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February 9, 2020

If you find something wrong with the site, want a feature request or have an issue this will be the list for contacting admins.
1. Jared Rimer.
Jared is the owner and main admin of the site.
He is responsible for the site and most of its functions.
He is also the guy you should put podcast 5requests and articles to.
He should be contacted at:
2. Crashmaster
I am the secondary admin I am responsible for some plugins, page errors and anything that doesn’t require code.
I am in new zealand so have a slightly different timescale so I can field questions.
I am unable to do anything with themes, php code, c panel, security certs, and direct server management.
So basically anything content and plugin related as well as some security I can handle as long as its easy to do.
I am also responsible for fixing invalid links with spelling issues though I probably have found those allready since I visit regularly.
You can also send things such as site issues though if its serious enough jetpack will warn me if the site dropps out for more than 60 seconds.
You can send errors such as server issues but I will have to send those to jared to get those fixed.
As of this page, technically there should be a multiple emails package which should in theory tell either of us any errors.
My email is

This site is protected with email encoder, and other security measures.

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