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Shields Up! How long do we need to have our guard up?

So, this week, we’re going to talk about an article titled ‘Shields Up’: the new normal in cyberspace which is linked quite a bit.

There are some interesting discussions on how long we need to “keep our shields up” although they say that the government needs to play a part.

I believe the government is part of the problem, they’re giving us advice, yet they can’t keep themselves secure?

I urge people to check out this article, and lets come up with things we can do. As said in other cyber rooms, it should be everyone’s responsibility with cybersecurity, so let’s go!

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Krebs stars in a netflicks series, I’m now signed up

Hello everyone,

When I saw the article KrebsOnSecurity in New Netflix Series on Cybercrime some days ago, I had to jump! On Saturday, I did some lookup on whether Netflicks was accessible and saw some differing things and nothing clear.

Netflicks entry on Applevis

I also placed a call to our contact, Herbie Allen. He said it shouldn’t be a problem, so I decided to sign up.

While I wait to check out this series featuring Brian, I also saw Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror. (subscription required) While that took place in Korea, with subtitles and English Translation, I found it to be just as valuable.

The first episode of the Series Krebs is starring in talks about something we all have known of through the news, Swatting. The links to his tag on the subject and in the article it talks about various instances where the swat team has come to his home and luckily nobody was hurt but in others linked it wasn’t so lucky.

I urge everyone to read this article and check out the series, the movie and others that might have been talked about through the podcast.

Another one that we’ve talked about is The Tinder Swindler (subscription required) as it was talked about in discussions in rooms on Clubhouse. You can search the name on clubhouse and find rooms on replays on this particular topic.

I’m sure there are others, and on Wednesday, we’ll explore this in our chat segment as this is something we should get out there to make people aware of what is going on. What happens online can affect us offline as well.

Kreb’s article is heavily linked so quoting is going to be hard. Make it a great day!

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The Security box, podcast 98: China manipulating news results to get propoganda out

Here is the download of TSB 98 for those who need it.

While the show had a few glitches technical wise along the way, we push on. The RSS feed has the file.

Welcome to the Security box, podcast 98. This is a bit of a technical difficulty show, starting with Clubhouse having some sort of trouble, and then the software too. Despite these, the show went on.

We had a chat session that talked about social media and Paypal, see the blog for Paypal.

The main topic is Chinese state media propaganda found in 88% of Google, Bing news searches which we step through.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out. Thanks so much for having an interest in our show, and we’ll be back next week!

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Like any other service, Google has some issues with driveq

Kim Komando and her staff are talking about Google Drive, and some of the things that people can fall for.

  • 1. Phishing attempts are rampant
  • 2. Nasty links in Google Docs are one of the most significant Google Drive security risks
  • 3. It’s been hacked before
  • BONUS: Be careful of Excel spreadsheets, too

I’m not saying don’t use the product, as it can have some great benefits like colaberation which is what I use it for. Sure, I’ve got some phone numbers of people, and a few files that could probably be saved elsewhere, but no service is 100 percent proof of hackers. Kim recommends Idrive, but I’ve not used it or can vouch for its accessibility.

The article is titled 3 reasons storing sensitive files in Google Drive is a bad idea and as listed abovee, a bonus one was added too. I bet all services including Dropbox, Idrive and Google have some of this problem from time to time.

Each item has some good points and things to watch out for, so please read this article through. You might learn something that might help you out.

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I can’t believe this article … I call bull

Normally, I don’t have a lot to say, unless its a big time story, and this I can’t believe. Yesterday, I found an article titled
yet the company who is very good at its work says “no” to their claims.

I’m not saying for one minute that Lockbit is good, they aren’t. Lockbit has been around for many years and the article talks about this. But the claims which the company hacked said no to is quite funny.

Maybe this company who runs lock bit will think twice, or maybe not, we can only hope.

A prominent ransomware group claimed Monday it has successfully attacked cybersecurity giant Mandiant, and will release company files.

Continuing: The second paragraph says:

LockBit 2.0 — a ransomware-as-a-service variant that can claim thousands of victims around the world since it was first spotted as ABCD ransomware in September 2019 — posted a notice to its dark web portal Monday claiming it would release Mandiant files late Monday. There is no ransom demand posted to the page.

The fact there is no ransom and the fact that Mandian does their own research and found nothing calls this group a liar. I hope that something is done with these guys, now that they have lied about something they didn’t do. The article has more.

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What’s going on with Sheryl Sandberg? A Kim Komando minute

I was catching up with Kimn Komando’s daily minute podcast, and apparently Sheryl has completely fled.

Kim says that she was caught up in the Scandle of 2016 called the Cambridge Analitica and apparently did nothing about apparent suicides and killings.

Kim also reports that Sheryl sold the majority if not all of her stock in Facebook/Meta. I don’t want to quote Kim word for word, but you can look this up.

If we find out why she quit, although it was reported burnout, and we find out, we’ll post something.

To learn more about Cambridge Analitica, This Wikipedia article may be the most accurate as news stories may be removed due to the new blogging atmosphere we’re in now.

Thanks for reading!

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Google, Bing have issues with Chinese Propoganda


This was a very interesting topic to write about for the topic for this next week. While we took the weekend off, this post will be on the blog because the article itself was quite interesting.

This includes research to indicate that the search engines are working correctly, but Google News and Bing need work.

Chinese state media propaganda found in 88% of Google, Bing news searches is the article which has tons of linked content, and we also have quotes to aid us in the conversation for Wednesday.

Let us know what you think of this research. Its definitely an interesting topic. Thanks for reading!

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Some of these scams are old, some may be new, and some … may be known for the first time

Paypal is our target this time, and these 5 scams in this article may be known to some, not to others, and may be different than what others may have seen before.

This is why the article 5 tricky PayPal scams going after your money should be read by everyone. Some of these may not have been seen, and as we always have the potential of getting new subscribers, its good to cover these occasionally.

Have you seen some of these and what have you done? Have you fallen bate? Its ok if you habve, its part of the learning process and there is no shame in acknowledging that you made a mistake.

I’ve done this numerous of times.

Next time, keep your guard up for the next attempt. You’ll get better.

Some of these arrive in email, while others may arrive as texts. Beware the scam, its always out to get us in ways we’ve never thought of.

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The Security box, podcast 97: Breach Fatigue

Breaches are abound and have not ebated since we learned of target way back in 2014. The Download (90.61mb) is available for those who don’t have RSS or who can’t get it.

The full show notes follow.

Hello everyone. Breach Fatigue is probably on everyone’s minds, and I think its time that we talk about it. Luckily, there’s an article titled Combatting Breach Fatigue comes from Lastpass and I thought it should be talked about.

Even though last week’s podcast had some good content and could in some minds be non-security related, between all of that stuff and this, who could blame me for last week?

Besides all of that, we will see what people have for what they want to talk about in the news notes section.

All of this and other thoughts will be part of the program. Enjoy what we have for you and I hope no tyraid today. Thanks for listening!

The program is less than two hours this time. Thanks for listening and participating!

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New Accessibilities coming to IOS

I believe I saw this yesterday, and decided to read it today. Apple Vis has an article called Apple Previews New Accessibility Features Coming Later This Year, Including Door Detection and More Languages, Locales, and Voices for VoiceOver which has lots of upcoming changes that might help all of us in the disability community.

For me, I like the door finding idea, especially with a new place. The list is lengthy and talks about a bunch of different accessibility things.

What do you think? Sound off there or here.

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If you haven’t updated your software, here’s several to see if they need updates

In this article by komando staff it talks abot Windows update, Chrome, Firefox, IOS, and Zoom.

While Windows Update isn’t technically till next week, there is a whole gambut here, and so I saw this yesterday and I need to get this out today.

The article title is Protect your tech: Time to update Chrome, Windows and iOS and is linked above as well.

Better get this updated, we don’t know what those actors are doing. They could now be looking at several of these. BTW, there are CVE’s linked here too.

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Combating breach fatigue

Hello folks, Combatting Breach Fatigue is a great article to have in our corner., as I feel we’re pretty much cooked at this point.

It talks about password managers, the fact that 90 percent of people have at least 50 accounts or app passwords and 51 percent of persons use their memory to remember passwords.

There are links to things that might be of interest, and it’ll be our topic as this week’s podcast. See you there!

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WordPress and school plug in pro at risk

I’ve seen this article around here for several days now. Its an ars technica article Researchers find backdoor lurking in WordPress plugin used by schools and while they show code which I mainly skipped, you should check this out if you use this plug in, especially the paid version.

The short version, it can take over a website that has this plugin installed, and again, only if you have the paid one.. The vendor of this plugin doesn’t know how it got there and they don’t know how long it has been around.

I thought I’d finally get this out, I thought about talking about this on the show, but I don’t know anyone who is running this. If you do, please pass this along.

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Sans news bites for May 27, 2022

This is a link to sans news bites for May 27, 2022. it covers things including Zoom and other very interesting news.

If you have found something of interest you want to bring up for a future show, please let us know and we’ll consider it.

Thanks so much for reading and participating on our programs!

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With Vacations and summer coming, people may want or need to rent cars

While we know people will take summer vacation and probably need to have someone rent a car or they may rent a car, Kim Komando’s staff is posting about a potential scam that you need to know about.

Turns out that if you find one of these sites, the payment method to get a car would be familiar to some of us, gift cards. By paying by gift card, they say, you can get a steep discount.

Renting a car? This mistake puts your data and money at risk is the article, make sure you peruse it so you make sure that you’re not putting yourself and your money at risk.

Thanks for reading.

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Site admin update

Hi all users on here.
This is crashmaster here.
So where have I been.
If you read my blog smeveriss.wordpress.com you will know exactly where I have been but you may not have any idea where I have been technically.
Before I start, we are on wordpress 6.0 according to the blurb at the bottem of the page via autoupdate so thats quite good.
Its supposed to be more accessible.
Next, security, after a lot of mucking about with keys and the like, we have in addition to ipstack on 0spam which has given us a banging performance, ipinfo, project honeypot and forum stop.
Sadly not google as google needs a maps project etc.
And all for nothing, obviously there are limits but get the best out of the site you can.
You may notice the site will initially load a little slower as all the security kicks in however the good thing about this that in addition to our verification with email address, a lot of the spam is funneled through databases of addresses and through according to honeypod sponsors some cloudflare servers.
What that means for users is while the site will load a little slower now its more protection between the nasties and I can sleep better at night knowing we have well all the stuff we ever need running on the system.

So where am I from a technical standpoint.
First the cast.
No idea, keep meaning to jump back but lets face it, once liam or pg13 get a hold of whatever I am going to podcast about, they completely own my ass which is ok, I enjoy their look on the cast then I think, well its done by someone I respect better than me and thats that.
Beyond the chiron gate has not been done but I don’t know, its text for 1 thing, and for another I have not won yet but its a banging game so search it on itch its 10 bucks well spent.
Basically be anyone you want piloting your ship so anyone from startrek, federation, etc, you can edit things so if you really want to you can be the mirror universe or a klingon or a borg if you really want to be well whatever.
Roleplay is huge.
It helps if you have watched a series though for the most part I have managed to destroy my ship or kill all the crew or have things screw up and just when I have a computer upgrade to.
So I may have to rethink my strategy and decide if I go full hog when to quit.
In other news tech wize I am going to be working on another computer that may equal a podcast on windows 11 setup.
I am also getting an nas either asuster or qnap so my specs are 1.4 arm media or realtech, 1 or 2gb ram and 2 4 tb seagate ironwolfs or wd reds depending on prices.
Who knows where that goes.
Unsure where else I will go with work going to get better but oh well.
Anyway thats me and I will lerk about and read more.
Nvda has a new version and on audiogames and the list we are discussing things related to its stableness and the direction of nvaccess so check that out and comment if you want to.
Before I go all please recheck your updates on your updaters for your various computers as I just found firmware updates on some of my older machines.
Laters all till next time

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Can Social media have any influence on mass shootings like the one in Texas?

We know now a little more information about the shooting that took place on Tuesday that killed potentially 19 children and two adults and one still in critical condition.

While this blog is more of a technology blog, we now know that the gunman in this case did start on two different social media platforms, and it even went so far as to include direct messages between several people including an unknown girl.

The article I’m about to post was written by Kim herself for komando.com and talks about the case as well as another case which also started on social media.

The article is titled: In the wake of the Texas school shooting, social media must do better and should be studied.

Instead of contacting your senators and the house like Kim says, maybe we can hold social media responsible ourselves. I hardly use Facebook as it is, I don’t have Instagram, but if we really are fed up with the fact that they aren’t doing what they can to combat this, even if a mass shooting took place later, than we shouldn’t be on it.

I don’t post my life on social media , I post articles I’m going to read throughout the landscape from sources i read anyway. This blog posts there so people can read what I like.

But a lot of people are careless and post what they want, some of them like what has happened.. Some are not so careless that way but are careless other ways.

What do you think of this article, and where do we start?

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Do you use Duck Duck Go? Better check this out

I’m not saying for one minute that duck duck go is bad. But i just saw this article while going through email that says that it does track you when clicking on advertising.

While some of us don’t click on advertising, we should be OK, because the search results are not tainted.

Komando.com has the full detail on this, better check it out.

Bad news if you use DuckDuckGo – It was tracking you is the article.

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The Security box, podcast 96: Two Hospitals being targeted with ransomware, News Notes and continued shootings and why we’ve not done anything about it

While the real world deals with Shootings across the country and yet another one active going on thanks to Scanner Radio, we must press on. We’ve do talk about this recent one in Texas and ask how we can solve things like this, especially since we later learn that the person involved started on social media. We learned this later on.

Besides that, we’ve got quite a bit of news which I go through, some of which I go through on the blog, by mentioning that its there.

Don’t have RSS? Don’t worry! Download the 135.36mb file and here are the rest of the show notes.

Welcome to podcast 96 of the security box podcast series. We’re going to bring back news notes for this program, and we’ve picked out some good stuff. Some may be on this blog, other may not be on this blog.

Our main topic is going to talk about the Health Care Industry and whether it is as secure as possible. The reason why we’re going to talk about it is plain and simple, there have apparently been two more attacks on the health care industry, yet, one of them is a non-profit.

The article is titled Ransomware group strikes second U.S. health care system in the last two months. I bet that there will be a lot of talk on this one, even as we read the notes on this.

I’ve got plenty more things lined up for the podcast, so please feel free to stay tuned and learn with us. Some may be a bit older, but yet worth talking about.

Remember to subscribe to The Security Box list as we post items and you’re welcome to discuss them on list.

We thank you for listening to the program and we’ll see you on another edition of the program next time!

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Scammers and photo sites and copyright issues

For those who deal with photos, you’ll want to read this. In the Kim Komando newsletter, it talks about scammers who want to take advantage of you by claiming that stock photos, those who do not have copyright, have a claim. Please read more about it through Kim’s web site. See everyone later.

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