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This week on the Security box, state legislators not waiting for congress to fix Copa

Hello folks,

This week, we’re going to step through an article I talked about on the blog. Its titled State legislators aren’t waiting for Congress to regulate children’s online privacy.

The show will first air through 98.6 the mix on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 starting at 11 am PT, 1 PM station time.

We’ll catch up on the very busy news week, I’ll of course have a blog post talking about what’s new on EMHS and much more.

Here’s a link to the Independent artist channel where you can find listen links that work for you.

I hope to see you all there!

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What has been posted to emhs, February 1, 2023

We’ve had quite a bit of activity, publishing articles to EMHS as well as the blog.

We’ve also got two new books, and we link to the hardcopy of the book instead of Kindle, but we can assure you that you can change the format.

Let’s get started!

The Blog

The blog posts are few, but they’re high quality posts.


The books were recently found. And I finished Mikko’s book with only a few pages to go before the index. We talked about Mikko’s book, but in the process, I found two more.

  • Andy Greenberg


We have no new companies to add to the list for this update.


I believe we’re all caught up with terms, I don’t believe we added any new ones. Check them out to learn.


Remember to check out the podcasts which the latest one is up the same day we get it up on RSS.


Here is the web site to Email Host Security for those who need it. Thanks for reading, learning and participating with us!

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user management update

Hi all.
Small note, this is probably only going to effect the non admins on here which I think is 3 of you however as I was mucking about checking the status of systems, it occured to me to edit everyone’s profile including all admins, myself included and check our user options.
For the admins they are all set, visual editor off, shortcuts on, etc.
However I noticed that while others had the ability for visual editor active, no toolbar which none of us use, etc I did notice keyboard shortcuts for comments and other submission were disabled.
Admins have it enabled by the way already.
Anyway just to say, that feature is now active for what its worth.
With the system running as it is I won’t need to adjust or even look at things for another few months and as I had some downtime between appointments I thought I’d just look quickly.

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This week on the Security Box

Hello folks,

On this week on the security box, we’re going to cover CISA and what seems to be going on with them.

Seems to me, like they’re a little bit disorganized, yet they put out advisories to assist us on what’s going on but they don’t really know what’s going on.

We’ll have two morons of the podcast, we’ll have commentary about last week’s topic if needed and we’ll see what else happens.

The first airing of the show is Wednesday on the Independent channel and will then air across our partners on Friday and Monday of next week.

Thanks so much for listening, and make it a great day!

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What’s been posted on EMHS, posting cutoff 1500 hours January 17, 2023 Pacific time

Hello folks,

Welcome to another posting of what’s been posted to EMHS’s resources page. Here, you can find terms, books of interest, articles from around the landscape talking about breaches and scams, and companies and services that are out there to protect you or teach you.

We’ve got quite a bit to cover, so let’s get started!


There are two new terms. One which is part of the current podcast, and one added after a big time breach which will be talked about as part of the current podcast.

Itteration may be a little confusing for you. It is more of a math term, but it is talked about in computing, so please read that section of the page. If someone finds a better page, please pass it along!

Blog Posts

The big news besides Lastpass’s continuing saga which they hope will go away is the Norton Breach. It leads our coverage for this week.

I may duplicate here, as several were on the 9th and may have been posted, but its OK. I’d rather duplicate and make sure I got everything than not at all. Sorry for any duplication!

Companies and services

There are no new companies and services to add. If you know of one that we’re missing, please let us know!



There are no new books we’ve found this time.


We posted TSB, podcast 126 on Wednesday, if you missed it, we urge you to check it out. We normally post it the same day its taped, so check the page or the blog within one day. Hope you find it of interest!

EMHS’s web site

Here is the link to email host security. Please note, we’re not looking for any web hosting or web development. The JRN does all of that work, as it is constantly getting updated with things we find. No outside company will want to do this, I’m sure. Check out the resources page from the linked page for all of our resources we’ve found to keep you safe from phishing and the landscape.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your learning!

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The Security box, podcast 127 preview: Bulletproof Hosting services


On this week’s program, we’re going to talk about bulletproof hosting services. What exactly are they? Why shouldn’t you use services like these?

We’ll have a link to the Wikipedia article we’ll use to help us discuss this, and you can learn more about notable takedowns as well.

Doing research in to one brings up an older Washingtonpost article which isn’t valid anymore, but I bet you’ll find stories that are of value.

The show will air on Wednesday, January 18, 2023 on the independent channel of 986 the mix.

This program may contain adult content not because of the reading, but what might be part of the discussion because of the reading. We want you to have a heads up on this. It probably won’t be explicit, but there may be some words that might either be offensive or not appropriate for young listeners to hear.

We hope you will enjoy the program, thanks for listening, learning and growning your knowledge!

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Today’s Security box

Today, we’re going to be continuing the security box. On it, we’ll talk about the trends from last year and what we might see this year. We’ll have news, notes and more.

Listen through the independent channel live at 11 am PT, 1 PM CT and 2 eastern, or find our list of stations on our TSB page found on EMHS’s web site.

See you all soon!

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We’ve got an update on the Lastpass Hack of August, it may not be good unless you took the recommended and best practice steps

Hello folks,

Let me just say that the opinions that are in this article are mine. They don’t represent the security community as a whole, and its based on my feeling of the service and how i have my account set at Lastpass. This information is brand new that we’re reading about and digesting, and people may decide that its time to jump ship. With that said, let’s get started.

On December 27, 2022: komando.com wrote an article penned Major password manager hacked – What you need to know and it continues Lastpass’s investigation of the august hack in to one of their third party providers.

Let me say that I’ve taken the precautions I needed to take by making sure I followed best practices and a secure master password, so I don’t think that my data is at risk.

Don’t think for one minute that I could be wrong, but I do have a strong master password, I’ve got two factor turned on using their authenticator app, and I know they use strong encryption and the backups use that same encryption scheme.

Here’s what we know about the virtual storage that was accessed and the data it contained.

  • • Company names.
  • • End-user names.
  • • Billing addresses.
  • • Email addresses.
  • • Telephone numbers.
  • • IP addresses from which customers were accessing the LastPass service.

To add insult to injury, the database also included backups of our vaults. While that is concerning as it may contain sensitive information such as credit card numbers, website usernames and passwords, the fact that it can’t easily be decrypted and the fact that it is decrypted with an algorithm that includes our password makes me feel more secure about my data.

People may say that they don’t feel comfortable now that we know that our data may have in fact gotten compromised and that is a valid concern. As Steve said on one podcast, its harder to leave a password manager because another one may not include fields for all of the things you have in your vault. He also said that all password managers are pretty much ran the same way.

The article talks about watching out for Phishing attempts by phone, email and text. Since I’m aware of what to look for, I haven’t been fooled yet, although I was taken by scareware many years ago.

Here are a few things you can do to stay protected, according to the article.

  • • Change your passwords regularly – Do this at least once every few months. If you haven’t done so, you should change your LastPass master password ASAP.
  • • Never use the same password for multiple accounts – Through a technique known as credential stuffing, hackers use the same stolen passwords on different services, hoping to find duplications.
  • • Where available, always use two-factor authentication – This additional security measure makes it difficult for hackers to break into accounts without the security code sent to your phone or an authentication app. 
  • • Protect your data – Remember that LastPass will never call, email, or text you and ask you to click on a link to verify personal information.
  • • Antivirus is vital — Always have a trusted antivirus program updated and running on all your devices. We recommend our sponsor, TotalAV. Right now, get an annual plan with TotalAV for only $19 at  ProtectWithKim.com.
  • That’s over 85% off the regular price!

The JRN had Total AV tested and it is not accessible by computer but is accessible by IOS.

Again, this article is titled Major password manager hacked – What you need to know and I suggest you read this if you’re a lastpass customer. Please make your own decision based on your own needs. Don’t take what I say face value as your needs are different than mine.

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We hope you’ve had a happy Christmas weekend

I hope that everyone has had a very happy holiday weekend this past weekend. I also hope that you all will end up getting the podcast talking about my lock’s application update that we released before the Christmas break.

While TSB is taking the week off this week, we’ve updated EMHS with a new term and we even alphabetized the list and moved the larger list of terms out of the main list.

We’ve since added one new book, and we’ll post the updates later on in the week.

May you have a joyous new year celebration and we’ll have plenty to talk about in the new year. Thanks so much for reading, listening and participating!

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who’s listening and do you broadcast us

Hi all.
So this is in direct responce to the post from international friends network
That link is on our links list so you can listen in whenever.
Its good to see who is broadcasting our casts and its good to know others are showing interest in us.
Here’s the thing, I have often said it but I will say it again.
5 users are here.
Out of all of that 5 users exist, and only 2 are active.
Due to spam issues we have to have some bulky security tools loaded here and they are a little unwieldy to handle.
Out of the 5 only 2 do things and out of those 2 only jared does anything well most of the work in fact.
I’ve always been interested in users and who does what.
Until today I was not aware that the casts or this network was being streamed elsewhere.
I looked for serveys to gage interest but couldn’t find anything that would work at least for what I need accessibly.
So if you are listening to this or reading this and you broadcast, tell us where, comment, or even just say hi.
We need more users to post here.
I’d like information about your station if you broadcast if you have smart speaker access, etc.
If anyone finds us usefull please sing out and chat.
Between jared and I we do exist in different sides of the world.
And for me personally I have a lot of time to chat.
Email will be the first port of call.
my email is .
That is my public facing mail address and anyone can send to it.
Depending on how that goes, if local give me contacts and I will ring or we chat over zoom, teamtalk or skype though I have not used that for ages.
If you have any content or concerns then let jared or me know, jared handles the network itself and I am the secondary handling security, and jetpack notifications as well as a few other things.
Due to spam I am not inclu

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Changes to podcasts


The following is going to be posted here as well as our network blog for transparency purposes. We appreciate your support and thanks for listening!


We were contacted by our friends at International Friends Radio Network, an Internet Radio channel in New Zealand.

While the JRN understands the nature of why we were contacted, we want to be transparent on what is happening and steps we are going to take with future podcasts.

First, while the JRN indicates on its pages that adult content may be possible, this may not necessarily be enough.

The Podcast directory found on this page does not explicitly mention TSB, we do not have an adult disclaimer notice on it or our blog.

However, I do remember putting up on TSB’s page on EMHS a line about adult content being possible.

I understand that this podcast and podcasts across the network must clearly be identified and our friends at IFN let us know something that we must change.

First, the laws in New Zealand are different when it comes to Internet Radio. Terestial radio, otherwise known as am/fm radio and Internet Radio follow the same guidelines in this country. This means, keeping programming as friendly as possible to all ages.

This means:

  • making sure that if we have adult content such as swaring, its clearly mentioned in show notes and web sites
  • abandon adult language and situations where humanly possible
  • or making sure that we put a disclaimer in place when adult content is in the show itself.

This is all things we have needed to do, and as I said on the site, if something contains adult content and its not stated on its pages, please let us know. We try to keep this network as friendly as possible, and we appriciate the IFN team contacting us to notify us about this oversite.

While the podcast will not change focus, we will do our best to ensure that the programs are as friendly as possible. I mark the programs friendly on Anchor, as some adult content is not considered explicit under the options they give us when rating the podcasts. The options are friendly or explicit.

If anyone has any questions about this, please contact the network.

Jared Rimer,
Owner: the tech blog and podcast as well as TSB

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This week on the security box: Our Final of the year

This week is the final security box scheduled for the year. We’ll continue to blog news and information about the landscape as well as updating EMHS with this information each week.

From our Show notes

Welcome to the Security box, podcast 124. On this podcast, we’ve got news coming out of Security Now about another root Certificate company that is no more. We’ve got news and notes from around the landscape, and Ransomware payments have hit at least a billion dollars. All this, including questions, comments and other miscellanious activity on today’s show.

We’ve finished the show notes and there are pieces of news coming out of Security Now. We also may have news as indicated from people that found things we’ve posted to the blog their interest.

How to Listen

You may listen to us on:

I intended to listen to it, or try to so I could see how it turned out, but I ended up with deciding to leave to take care of some things.

International Friends started to air our program within the past month, we thank you!

If you’re an internet radio station that wants to air our programming, you’re welcome to. Please drop me a note and let me know what time you plan to run it and we’ll put it on TSB’s page on EMHS.

I hope that you all enjoy the last program of the year, and we’ve got rooms set up for the beginning of 2023 and we’ll be sure to post about what we have then.

Thanks so much for participating this year on TSB, and we hope to keep you safe in the coming year and beyond right here on the tech blog, EMHS and across the JRN Radio Network.

We’d like to thank those writers who write the tech news we read, send out to TSB’s list, talk about as topics or news items on the show and beyond.

Web Sites we took from

If there are others we didn’t mention and you find your articles here, we thank you too. Please drop us a note and I’ll properly thank you as we should.

Have a great holiday season from all of us at the JRN and thanks for listening!

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EMHS reflection

As we work on our 123rd episode of the security box, we’re over a month old launched. We want to know how we’re doing.

Of course, there’s more we can be doing, and this site plans to be around for quite a long time.

I’ve started posting what has been added since we last added things to the resources page. Of course, TSB is added the very day it is made available to the Internet at large, and we just recently learned that International Friends Radio Network has picked up the program on Mondays at 2 Central time.

We’ll be announcing more details on web site and the like once we get confirmation. I’ve found a page, but don’t know if that is the official page.

Without your help, we can’t pass along information that can be so beneficial to so many people that may not know about the dangers that surroound each and every one of us.

Thanks so much for reading, participating and learning along with us.

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What’s been posted on EMHS this past week

Hello folks,

Here’s what has been posted within the last week.

I know, I was probably told that it wasn’t necessary to do this, but maybe by highlighting what we’ve added, the resources may be able to be shared more widely.

Note that if we add anything from the time I type this up and the next week, we’ll add it to the next batch.

Blog posts

Companies and resources


There are no new terms and books we’ve added since the last time we talked about the page when we added one new term.

The newest term is:

At some point, we plan on adding everything in to alphabetical order but that has not been done yet.


There is only one new book which we talked about last week.

  • Kai Roer and Perry Carpenter

If you have anything that is not added that you know will help the community learn, please feel free to send a note a post me a link! I’ll be sure to give it a look.

Thanks so much for reading and learning with us! All kinds of communities can use the education and that’s what we aim to do with EMHS and its resources and blog posts we’re gathering.

See you next time!

Companies and services of interest
Company or service name Description of company or service
Have I Been Pwned (poned) Have I been Pwned (poned) is a web site started by Troy Hunt that allows people like you and I to check our email addresses and phone numbers against known breaches. This information will not include your information, but can link you to known breaches that may include the info you supplied to the site. Links include a domain search, web sites that have been pwned, a password search and other informational things like largest breaches as well as recently added breaches. Stay in the know with Have I Been Pwned!

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The Security box, podcast 123: The Psychology of passwords report

Hello all,

On this week’s program, we’re going to cover the psychology of passwords report which we sent to TSB’s email list last month. We may have an asshole of the podcast as well as other news and notes from people who are in the audience.

The room is already in clubhouse’s calendar, Here is my clubhouse profile for people to view. Select the Jared Rimer Network and feel free to RSVP and learn.

With all of us working together, we can help to change the landscape.

The show is on the 986themix’s Independent channel so please feel free to tune in during the live taping.

See you all then!

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Its Giving Tuesday

The last few years have been tough, yet for some years, there’s been something called giving Tuesday. While I run the JRN out of my pocket, and I don’t make it a habit of asking for donations, small businesses like mine can use donations.

Here is a link to the donations page. You can use the Paypal button to make a recurring donation of any amount, or use the links to make a one time donation using your credit card.

Paypal accepts all kinds of payments and you don’t need an account to give. The links allow you to securely use your bank account to give as well.

I know there are charities more worth donating to, but if you chose a small business like mine, we thank you.

Remember, small businesses also have bills to pay.

If you’re interested in what the network offers, please feel free to send an email and inquire.

Thanks a lot!

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The Security box, podcast 122: EBT cards and the disabled

Hello folks, welcome to another blog post. This time, I’m announcing the podcast for this coming week.

We already have a room on Clubhouse for podcast 122 so go and find it in the calendar of events. Here is the link to my Clubhouse profile.

I check regularly for followers, as clubhouse now allows for protected profiles. It works similarly to protected tweets where people need to be approved. Please have a profile as that will ensure that I at least have some idea about who you are.

Here’s the opening paragraph from the show notes in which are being worked on and may be done by the time this goes to post.

Welcome to the Security Box, podcast 122. On this podcast, we will be covering some news that came out of Freshbooks on Wednesday, November 23, 2022. We’ll also be covering Card Skimming and how it disproportionately is a disadvantage to people who use EBT cards. We’ll so have plenty of news and notes from around the landscape and we’ll also see what else people want to talk about as we return from our Thanksgiving break.

The show will be on the independent artist channel at 11 am PT, 1 PM CT Wednesday, November 30th.

Remember to visit EMHS fpor podcast archives if you need them.

I hope to see you all there this week!

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Reminder, no TSB this week

Hello folks, just a quick post reminding listeners there will be no TSB this week.

This was a scheduled week off, although I did get sick in the process.

With that said, I hope to be back in full force next week, and I’ll go ahead and post about the show on Sunday or Monday and I’ll be working on show notes in the meantime.

I’ll also be continuing to blog and read the news, and check EMHS for future updates on things. Thanks for listening, make it a great day!

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This week on the Security Box

This week, something that I don’t think gets talked about much. We’re going to talk about posting your whereabouts on social media. No, we’re not going to mention any names because many people, disabled or not, do it.

In one story we recently talked about, a suspect got picked up because someone posted their whereabouts on social media.

This discussion is meant to be civil and we’re not going to attack anyone. Amd before you ask, yes, I even did it for a short period of time at one specific place and afterword, the game ended for me.

The show will air on Wednesday at 11 am PT, 1 PM CT on the independent channel and I hope you’ll join us.

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Thank you for participating in NCSAM this year

Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for listening to NCSAM coverage this year. We’re going to have some extra coverage of NCSAM starting with Wednesdays program.

After Wednesday, we’re going to cover two more topics, one dealing with checking in to places using services on the Internet as well as shopping safely online.

The order doesn’t much matter for this post, just know we’re going to cover these.

Also, in December, we’re going to revisit credit cards. The room is not created as of writing, but may be by the time it posts. Make sure you follow the club so that you’re aware of what’s going on topic wise.

Remember that we’re taking Thanksgiving week off.The Mix will still have a Security Hour from what I know, stay tuned to your devices.

Please continued to stay tuned to the podcasts, we’ve got plenty coming. Enjoy!

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