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LockBit still at it, Infosys McCamish next on its list from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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LockBit still at it, Infosys McCamish next on its list

Infosys McCamish seems to be a business oriented company who recently fell victim to an attack this past year. While the initial alert went out in February for an attack November of last year, this is an update to that initial report.

Seems like over 6 million people in varying situations were pilfered. Info includes but not limited to name, SSN, dates of birth, medical information including treatments, biometric data, email and password combination, any usernames and their passwords, drivers license or state identifible ID, financial account number, payment info, passport, payment card info, tribal and millitary ID info.

This is a hell of a lot of info for a company to have to conduct business. Again, I ask whether all of this information is necessary. I could see things like username and password, payment info for getting paid if they got paid by this company, payment information if they were billed by the company, mailing address for communication but this is about it.

Why the hell do these fucking companies don’t learn that half of the fucking shit, including SSN info, should not be kept past their time of need?

This is fucking rediculous that we’re continuing to see the misuse of our data.

In a recent call taat Kim played on her show as part of the minute she puts out each day, she stresses that we should come with another form of ID besides the social security number. I completely agree with this. Even though the caller, like me, shuttered on giving yet another company my SSN, we really don’t have a choice. Kim says, if you went there on your own, and you have a working relationship with them, then in theory it “should be safe.” (quoted)

I know that other parts of the country have different names for this, but it is the same thing.

This time, read the article titled Infosys McCamish says LockBit stole data of 6 million people if you want to see more of what kinds of stupid shit is going on with companies like this.

Have fun.

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LockBit still at it, Infosys McCamish next on its list was released on July 2, 2024 at 7:15 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: July 2, 2024.

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