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A death across the network, here’s a letter

I’ve been contemplating this letter due to the sensitive nature of info I knew about the person who died within the past week.

This person’s name was Janet, having several different roles within the network.

The letter will not go in to any personal info we may or may not know, but is very generalized.

Hello Janet,

It’s with great sadness I write this letter. I recently learned of your passing, and between two of us, we have been working tirelessly to make sure that your affairs have been taken care of to our best of our ability.

Shortly after TSB that aired on August 30th, I got an urgent message that was sent through Dice World. I was provided a telephone number and told that there was bad news about you.

Since this letter is more public, I will not disclose who sent this message, because it doesn’t honestly matter to the public eye.

But this was not the only call we got. The Jared Rimer Network’s Scott Van Gorp, also called to make sure we were aware of what was going on.

For those who did not know you, I’m going to go ahead and take some time and talk about why you were so integrated in this network and why this has been a sad time.

While it doesn’t matter where I met you, I just had a sense that you could be someone of value if I needed someone. You were part of several podcasts through the years including a few tech podcasts, the former books podcast, and even took interest in some of the music I played across the independent artist side of things.

I later learned that your tech skills were comprable so when I had an opening at MENVI I took advantage of it.

For those who don’t know, you assisted me with my toll-free number when I had it, as well as putting everyone who needed list subscriptions on those lists.

But not only that, you were a true friend. When I had a difficult time, you were there and we chatted many nights. That was very helpful, as you understood the senses and could get me to a point where I could sleep at night. I’m not saying that nobody else could have done that, but you were who I thought of at that time.

I knew that you did have some health issues, but I did not know how bad it really was. I didn’t pry either. I knew that within the past few years you didn’t contact me much, but I did always try to ping to make sure you were OK. That’s the way I tried to roll.

The last time I talked to you, you had told me about some issues that were affecting you at that time and what technology and apps you were using to deal with the issues. One thing I can relate to is skipping doses of medication, even I may have done that from time to time. I know that you had that issue from time to time, but some folk may have had more issue with that than we realize. With the compounding issues you faced, and Covid which really took a toll on all of us, it didn’t really help matters.

You had two different email addresses with us. one for MENVI’s work which MENVI appreciates, the other on a former podcast that I called AMW Reloaded. But you also had your name stamped on a podcast I called the Books. You were an avid book reader, covering many different genres. And, while you didn’t listen to TSB on a regular, you did show an interest recently of coming if you were able.

But that’s not all! You asked me about the Braille Transcription course as you had questions on it. While I haven’t picked it up recently, I know you were working on either doing proof reading or maybe getting in to that. I never did find out if you ever got back in to the course, I should probably make a phone call about that at some point.

As people can see, you were someone who was truly an asset to our network. Your sudden passing was a shock to me, yet I know you’re in a better place. We hope that you’ll continue to support this network wherever you may be. You aren’t suffering any more.

We’ll miss you!

We’re posting a link to the video from Collonial Chappels for those who knew you like I did.

link to funeral from Colonial Chappels

Jared Rimer
The Jared Rimer Network

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