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Car companies, get your act together!

Some days ago, there was a Kim Komando minute on this, her newsletter covered this, and even Brian Krebs mentioned it in a multi-toot spree within the past several days.

The article linked is titled It’s Official: Cars Are the Worst Product Category We Have Ever Reviewed for Privacy and we’ll be talking about this as part of Throwback’s Security hour this week.

On it, we’ve got the Kim Komando minute, and even a video of which she did with someone talking about this issue.

The security hour is hour two of the show which airs on 98.6 the mix, KKMX international.

Let’s discuss this a little bit.

My first major question, although it is relatively answered in Tesla’s case is how the hell cars know our sex lives? I mean, we’ve talked about Elon’s own car telling on him as his car sat off but still recording and uploading to the cloud.

Mozilla goes on to talk about their privacy policies. None of the manufacturers do very well on having you, the driver, opt out of any type of data collection.

The four main headings that are numbered are quite interesting to read.

  • <1. They collect too much personal data (all of them)
  • 2. Most (84%) share or sell your data
  • 3. Most (92%) give drivers little to no control over their personal data and
  • 4. We couldn’t confirm whether any of them meet our Minimum Security Standards

I believe number 4 is the biggest. Not being able to confirm any type of security standards is pretty bad. The article indicates that you should opt out of using apps if possible. I wouldn’t necessarily care if they knew I listened to XM, but I wouldn’t connect their app to the car as that might be where the majority of the problem from what I can tell.

This is just going to be an interesting discussion, and it wouldn’t surprise me if on both podcasts this is the hot topic of them.

May the fun begin!

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Car companies, get your act together! was released on September 15, 2023 at 9:49 am by tech in article commentary,Throwback Saturday Night Security Hour.
Last modified: September 15, 2023.

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