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Lockbit lied: “We hit the federal reserve” they claimed

Hello folks,

Should we be surprised that LockBit has lied? The group that once had a name for itself claims that they hacked the federal reserve, yet it now comes out that they hacked a bank whose security is lackadaisical at best.

The feds told the bank to “clean up their act” when it came to different issues, and were told to stop doing what they were doing in regards to those issues

To make things look good for the group: some media outlets reported the hack of the reserve without checking anything. I don’t think we covered this except in voice comments, on the podcast, but I think I reserved comment.

As the article says, they were once promonent with lots of different hacks, but since their breakup in February, they’re trying to just say they’re doing stuff to look good.

The amount of data was 33TB, so its not a small amount.

“They have apparently breached the American bank Evolve Bank & Trust,” cyber threat monitoring company, HackManac posted in an update on social media.

While the analysis is ongoing, there is no proof of any secret files.

Evolve did confirm to Bleeping computer that they did have an intrusion, and wrote that they are taking the matter seriously.

They did not cpomment when asked when this incident was first detected.

Bleeping wrote:

We also attempted to reach out to LockBitSup, the manager of the ransomware operation, but it appears we have been blocked by him.

I thought LockBitsSup was arrested? I do remember reading about that, but maybe that isn’t the case. In looking back, we can confirm that there is no arrest.

blog post

As for the bank they apparently hit,

Interestingly, recently the Federal Reserve had penalized Evolve Bank & Trust over multiple “deficiencies” identified in how the bank conducted risk management, anti-money laundering (AML), and compliance practices.

Examinations conducted in 2023 found that the bank had “engaged in unsafe and unsound banking practices by failing to have in place an effective risk management framework for those partnerships.”

As a result, the Fed demanded that Evolve halt some of its activities until the bank improves its risk management policies and complies with AML laws and regulations.

For the full article on the latest on this group, read the Bleeping Computer article LockBit lied: Stolen data is from a bank, not US Federal Reserve and make it a great day!

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Lockbit lied: “We hit the federal reserve” they claimed was released on June 28, 2024 at 8:00 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: June 28, 2024.

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