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The Security box, podcast 168: Threat Actir Profile Strox as a service from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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The Security box, podcast 168: Threat Actir Profile Strox as a service

Hello everyone! I hope that this podcast post has you well.

I know I put up the RSS on Wednesday, but I didn’t get a chance to do much else.

I did release two podcasts and one to the blog and this one is going to be released to the blog today.

If you don’t have RSS, I’ve got you covered. Download the 175.5mb file which is a little over 3 hours.

If you’re an affiliate, you are welcome not to play the music portion of the program. Below, please find the complete show notes. They were truncated on the show notes for RSS due to a 4,000 character limit. All of the links made it, but other information didn’t.

Hello folks, welcome to the security box, podcast 168. On this program, we’ll see if we’ve got any morons, a service that is a phishing service, news, notes and more.

The “You Stupid fuck” awards of the podcast

If this isn’t a moron, I don’t know what is. The blog post is titled Tech CEO sentenced to IP addressing scheme which is coming from our blog. It leads to the article we spotted talking about this guy. We may have talked about Micfo LLC before, but this is probably the end of this. Problem: the JRN thinks that 5 years isn’t going to be enough and isn’t a harsh sentence for the crime. Please sound off if you believe that this is the case.

If you are prone to email scams, you might want to pay attention to this. One of my MENVI staff was smart enough to contact me to ask if they needed to do what the action in the email indicated. The bad news is that the site truly wasn’t MENVI’s, it looked nasty and never redirected as I thought it might. An email pretending to come from Cpanel, isn’t cpanel … can you smell trouble? has the complete details of this one. Sound off if you’ve seen something similar to this and whether you fell for it or not. Its OK if you did. There should be no shame!

Solar Winds is getting sued. Seems as though they were never as secure as they should have been, and the CEO among others are getting sued. We thought that something was wrong, seeing how we later found out about how that compromise was completely done. Whether they were compromised by Russia or not isn’t the point of the lawsuit, says the article, but boy … this is probably as bad as you get when it comes to a supply chain attack. Here is the blog post titled SEC sues Solar Winds for fraud, says they are secure and the charges are baseless for your perusal. It can’t get any better than this, can it?

Our topic: Phishing as a service

Today, we are going to have a very interesting topic that might be known later as a threat. This comes from our friends at Phishlabs. The article is titled Threat Actor Profile: Strox Phishing-as-a-Service and it was a good one. We’ll break this down, as phishing as a service now takes hold.

Supporting the podcast

If you’d like to support our efforts on what this podcast is doing, you can feel free to donate to the network, subscribing to the security box discussion list or sending us a note through contact information throughout the podcast. You can also find contact details on our blog page found here. Thanks so much for listening, reading and learning! We can’t do this alone.

Internet Radio affiliates airing our program

Our Internet Radio stations that carry us include Blue Streak Radio and International Friends Radio Network. The program is also carried live through the Independent Channel which is part of 98.6 the mix, KKMX, International. If you want to carry us, please use the Jared Rimer Network site to do that and let me know about your station. Please allow 3-4 hours for airplay, although we try to go 3 hours for this program. Thanks so much!

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The Security box, podcast 168: Threat Actir Profile Strox as a service was released on November 10, 2023 at 12:00 pm by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: November 10, 2023.

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