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What has been posted to EMHS, week of January 27, 2023 from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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What has been posted to EMHS, week of January 27, 2023

I’m cutting off this week’s updates at 11:30 am on January 23rd. This is what will be posted when EMHS gets updated on the 25th.

Please visit Email Host Security for more.

Blog Posts

We do have a few blog posts, see if something catches your eye or ear.

I may have given you a few more than we needed, but it has been a quiet week in posting to the site.

We’ll be continuing to blog and have continued to blog other stuff of newsy interest, not necessarily for the site though.


I have added one term to the list. It came about when describing Lastpass’s continuing problems. The term is PBKDF2 and it is listed in the alphabetic list. PBKdf2 will be covered in a future podcast in March.

Companies and services

We’ve got no new companies and services, but we did post to the blog a very interesting recent article from the Malware bites blog. It should probably be no surprise to many on the topic in which it covers.


Our podcasts section got podcast 127 as it usually does, the same day it normally gets released to the public. The blog normally gets it the next day, but we got it up there the same day too.


I’ll be sending Nick a list of authors to look up their books. If anyone of them match what we’re trying to do for EMHS, we’ll add it to this list. Since we don’t have any new books, make sure you check out the list, as it covers things we’ve been talking about for quite awhile.

In Conclusion, we’re trying to provide this as a resource. Please feel free to support the project by sending resources of interest you wish us to look at. Thanks so much for reading and participating! Without you, we can’t do this alone.

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What has been posted to EMHS, week of January 27, 2023 was released on January 25, 2023 at 5:00 am by tech in security news and commentary.
Last modified: January 23, 2023.

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