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A piece of Spam that references a book … be careful out there! from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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A piece of Spam that references a book … be careful out there!

I’ve been getting spam with various subject lines lately. What interested me about it was that it mentions a book that I decided to look up.

The book is titled Home Doctor – Practical Medicine for Every Household and it is by Claude Davis, Maybell Nives and Rodrigo Alterio.

What interested me about this was the fact that the book’s link in the spam leads to a domain like http://www.survivecomment.shop just to name one. The thing is, as you’ll see below, the page if you clicked on it and the book’s description are closely matched, and I don’t know if the link that leads to the book is to Amazon or another book seller.

about the book

Inside this massive 304-pages physical book you will discover the DIY medical procedures and vital medical supplies you need to have on hand to take care of common health problems and emergencies at home, while waiting for an ambulance to arrive or in the next crisis when doctors and medicines may be hard to come by.

Dr. Maybell, one of the authors, is known for developing new, ingenious methods of treating her patients after Venezuela’s economy collapsed and hospitals and pharmacies ran out of medicines, supplies, electricity and even running water.

The methods Maybell and other doctors in Venezuela invented and pioneered are now being studied and applied in conflict zones all over the world. Many of these inexpensive procedures do not require any medical assistance as they are specifically designed to be self-applied, so they should also help anyone cut down on medical costs while things are still OK.

But they become most valuable when the medical system cannot be depended on, like during long term blackouts, economic collapses, riots, hurricanes and other disasters. As you’ll discover these methods inside The Home Doctor you’ll probably start to realize why every household and family should keep them close-by.

No, I’m not going to link the link above, and this is only one. link I’ve seen that promotes this book.

The JRN has not read this book and has no idea if this is accurate information. We’re not promoting it either, just talking about the spam that we have gotten that mentions the book.

Going to the main domain as shown above goes to a blank page by the looks of this.

The link, which was longer than I show you, leads to a page asking if you’re human. It goes to a site called homedoctorbook.com/book (not linked) and describes the book. Then it doesn’t go to a source like Amazon as the links are numbered like 394000 for example, and it seems like it is an order page for the book which includes a toll-free number.

This is after you select yes on the page that you first see. I looked at the link to the 394,000 and I went there in a private window and it was an interesting page as discussed above.

I would suggest that you search the title and buy it from a reputable source. I’m linking to Amazon for convenience, but there are other sources out there.

As I said above, I’m not recommending this book, I do not know if it is accurate and I’m not a doctor. But I vowed to show people that Spam about this book is going out there. I believe when I first looked this up, it was a 2022 book release.

I feel sorry for Venezuela. I also did a news search to see if what the spam was talking about was true and it unfortunately is.

As sad as this is, I want people to know about this, and I want people to stay as safe as possible. If you see things like this, please understand that you should probably not click. While the sites are harmless here and tools will show you this, I’d copy the book name and find a source of value.

Stay safe! Stay aware! Learn. Thanks for reading!

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A piece of Spam that references a book … be careful out there! was released on February 8, 2023 at 10:55 am by tech in security news and commentary.
Last modified: February 8, 2023.

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