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Conti supports Russia, threatens retaliation

Hello folks,

As we continue to get some of the news that has been coming out in regards to Russia, we have Conti ransomware group announces support of Russia, threatens retaliatory attacks to deal with.

The first paragraph says:

An infamous ransomware group with potential ties to Russian intelligence and known for attacking health care providers and hundreds of other targets posted a warning Friday saying it was “officially announcing a full support of Russian government.”

I suppose we’d be expecting this from the number one ransomware group in the world now that other gangs have either been arrested or crippled.

A portion of the next paragraph says:

The gang said that it would use “all possible resources to strike back at the critical infrastructures” of any entity that organizes a cyberattack “or any war activities against Russia.”

As we know, Conti has attacked a good number of U.S. companies. The paragraph that is next mentions that

Conti ransomware was part of more than 400 attacks against mostly U.S. targets between spring 2020 and spring 2021, the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the FBI reported in September.

After the initial post, the threat against infrastructure was removed, but like Russia, I don’t know if I trust a gang that just writes good PR and just does whatever they want to do anyway. I suspect im my opinion that they will go after infrastructure just like they’ve done before.

“Mandiant has previously assessed that at least a portion of actors involved with CONTI ransomware are based in Russia and some criminals operating from there already have documented ties with Russian intelligence apparatus,” said Kimberly Goody, director of financial crime analysis at cybersecurity firm Mandiant. “More recently, publicly reported chat logs suggest that a key player in CONTI operations may have intended to provide support for government projects.”

So, if the majority of them are in Russia, and we know that the president there has not done much to curve cybercrime in general, he’ll just turn a blind eye against what is going on and call it good.

Another analyst offered a more skeptical view of the matter.

“I wouldn’t consider this threat to be particularly serious,” Brett Callow, a threat analyst at cybersecurity firm Emsisoft, told CyberScoop. “Conti has a history of making big claims and, in this case, I suspect they lack the capability specifically to target critical infrastructure.”

That said, “the threat shouldn’t be dismissed,” he added, and urged organizations to follow CISA’s advice earlier this month to get “shields up”
and prepare for potential cyberattacks.

There’s plenty more, so please feel free to read this one. There is some linked content, and I wouldn’t pass Conti up on their threats. They’ve written something like this up before, but continued to do what they did which we’ve covered.

Do leave your thoughts. The blog awaits you.

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Conti supports Russia, threatens retaliation was released on February 26, 2022 at 8:12 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: February 26, 2022.

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