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discord hell

Can anyone explain why in the 9 hells I was thinking when I agreed to do discord again?
Its not like I didn’t need to do much but all hells will hit you when you do this.
Weather you are just starting out with account creation and everything I recommend you have an email program or whatever open.
One of the first things you will recieve is a message about your ip.
I don’t know what the limit is to clear that with the link but its like 30 seconds or so and just a little to fast for my liking.
So basically by the time I tried this the first 3 times the links were expired.

Next h captcha.
Who made it, a baby in nappies or what?
Seriously, so first I had to find and click the link for the accessibility cookie which didn’t appear to work the first time and well does now.
No indication I had made it but still it was in mail.
Next save that file to somewhere you won’t get it lost like to an important file on your dropbox or something.
There isn’t any way you can automatically get it back if you lose it and you will need that link so save the file as html and then it will work.
Once you set cookies and such and get your account for discord all setup and check all the settings.
The only thing to remember is that alt shift f4 is minimise and alt f4 is exit.
That stumpped me for a bit.
Still not sure if I will use it as such but I am crashmaster #6488 if you care to bother looking me up.
I have it here, now I don’t think I will ever really run it but I have it now sitting about on my ssd chewing another 100mb space.
I made my account ages back when I thought I’d use it but oh well.
Discord has 2step auth but I don’t see its needed unless for whatever reason someone hacks into your laptop on the road or your mobile gets stolen or something.
Phones have qr codes anyway.
One thing is after logging into discord unless you actively logout its going to just do it no matter what without any interaction so once you exit and relaunch it will do it.
It also checks and auto updates on launch.
As for the other cast unsure when or if I will do it.
I have various eye issues and one of these is when the light gets in thhe wrong angle or straight on is I get a headake of massive size.
So the best time to seriously work is between 8pm and 2am in the morning.
This will probably pass but it may be a winter project

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discord hell was released on February 21, 2022 at 11:39 am by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: February 21, 2022.

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