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site faq

February 9, 2020

Hi all.
This is a small possible faq on the site.
There will be paragraphs on the topics, I can’t code so this will just be a text thing but maybe it can be fixed later.
1 About this site.
This site is for technology, reviews, security and a few other odds and ends.
We also have a podcast discussing articles most of which come on the blog before casts come about so check regularly.
2. Security.
This site is protected with several plugins and factors.
1. jetpack.
This helps with uptime as well as handle 2step with wordpress.com accounts.
Its basically a wordpress.com web extender.
Its an easy way to login if you do not want the main site and helps admins a lot.
2. captcha booster.
Using logal simple math captcha, we should be able to keep spammers out which are not stopped by 0spam.
You shouldn’t have any issue with login.
3. Zerospam.
If you are not a spammer, then most likely you will not anger this plugin it just sits there making sure there are no bad guys in the system.
In addition we have twitter and press this which handle some social network functions.
We have a high contrast mode for those that need it and a customised theme.
Technically we have mobile access via jetpack to.
Email plugins include an email encoder for security of email addresses, and a multiple email address thing for admins called multiple emails.
We also use really simple ssl to retrieve the ssl on the server.
This site is powered by the latest wordpress, sql maria db, and php versions, well should be at any rate.
However its always a work in progress between the admins and the server previder but thats the way of things.
All pages and posts should be free of errors or spelling mistakes but if they are in any way mangled contact the admins on the contact page.

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