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The Security Box, podcast 160: Freenom sued, drops free domains, more

Hello folks,

Welcome to the Security box. We’ll continue to use Clubhouse as long as we can, but I do know that some people use the app and it has become inaccessible. What a shame.

On this week’s podcast, we’ve got a little bit of some sad news that doesn’t necessarily affect this cast, but does explain last week’s absence.

We’ve also got a topic and we’ve got some news too.

The RSS should have the program by now.

Here is the 107.4mb file for those who need a direct download.

Now, without any further ado, here are the full show notes, and we’ll be back next week!

Hello folks, welcome to podcast 160. On this week’s edition, we’ll reveal the sudden absence of TSB, we’ll have news and notes from around the landscape that folks may have read, and aa very interesting topic that deals with Freenom and the phishing landscape. Apparently, Facebook is in this too. Of course, we’ll have any questions answered that people have too. Thanks for your support of TSB and thanks so much for listening!

The Absense of TSB

The sudden departure of TSB was not one the JRN was necessarily prepared for. While we have from time to time rescheduled TSB, and/or took specific holidays off like the Christmas break, Thanksgiving week, and possibly others, this was so sudden.

While working on TSB’s release and catching up its EMHS page we got a message on Dice World. While that wasn’t out of the ordinary, as I have gotten messages on Dice World before, the source and what the message contained was one of shock and grave concern.

The short version is that the JRN’s MENVI helper, Janet Quam, passed away on the 30th of the month of August. While I have been told numerous things, a letter which I published on September 10th goes in to what Janet did with the network from various podcasts which don’t exist anymore, to tech skills and a willingness to learn.

There was no health related stuff discussed except to state that we were aware of health concerns. To read the letter, please read the blog post titled A death across the network, here’s a letter.

It links to a Youtube copy of the funeral. MENVI’s links page also has a link to the Obituary. We thank you for your support! A song appropriate will be played at the end of the program when we play music.

Meta, Freenom and phishing domains

Our topic comes to us today from an article which was published to Krebs on Security on 5/31. Its titled Phishing Domains Tanked After Meta Sued Freenom. As we’ve talked about on Throwback, we’ve now got other issues because of this suit, and other top level domains that are now taking what the free domains did. We’ll make sure to bring this up.

Supporting the podcast

If you’d like to support our efforts on what this podcast is doing, you can feel free to donate to the network, subscribing to the security box discussion list or sending us a note through contact information throughout the podcast. You can also find contact details on our blog page found here. Thanks so much for listening, reading and learning! We can’t do this alone.

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The Security Box, podcast 160: Freenom sued, drops free domains, more was released on September 15, 2023 at 4:00 pm by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: September 15, 2023.

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