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More Scams? Selling accounts that don’t even belong to you?

I’ve been getting the following types of contact forms as of late. All have a different name, probably some bogus phone number, but yet, have the same contact information including skype and the like.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by

() on Tuesday, March 03, 2020 at 12:10:36

Name: Andrewalano
phone: 82627424561
contact_method: both E-mail and phone
bug: no
additional_bug_info: Premium Aged Twitters 2007-2013

  • all come with the original email, means they’re as good as your own, will last a long time!
  • long 1 week replacement policy
  • responsive after-sales support

2007 – $20
2008 – $15
2009 – $10
2010 – $8
2011 – $7
2012 – $6
2013 – $5
MAJOR bulk discounts when ordering 10+ accounts! deal here]

Where you can contact me,PM me here!


Skype & Telegram : congmmo
ICQ : @652720497
Email : congmmo@gmail . com

Payments Accepted:
BTC,ETH,ETC,LTC or Payoneer or Paypal
Paypal fees will be paid by the buyer
No refunds allowed, if you’re having issues with an account you’ve bought I will gladly replace within the first hour of purchase!
Thank you!
comment_or_question: Premium Aged Twitters 2007-2013

  • all come with the original email, means they’re as good as your own, will last a long time!
  • long 1 week replacement policy
  • responsive after-sales support

2007 – $20
2008 – $15
2009 – $10
2010 – $8
2011 – $7
2012 – $6
2013 – $5
MAJOR bulk discounts when ordering 10+ accounts! deal here]

Where you can contact me,PM me here!


Skype & Telegram : congmmo
ICQ : @652720497
Email : congmmo@gmail . com

Payments Accepted:
BTC,ETH,ETC,LTC or Payoneer or Paypal
Paypal fees will be paid by the buyer
No refunds allowed, if you’re having issues with an account you’ve bought I will gladly replace within the first hour of purchase!
Thank you!

submit: Submit comment or question to the Jared Rimer Network

HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/66.0.3359.170 Safari/537.36 OPR/53.0.2907.99

I don’t buy people’s accounts. I have my own accounts, I don’t need any other accounts. I’m sure the email addresses are invalid, and I don’t even know who these people are.

One of the reasons I killed MENVI’s contact forms was all of the spam. jaredrimer.net can’t quite do that because I don’t make any email address public. I’m happy that I know I don’t need any other accounts, and this is the way people fill out forms now.

I wish I had some sort of captcha, but I have never been able to get it to work at all. I tried recaptcha version 3 and I’m not understanding it. I’m not implementing version 2 because of the distortion of the audio, and I have no idea what else to do besides killing the form(s) across the network.

This is sad. Really sad.

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What happened to respectible playing on games?


I really didn’t want to post this kind of post, but I want this to be a thought peace, not bashing on any type of platform.

Recently, on Dice World, someone posted in the newly created forums that have been around for awhile now. They were asking why they could not participate in the tournaments and the people running it said they would look in to it.

Several days later, they said that they haven’t heard anything and posted again. My hunch was that they were cheating somehow, but yet, I do not know how since nothing was discussed. They went so far as to ask how to cheat in several other games. I finally responded saying that if they were cheating, chances were that they were banned for that. The developers of the software ended up confirming what I had suspected all along. I also posted that if they were cheating and asked for cheating in the other games that they should be banned from the forums and even the entire game!

No matter whether it is Dice World, some other poker game or any type of community, cheating should not be around, and those caught should be punished.

If there are laws to protect citizens from getting hurt and abused, there should be rules in place for the cheaters like this one player. The developers are now wondering if they should have moderators.

I’ve moderated email lists through the years and have been respected for the great job I have done. I won’t tolerate the types of crap that I’ve had to report to the developers whether through the messaging system or the email messages off system, and I know that whoever the developers choose, they will have guidelines to follow.

Its sad that we have to come to this! Where did communities go? Its beyond repair now.

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Whats going on with web threats? The October webinar by Trend Micro

This month, Trend Micro’s webinar was in regards to what is going on with web threats? ">This is the link to the on demand webinar. One of the things that I was quite interested in was the fact that web threats are now including sextortion. This is a term I’ve never heard of, and a brief lookup through wikipedia was quite interesting.

In an upcoming podcast, I discuss a little bit of this, what I’ve seen in my email for contact forms, and I look forward in relistening to this cast as I missed some parts.

Did you know that the majority of web threats start by email? The email is phishing in nature, but that may not always be the case. According to this, the actor may now be moving to social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, linked in, and others. The adds we see now may be melicious, and this is called Malvertising.

There’s plenty more, please feel free to check out the webinar, I am going to try and relisten to this within the coming days.

Thanks for reading, and look forward to a podcast topic on this real soon. Lets discuss what you’ve gotten and whether you’ve been bit.

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Today is Giving Tuesday

I don’t know when this started, but today is Giving Tuesday.

  • Make sure if you give, that it is at a reputable site.
  • If you have a Paypal account, Paypal has a section that allows you to give to charities and other places securely.
  • If you go to my Web Site and click on the donation link, I have a Paypal button. When you click or press enter, you’ll see that it redirects to a secure page. While I’d appreciate if you do donate to this network, I’m illustrating here what you should be looking for, a site that has a secure page. It should have the S after the HTTP as shown when you click on the paypal link on my page.
  • Remember to ask questions if you aren’t sure. Look for a contact link or a telephone number.
  • Criminals would love to have your hard earned money, even on this day. Look for the signs that might set them apart of other sites.

If you give to the network this year, we thank you. I want people to donate and shop securely whether it is with me or anyone else on the Internet. Thanks for reading.

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cyber Monday, the criminals don’t care

Hi all,

As you prepare for Cyber Monday today, the criminals will be looking to take advantage of you too. They don’t take holidays off, they look to take advantage of what is happening around the world.

  • The recent Northern and Southern California fires are still being delbt with that have occurred just after Haloween. It would not surprise me if agencies are still collecting donations to help with the massive costs involved in the cleanup and restoration of many homes. If you want to give instead of bargain shopping, thank you! Please donate to the red cross or other trusted agency, not to some email that might come in your inbox.
  • If you bargain shop, Criminals have now taken up domains that have been let go. This November 13th article talks about it in detail. You want a bargain, but you want a bargain from a trusted source.
  • If you enjoy networks like mine and want to donate there, I’ve got a donate button on one of the pages on the blog, and also my web site. The buttons are paypal, and are secure. They take you to a page that has my name, or if you donate elsewhere, the name of the person or company that it belongs to. If you question something, I’d suggest you call. If you do donate to the network this year, thanks!

I’m not asking for donations, but giving information out as to what to look for, since there is a lot of stuff happening now that we didn’t have to worry about.

In this post, comment and let me know if you’ve seen anything out of the ordinary, and what you did to spot such a thing. Please be careful no matter what you do, this Cyber Monday.

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Philmore Productions continues to trash its customers

Hi all,

The opinions expressed here are my own, and not necessarily those of any company in which is represented here.

I’ve been made aware of the continuing assault towards customers by the company Philmore Productions, an Illinois based company which offers voice mail services as well as a declining Internet by Phone service.

Recently, I heard from a user, wjho wanted to cancel voice mail services for one of their boxes. An Email sent by Philmore Productions customer Service, indicates another user did not have authorized access to the box that the box owner explicitly gave access to.

Lets remember something about security. First, if the box owner gives permission to someone to access their account, from what I understand, it is the box owner’s responsibility to have rules of the system followed, or have their account deleted.

Philmore Productions calss this unauthorized access to their systems, “dirty pool.”

Dirty pool: a Philmore Productions term

The problem I have with this tactic, is simple. Philmore Productions has never cared about ones privacy. Philmore Productions has never cared whether the company reputation is held up by negative coverage. As part of this blog and podcast, I’m thinking about both sides. I was once a customer of Philmore Productions, and I’ve covered both sides of this issue.

In this case, Philmore Productions is in the wrong. It is not dirty pool to give someone else access when the box owner explicitly gave that access. It would be dirty pool if the box owner did not know of the access.

He claims that the dirty pool machine is out to prevent unauthorized access from people Philmore Productions does not authorize to access the box.

Philmore productions has never supplied customer service by telephone or any other method unless it is necessary, I.E. credit card issue or another box issue where the company can’t leave you a message.

Philmore productions needs to understand the issues at hand and learn what is unauthorized or authorized access.

I still predict that Philmore productions will be closed for business within the next year, with a big player of Philmore’s business cancelling service very soon because the conference line will not exist.

I can’t say when this will occur, but if the conference line does close, and the people paying for the block of numbers doesn’t need it, Philmore Productions will suffer, and potentially raise prices to compensate for the huge loss of money.

This is only a hunch, and I could be completely wrong, but Philmore Productions staff does not understand the security aspect, and once they do, then they may have a chance. Until then, they’ll continue to suffer negative consequences at their behavior.

I hope they enjoy this, it must feel great.

Comment on your experience with this company.

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What has been going on?

Hi all,

I know I have been dormant lately, lots has been going on.

First, tech 261 has been released and can be found on the RSS feed. On it, I talk about MENVI’s 20th anniversary and how it all got started on the web.

Next, I have been reading a bunch of stuff, but have not had the time to blog. Krebs has posted some stuff about recent breaches, and it seems like thats where we’re headed. Read anything of interest from Krebs by going to this web page.

My computer up and crashed after I recorded the first segment above on 261, and I had to learn a new operating system as well as a new keyboard.

I published part 3 of the screen reader series, and started a draft of part 4 which talks about my learning the mac and just some thoughts on the different types of keystrokes and resources out there. I don’t remember enough to do a whole course on some of the commands like I did with Windows and DOS, but hopefully readers will have an understanding on the challenges of learning Voice Over which is quite complex. Read part 3 which was posted on June 28th on Omni by clicking on the link.

I’m thinking of writing something on my experience of learning Windows 10, but I’m not really sure how to do this because there is so much that is different. If you have any ideas, let me know.

I think thats it. I’ll try to post more, I’ve been dormant but read interesting things from Krebs and Trend Micro I’d like to blog about but just haven’t had the time. I hope that changes. See you all soon.

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Window-Eyes potentially going away, again?

Hey folks,

I’m seeing tweets again about Window-Eyes going away, again. I checked some sources like AI squared’s site, even Freedom Scientific’s site, as I saw something saying that the product guy from FS is saying they’re killing it. In my article giving out accurate information I want to make sure I receive it from the right channels. Twitter can be good for news, but anyone can tweet saying things such as Window-Eyes isn’t being developed, JFW will be given to over 400 of us who have been long time Window-Eyes users for free, the whole bit.

I highly doubt that VFO will give all of us JFW if Window-Eyes were to go away. I don’t know where someone is getting that information, JFW is very expensive.

As I notated back in that article which delbt with the AI certificate issue, the cert is good for a long time yet, so why kill Window-Eyes and leave people paying for another reader they have never used?

I personally have used Jaws, my opinion of it doesn’t matt4er. I know how to use it, and I have used it. I grew up with Window-Eyes and products from GW Micro for many many years.

I go so far back, they even developed a program called word and braille talk for the apple I believe it was. I’m not against JFW at all, it just isn’t something I would prefer to use on a daily basis unless of course my job, or my change of operating system or something else unforseen moves me away from Window-Eyes and to another product.

I am hoping to hear more, and when I do, I’ll be sure to publish the release like i’ve been known to do.

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A tough few weeks

Hi folks,
Welcome back, we’re sorry for all the confussion and downtime the last few weeks. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to the blog, and explain what has happened.

Several weeks ago, we were moved without our knowledge to a temporary server. The server we’re normally on was needing to get upgraded with a software upgrade which needed the server to be cleared. There were technical issues at the temporary server from E-mail not working, to the sites going offline at random times. I personally was not happy, and suspended all podcasts across the network that I run.

I’m being careful what I say here, because as I say, I knew really nothing that was happening. I do know that I authorized everything to go back, and well, this blog, and my sub-domains and E-mail quit working.

Luckily, I had a backup from January. I could’ve run a backup in March, however, with the issues we were having, didn’t feel secure enough to do it, which is why the blog is missing posts. They do have the database for the blog, but it would cost quite a bit of money to restore it, so we’ll just move forward.

One of my customers was not happy, but as a provider, I provided the information as soon as I knew what was happening. Some information I learned was not changed after I gave it out. It was definitely a stressful time around here. The full network was effected, and I’m glad to be back and among the stabalized. We can get back to normal around here. Everyone along the network will find themselves back to normal now. Feel free to write me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

No personal information was taken, and the backups i do give us the opportunity to restore in case of an issue like this one.

Backups include all of the E-mail accounts, sub domains, and other information that makes the site run. I’m glad i at least did that, or i’d be talking about rebuilding everything and it’d take me quite awhile to do that. Hope things are well for you, and we’ll start podcasting soon.

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sipmeeting vs Philmore, at war: again?

Updated November 25, 20115

After the original story published on the 23rd, Sip Meeting and the Jared Rimer Network had a skype chat clarifying some things. First, John clarified that there was no joke, the system was legitimately shut down because of some rule violations. He went on to talk about how a system can be up even if there were an investigation that would take place toward the a user with the courts, but the system as a whole would not be shut down for that reason.

He writes: “Jared, The system wasn’t down for a joke, it was down because people were breaking the rules and calling the phone company about issues on the system, this was unacceptable then to top it off someone told me the system was a joke, and no one liked it. Also The Phil Scopes thing is funny… I did that, he is very inappropriate laughing at someone elses misfortune, it’s also the reason the system is back. The good news is I can do what I want to the system at any time because it’s a free system. I am giving away my time and my energy, to be made fun of, told things aren’t funny, that my time is a joke. So Please consider that I lose money on this every month everything I make I have to payback to the community. And now because of this mishap it’s actually going to cost me MORE money as I have to pay another administrator.”

Let me clarify that I was not talking about the shutdown being a joke, as I feel Sipmeeting had their reasons, but the Phil Scopes file being a joke, was in John’s opinion quite funny. The file was later removed during our chat, and the system is operating as normal.

Also, John indicates that there will be two administrators now, not just one. The other, is James, the one we mentioned in our original story below. James has been known to Sip Meeting for many years, and can be trusted implecitly. When I braught up the fact that Philmore Productions indicated in their update they would take down all systems in a non-compete clause, John said: “Yeah. The worst part was I wasn’t even trying to provoke him, he called and left the voicemail on our office numbers. It was just low”

One last thing. One of the users has been removed from the system due to rule violations. I don’t think this particular user understands the implecations of keeping personal information private. If a particular individual including one that was removed comes back with that in mind, the system may be shut down again. The JRN stands by our decision below on not updating our programming any longer on this system, mainly due to low call counts, and also, we don’t know what will happen. With any system, it can go, but I’m not worried about the others at this time.

The original story is below.

Original Story

Hi folks,
On November 23, 2015: MyTelespace came back online, with several changes. First, we have a message from Philmore Productions blasting Sipmeeting about how they lost, and talked about how they had just lost and talked about how he wouldn’t do that to his customers. This Philmore vs Sipmeeting has gone on for way too long. Both companies are to blame here. First, Sip Meeting did not give us, the users, enough time to get whatever we wanted out of our boxes. Next, the web site for mytelespace where users can upload was still accessible even while we couldn’t call in.

I called over there on Saturday, one day after the supposed shutdown of the system and asked for an E-mail telling me why the system was closing. As of press time, they have not responded to that message, nor E-mail or skype asking what happened even though John notified the network it was back up and running.

As far as the JRN is concerned, no data was lost during the outage, in fact, one caller indicated he was using mytelespace to upload podcasts to his various options during the downtime. The JRN can’t confirm who is administering this system at this time. It has been reported that Gordon has lost full admin rights, and someone by the name of James Bond is taking over. He even left a message on 11/23 stating he was the new admin. The JRN can’t confirm or deny what is happening.
Herbie Allen, a person who has experienced both systems has this observation.
“Today, Mytelespace has sunk to a new low. By posting that message from Phil on there main number, they have shown that all they care about is the drama aspect of this and showing up Phil in a humiliating manner. I had thought about rejoining the system to promote my station, but after hearing that, I’m completely turned off.”
He whent on to make this prodiction, “It wouldn’t surprise me if this whole thing with Mytelespace being offline and Gordon no longer being an administrator is just a gag to stir up Phil. I just can’t see Gordon willing to give up so easily what he helped create, and My Telaspace turning over the system to someone using the name James Bond.”
He concluded with this statement. “I’m not defending Phil’s action’s in anyway. It was just as wrong for him to glote as it was for My Telaspace to post his message. They both need to recognize that neither system is going away and move on with life.”

The JRN first thought that Sipmeeting had a court order for information in regards to some potential legal issue, so they had to preserve and turn over the information. It would not be up in 4 days unless they did turn over said info. Gordon has not run mytelespace very fairly, the JRN thinks, because someone who has any criminal record which is confirmed, should not be on there talking about their experience, and supposedly continuing to give out personal information of others. The last the JRN heard the main board, death threats were made toward this individual, the administration has done nothing about it. The drama never stops on either of these systems, and the JRN will not participate in such activity.

As of November 23, 2015, the JRN will no longer upload anything to mytelespace, and will have the podcasts uploaded through other lines where there is no drama. We’re sorry it has to come to this, but the JRN is better off this way. If either company wishes to comment, our lines are open. Thanks for reading.

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mytelespace has been closed down

Mytelespace has been closed down as of November 20, 2015. A tweet sent through the mytelespace account just indicated that after 8 years, the system was closed. It also said that money for the football contest may be worked out to be refunded. When you call 832-999-8600, John, the voice that was on there, indicated that because of a few, the system is closed. This is absolutely sad. I know Philmore Productions is going to have a field day with this one. While I’ve been distant from there for awhile, this is just sad. I had my board, and was looking forward on checking in with it again. This is absolutely rediculous that a system to bring people together by telephone, would be shut down because people can’t understand how to get along. I am deeply saddened that it has come to this, and I know people hjave bashed me. We’ve talked about Mytelespace on our podcast, and sadly, because of a few, the system is closed for the forseeable future. Thanks for ruining it for those of us who enjoyed going out there when we had time, and thanks for cutting off one of my programming options for telephone. Absolutely terrible.

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Bard is down, a larger picture

OK folks,
I posted on my books blog a notice that BARD was down. I also saw tweets concerning the downtime of BARD and how we as people with disabilities are shortchanged. First, according to this article entitled: NLS BARD Service Remains Down, Part of Larger Library of Congress Outage (blind bargains) this seems to be related to the scheduled maintenance that took place over the weekend ending August 30, 2015. According to what I could tell, BARD was up for some of the day Monday, then had intermitantissues. Then it went completely down. As someone who understands technology, I’m here to say that these types of things take time to figure out. If it is part of a larger outaage, they need to trace what happened, and determine what part of the core service failed. I don’t know how the inner workings of the Library of Congress works, and I don’t know if any of us do. When I posted Bard is temporarily down”> I only knew what I was told by my library here in Los Angeles. I can’t begin to imagine how many service are running on the same system that BARD is, but from what I read from the Blind Bargains article, this is more than BARD that is down. I’m sure an E-mail and message will be posted and sent when they figure out what is up, and I am sure we’ll find out in due time. There are other places for books, including Kindle, Ibooks, and tape/CD. I’ve got so many books downloaded and on my phone already, I am not worried about it, and there are other things to do then worry about what is up with BARD. I’m sure glad we have choices, and lets just see what the core problem is and lets see how they will fix it. I’m sure they are trying the best they can.

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Teletender is closing

It is with sad news that Teletender is closing its doors. Today is the last day to use the service. They have a good thing going, but sometimes, things happen for a reason. On the last podcast, it was made known that a patent infringement was taking place. One program over the phone indicated that the company involved in making these claims was bullying Teletender with this rediculous lawsuit and they should leave well enough alone. Patents are an interesting subject, one I follow regularly on This Week in Law which you can find more info on the Twit network’s twil page. Companies are suing each other for who knows what all the time. Everything from the way the phone is made, to the way it is operating. This is how business seems to be done today.

The certain program I mention happens to mention that people are not using the phone to read the web. If that was the case, than why was Teletender developed? People are using touchtone systems, maybe not as much as once was, but the technology will always be around as long as there are telephones. Philmore Productions was hoping either for a settlement, or for them to change the way telephone dialing is made so each can exist peacefully. Money can always change hands, but with a non-profit which Teletender is, thats hard to do.

There is no way to know whether a company is infringeing on patents until they are made aware of it. Sadly, a good service suffers because of this. I’m wondering how companies in the future could verify what they are doing is not violating any patent? I’m interested in your thoughts on this one.

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What to post online when it comes to relationship issues

I saw this question on facebook. I’m putting this on my personal blog and this blog. This blog, only because it is technology related. I’m curious on what people think. My thoughts are below the question, and the person who posted this to facebook is not named here.

I saw this on facebook. The person who posted this is not named here, but there is a discussion going on and I thought I’d post the question out here for people to see and possibly comment on.

Controversial question for the week.

Do you feel it is inappropriate to put fights/disagreements/issues that you and your significant other have in a public venue, such as Facebook? I personally think it is not a good thing to do because any matters, unless of a severe or threatening nature, should be kept between you and that person. Getting too many people involved in your relationships can get things messy. . Discuss.

My two cents. I mentioned in the discussion that I wanted to post something, but I couldn’t do such a thing because doing so may hurt my reputation. While what I wanted to post wasn’t relationship related: I said: it was a work related thing which could be a problem. Most comments within the 15 so far mention that nothing should be mentioned publically. I did mention once you post something, even though you have your profile private, anyone can do with what you wrote and make it public.

Facebook for example, is is bad on changing ones settings for everything to be public. This can turn bad, if you went off on your boss for some reason or another. People have gotten fired for such activity, so people should be careful. Your thoughts are welcome.

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TOR is talked about in a book I’m reading

Hi folks,
I’ve got a brand new podcast, which I’ve mentioned here before called the Books Podcast. On this podcast, the books read are talked about in podcasts, like this podcast which hasn’t had one in quite awhile. I also have an accompanying blog which posts books my co-host Janet and I are currently reading, whether it is for the podcast or not. That may be our choice. The current book I’m reading is This Machine Kills Secrets: How WikiLeakers, Cypherpunks, and Hacktivists Aim to Free the World’s Information by Andy Greenberg. It is not available on BARD as of yet, but maybe soon as some of the books on the podcast recently appeared there. In chapter 4, this book is talking about the Tor (anonymity network) which Steve Gibson talked about on Security Now a weekly security podcast which I subscribe. More recently, I published an article talking about how TOR now has services on it, just like the normal Internet. The difference between these services and the services you and I use are the very different. The services on TOR can’t be traced, so illegal activity such as child pornography, drug sales, and more can go on without law enforcement supervission. Chapter 4 of the above mentioned book is talking about this very thing. Here is the blog post I posted on the books blog about This Machine Kills Secrets in case you don’t want to go to Amazon right away. Byron Lee recommended this book, and so far I’m enjoying it. Things like TOR, or any anonymous service you may choose to use is only as secure as the users using them. I don’t think I’d personally use it for every day use, but I’d sure keep it in mind in cases i could see a use for, but not at the current time. I find it interesting that this book brings it up and some of the things that were discussed in articles and Security Now being in this book. The article in question that goes in to detail is Walkthrough Of Tor, Silk Road, Deep Web – from the Business Insider is the article I mention where the link to the article is within that post. Is this a coincidence or could TOR not be as secured as first built? I’m going to continue to read this book to find out, and I’d be interested in your thoughts. I recommend you use the comment system if possible or to send me an E-mail. View our about page here on the blog for contact information. The comment boards await you.

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The silver screen no more: distribution of film to cease by 2013 in the US | Ars Technica

The silver screen no more: distribution of film to cease by 2013 in the US | Ars Technica.

Its Its about time they figure our that nobody is going to movie theaters much. Even the movies I’ve gone to see, not too many people are there, I wouldn’t say it is packed, but not totally empty either. Maybe they are realizing that the end of their reign is coming.

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Web visum, my thoughts : April 28, 2011

So, I’ve known about the Firefox program for quite awhile, and their various addons and plugins for some time. I’ve also known about Web Visum for some time as well. The problem was, I was relying on Solona for all my captcha needs, and recently have found it difficult to find them online when I need captchas solved. So over the weekend of April 24, 2011, I decided to investigate web visum. I’ve visited the page a few times, and never really followed through on it. If you want to hear about Solona, ask me for that podcast, I still have it in the collection BTW. But back to web visum. I signed up after finding where to ask for a code, which they E-mailed me back quickly.

Most recently after playing with it a bit, I decided to work on my new Magnatune page and downloaded a couple of artists which i’ve heard before. One CD set, the other one CD, and one CD I thought I had before. Magnatune has a captcha after so many downloads to prevent automated bots from signing up. I had checked prior to this that Solona was offline, and sure enough, they are at the time of writing.

So, Web Visum, to the rescue. I fired the command to solve a captcha. For some reason, I didn’t get feedback, so fired the command again, and it told me I was too quick. The first captcha was not solved correctly maybe because my error. But the second one was. I thought, cool.

Then I needed to reset my password for my You Tube account. Those captchas are the biggest problem even for Solona to solve at times, so I fired the command and waited, and sure enough, it solved that captcha. I’ve heard about its success, and deciding that Solona isn’t always around, i needed something reliable.

Bernard at Solona is great, we’ve not talked for awhile, but thats ok. We all get busy. I hope Solona is doing well, and since it is a volunteer project, that it goes well. However, web visum is really the way to go.

  1. You must be running firefox. This will not work with Internet Explorer, Chrome, or any other browser.
  2. They have other tools like hiding flash, blocking domains, underlining links, and more.
  3. The changes you make to a page like labeling links, labeling pages, and soforth are sent to their server and everyone gets the changes.
  4. There is a place to block a domain, not sure how that works as of yet, but it may block the ability to block it which could be good for sites that are melicious.
  5. This plugin is free.

In over all experience to date, I would rate it very good. I know I’ve not played with everything, but I did try the hide flash for Magnatune and it worked good. In the comments, please let me know how you’ve enjoyed Web Visum, and how it has or has not worked for you.

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Happy commenting. The disclaimer is to protect me, cause these types of things can get heated, and I’m leaving myself and my web provider and people who help me out of the fact we have our opinions and they aren’t responsible what you write. Thanks for reading!

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