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2.275 of Braille2000 is now out!

Problems addressed

  • In UEB, when translating digits followed by some punctuation, a surplus G1 indicator is added to the braille after the digits. The translation rules were fixed.
  • When using a flash drive Key, having a similar commercial flash drive also plugged in causes the license Key to fail as if it is not there. The read logic for the flash drive Key was updated to interrogate all USB flash drives connected to the computer (not just the first one of the right type).
  • The UEB Special Symbols template contains all symbols mentioned in Formats Appendix G. Normal punctuation symbols have been removed from the template (deleting them was a nuisance) and some additional symbols have been added.
  • Some BRF files opened with a Discrepancy Report (that in theory should not be possible; only ABT and B2K files contain dual representations that might, at times, differ). A layout bug was responsible, and has been repaired.
  • Using “Send To” and “Embossing Manager” (via right-click to a braille file) might show the Discrepancy Report dialog and/or the Select Braille Code dialog, neither of which is needed just to emboss the file. The Discrepancy Report and Select Braille Code dialog boxes are now suppressed when using the Embossing Manager. If an ABT or B2K file should happen to have discrepancies, the Embossing Manager automatically use the Braille Only option to emboss from the internal braille notation, exactly preserving the output obtained previously.
  • Other fixes

To get 2.275, run the panel file management, check for updates option and follow the instructions. Contact anybody at Braille2000 through jaredrimer.info’s B2K as a blind person web page and someone will assist you.

We haven’t had an update in awhile, its nice to have one. Its only several days old, so go get it! We’ll be here to help.

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2.275 of Braille2000 is now out! was released on March 3, 2021 at 9:00 am by tech in Braille 2000.
Last modified: March 3, 2021.

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