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Comments on the articles

Hi all.

Commenting on the last posts on the blog.

I have been quite busy in fact I have got bussy over the last few weeks and will continue to be so for quite a while.

Anyway, I have this in the pipeline so here goes.

Firstly I have issues with silent installs of anything.

On the pluss side for those that don’t know how to update, its good because they are at the latest and greatest like chrome and they don’t have to do anything.


On the flip side as it were malware does this sort of thing all the time and while I accept mozilla aps are or should be generally safe, this feature could have a negitive  impact on the product line as a whole.

I for example have been thinking of switching to firefox and maybe thunderbird.

I may hold off on that as a result of this.


Then there is the accessable point, mozilla stuff changes all the time and access wise  its hard to keep up.

if it updates all the time one day you could get a supprise you didn’t expect.

I hope you can turn this off.

I have friends blind or otherwise and old members of the family that would probably  freak if this went on and would either mangle the system or something meaning I’d have to reformat.

And most sertainly they would probably drop back to ie afterwards.

Silent installs have their place, ie a network server, or large company where you deploy a file as part of your system backup or basically install loads of stuff on all your systems and servers worldwide while you sleep, etc or as a batch recovery maybe but I have issues with those in general use even the ninite stuff which is safe I have issue with.

I want to make sure things load as they should, make sure that I have unchecked that toolbar, or make sure I have installed my custom options and not just the recomended choices.

Ie winamp.

if i used silent installs I’d get everything under the sun.

All I want  is audio and video playback.

maybe some hotkeys and general plugins.

I don’t need ripping, uploading, streaming, online subscriptions, libraries, detecters, visuals, etc.

For  the majority it will probably be ok or should be but still.

I am in 2 minds on this one.


I have never encounted the duping on call ids.

I do however not reply to any messages which block their id from displaying as these are usually phone marketing or recorded messages.

On that note if a message marketing something  does speak in your ear and its recorded.

Listen to the entire thing, as they will give you a key to press to remove you from their lists.

You should do the same to any marketing calls you recieve ask them to remove you from their list.

The only reason is if  you happen to have some association with the company in question.

Ie american express.

But even lagit stuff can look like spam.

Phone spam is not really that bad, since there are laws for that.

Text spam can be dangerous but since you still need to go to the net or action it in some way its still at least the text is not dangerous.

Email spam is not dangerous as you need to act on that to.

Web spam, is dangerous, cookies are not necessarily dangerous  but popups are, though it pays to look  at what they are first.

Some sites have safe popups to.

Mostly its comman sence, really.

Unless you have win98 ofcause.

If you do like my grandpa did once then expect to get viruses, spyware, etc.

No software will cover your os without being bad at you in fact who knows.


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