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Sans news bites for January 24, 2023 from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Sans news bites for January 24, 2023

There are quite a number of things, some we might have covered through articles. Want to view the Newsletter? here is the link to view today’s newsletter from Sans.

Top of the news

  • • HUMAN Security Takes Down Vastflux Ad Fraud Operation
  • • NSA Publishes IPv6 Transition Guidance
  • • Report: Ransomware Victims are Refusing to Pay

Stories 1 and 3 are ones that sound familiar here. Feel free to look at the blog or read the newsletter for articles and commentary on these.

The Rest of the news

  • • Indian Education App Exposed Student and Teacher Data
  • • Some MSI Motherboards Do Not Have Secure Boot Enabled by Default
  • • Apple Updates Include Backported Fix for iOS Vulnerability
  • • CISA Adds ManageEngine Flaw to Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog
  • • Federal Agencies Do Not Implement Majority of GAO’s Cybersecurity Recommendations
  • • FAA Statement on NOTAM Outage (January 19, 2023)
  • • Bitzlato Virtual Currency Exchange Taken Down in International Effort

Story 3, the one on apple is interesting since we don’t get a lot on IOS and other Mac things. We do know there may be some accessibility fixes, but without reading the page, we don’t know whats up.

The Indian case is saddening and is the top story in this section. I’m saddened to hear that more student’s personal information is out there for anyone to have.

Story 5, we covered I’m sure. I have it for a future topic for TSB. The final one too is quite interesting, don’t remember if I blogged it, but probably saw that on my feeds.

Want to cover something you read from the newsletter? Feel free to get in touch! We look forward in hearing from you.

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