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Are you a T-Mobile customer? Better pay attention to this

In a batch of stuff that came from Michael in Tennessee, this one may be a little bit outdated but worth sharing anyway.

I’ve written T-Mobile as tmobile at times, and I think that needs to change. The reason is going to be clear when you read T-Mobile customers are receiving spam texts possibly related to August’s data breach which comes from Phone Arena.

The article covers the fact that actors are going around sending text messages apologizing for an outage that may or may not have recently occurred.

A portion of a paragraph says:

The text continues by noting that the person receiving it was “one of the 25,000 affected clients” belonging to the nation’s second-largest carrier. The bogus message goes on to ask recipients of the text to take a 30-second survey about T-Mobile (note in the image how the company’s name was written as Tmobile, something that the wireless provider would never do) in return for a free gift valued at $100.

Also, another paragraph states:

Pressing the link takes you to a new page where at the bottom, the truth is finally revealed. Reading the small print reveals the information that the company behind the survey is a marketing website that is not “affiliated” with T-Mobile. On that page is a button that says “Accept.” Don’t press it even if you feel pressured by the countdown timer on the page. And note that the October 1st deadline has already passed.

I’ve seen similar messages from various area codes about my payment being processed and that I get a free gift. Looking at the link took me to a page where I got to pay a $2 processing fee. Pressing the button on that page takes me yet to another domain where it asks for personal information including number if I remember right.

I’ve also seen these URL’s and they are not AT&T’s domain or any domain they claim to be. Its quite weird if you ask me.

Just be aware of this, know what’s out there, and make sure you check those URL links if you do press the link.

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Are you a T-Mobile customer? Better pay attention to this was released on October 14, 2021 at 1:42 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: October 14, 2021.

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