above. Please do your homework and learn how to protect yourself so you’re not a statistic in this ever changing landscape. This landscape is not going away any time soon. Thanks so much for reading.

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