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Russia VS Ukraine, could it affect us? Info from Kim Komando’s Weekend Newsletters from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Russia VS Ukraine, could it affect us? Info from Kim Komando’s Weekend Newsletters

Hello folks,

In trying to gage what I should do for next week’s podcast, I was asking people in a clubhouse room, some of who have participated on the Security box. One person indicated that nothing will happen, yet they probably do not understand what has already happened so far.

I don’t want to scare anybody who reads or may come on to discuss this, but we really do not know what will happen. According to this weekend roundup by Kim Komando, it indicates that Russia could hit countries who have decided to put sanctions against it for attacking Ukraine. We also know that they have attacked our infrastructure in the past, and even tried to sabotage our democratic process in the 2016 and 2020 elections.

If you remember, it was reported that there was interfeerence in the 2016 elections, with Russia denying it, and we stopped potential issues in 2020.

I said this in a public clubhouse room, on Wednesday, “I don’t trust Russia or China” because of what they have done with either our networks due to Ransomware, or China’s involvement with shutting out their residents when they chose to protest for whatever reason they felt necessary through the years.

Today, I present you Kim Komando’s crew as they present us the article Ukraine Invasion: What it means for you and your family if Russia retaliates against the US and I suggest you at least look at it.

What you choose to do is your business. The Jared Rimer Network is not going to tell anyone what you should do with your equipment. Let me be very clear about that!

I, along with others who have rooms up on clubhouse or even talk about this publicly on podcasts like this one only want to get the information out based on what we read, hear, and understand.

We’re not in any way going to tell you what you should do. If you want to keep ignorant and pretend that nothing could happen, that’s your choice. But as I said in that room last night I was in, I am worried because I’m a small business and they could decide to go after this network because of my writing and opinions of what I read in the press.

I am only reading the tech press and making my opinions on that. I am not listening to the regular news, as they probably won’t be covering this angle, only the war aspect on the ground, air and sea attacks. They have a possibility of covering the attacks if something were to happen, but they’ll be brief on it.

According to the opening paragraph of this linked article, it says that this could be the darkest time since world war 2. A portion of that paragraph says:

“These are among the darkest hours of Europe since the Second World War.” Countries globally are condemning Russia, weighing in with sanctions to protest, and America’s voice is one of the loudest.

Let’s make no mistake, this could be a huge problem if Russia decides to make it one. Be warned, be alert, learn what is being said, and make your own decisions based on what you read.

Other things to read from Kim Komando

Here are the scam alerts and or tactics used from the scam article listed above. Please read it for complete details.

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  3. But it looks and sounds SO real
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  7. I’m defending your freedom
  8. Do as I say or else

  9. It looks so legit
  10. I will love you until the end of time

I’ll have more as I read it, but since this is dealing with Kim’s recent posts, i’ll end this here. Please be aware.

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Russia VS Ukraine, could it affect us? Info from Kim Komando’s Weekend Newsletters was released on February 26, 2022 at 12:30 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: February 26, 2022.

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