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New TLD’s in spam

So I did a cleanout of my over 2k of email on jaredrimer.net and am trying to just keep up with it.

So going through the majority of spam messages revealed two new TLD’s that I spotted. .home or .homes and .cyou.

Never heard of these domains, but the emails were Spammy just the same and I didn’t investigate them. One of them was a supposed american airlines survey deal wiith the .home domain and the other was probably your typical spam. I forget now.

Whether it was .home or .homes, we’re really seeing an influx of domains and lots of them for bad. This can’t necessarily be bad if you know that most of it you don’t want.

Interesting times.

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New TLD’s in spam was released on February 14, 2023 at 1:02 pm by tech in security news and commentary.
Last modified: February 14, 2023.

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