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With Valentines day two days away, romance scams may be on the rise from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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With Valentines day two days away, romance scams may be on the rise

Doing something romantic for you and the one you love can be lots of fun. I’m not going to pick sides on what you like, and this is not the point of this article.

For the final article today, I want to touch on something I recently read which touches on some of what I’ve posted throughout the last few days and that is the numerous scams and things we need to watch for.

The final article today is titled Online romance scams expand, now with more cryptocurrency. Those of you who are in to crypto are jumping for joy. You can make double like you say, because you’re investing in time in someone who may or may not have someone, and bilk them out of tons of money.

By the way, you should know that this article came to us from Cyberscoop. They cover a wide variety of things including governmental issues with security, so check them out.

As I said somewhere, I saw something that said that bitcoin was at 43,000 dollars per coin. I believe that came from Paypal’s crypto section, as you can store crypto with them now.

Reports of online romance scams continued to grow in 2021, according to the Federal Trade Commission, and cryptocurrency payments now represent a big chunk of the money lost.

So, instead of the gift cards, or the itunes gift cards, they’re going to Crypto. Another reason why I’ll not get involved in the volitile market of something that isn’t regulated. $547 million was taken last year, according o the article which links to the FTC’s statement on this. It is up 80 percent. The last recent number was $307 million.

Of that total, $139 million in reported losses came from cryptocurrency transactions. In those cases, the victims often are subjected to a fancier plea for money than what typically occurs in a romance scam.

Here’s the funny thing. What is mentioned in the following paragraph I’ve seen. Biographies saying that they are an invester in forex which make double of what you put in. You mean the following paragraph, right?

“People are led to believe their new online companion is a successful investor who, before long, casually offers investment advice,” the FTC said. “These
so-called investment opportunities often involve foreign exchange (forex) trading or cryptocurrency.”

After you get them to bite like several on clubhouse have tried to do, they could walk off with your money leaving you out what you gave them.

I’ve made it very clear to each and every one of these people that I’m not interested, I don’t have the money and I’m clearly not interested to put money in to something that could possibly go wrong. I’ve never invested, and I have had no plans.

My biography on clubhouse says nothing about me being in crypto, so why are they following me? I’ve had account with both male and female names coming at me to get me to invest since Clubhouse put in the back channel capability last year.. I believe that all of the people who have contacted me were trying to get me to bite and take off with my money. Money BTW, that I really don’t have to spend.

Here are more staggering numbers.

The spike in cryptocurrency-oriented complaints is dramatic. The 2021 numbers “are nearly five times those reported in 2020, and more than 25 times those reported in 2019,” the FTC said.

Sophos is an antivirus company, and they have researchers just like other companies out there to protect us. Their researchers indicated that scammers would use dating apps, and get people to install to install a fake crypto trading app after getting them over to a more secure app like Whats App. Whatever the victims deposit in to this app, the actor steals it.

Here’s more.

The classic case involves a scammer who romances a person online, while dodging any attempts to meet in person. The final grift can be a plea for help, whether it’s for a financial crisis or a health problem. And it’s not always through a dating app.

There’s nore, I don’t want to pick this article apart, read it through, learn what the signs are, and protect yourself.

I’ll be blogging again real soon, but be safe this valentines day, as these schemes can happen at any time, even on a special day as this one is.

Thanks so much for reading, and stay safe!

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