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Internet has become ‘surveillance machine’: Assange – Yahoo! News

Internet has become ‘surveillance machine’: Assange – Yahoo! News.

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Comments on the articles

Hi all.

Commenting on the last posts on the blog.

I have been quite busy in fact I have got bussy over the last few weeks and will continue to be so for quite a while.

Anyway, I have this in the pipeline so here goes.

Firstly I have issues with silent installs of anything.

On the pluss side for those that don’t know how to update, its good because they are at the latest and greatest like chrome and they don’t have to do anything.


On the flip side as it were malware does this sort of thing all the time and while I accept mozilla aps are or should be generally safe, this feature could have a negitive  impact on the product line as a whole.

I for example have been thinking of switching to firefox and maybe thunderbird.

I may hold off on that as a result of this.


Then there is the accessable point, mozilla stuff changes all the time and access wise  its hard to keep up.

if it updates all the time one day you could get a supprise you didn’t expect.

I hope you can turn this off.

I have friends blind or otherwise and old members of the family that would probably  freak if this went on and would either mangle the system or something meaning I’d have to reformat.

And most sertainly they would probably drop back to ie afterwards.

Silent installs have their place, ie a network server, or large company where you deploy a file as part of your system backup or basically install loads of stuff on all your systems and servers worldwide while you sleep, etc or as a batch recovery maybe but I have issues with those in general use even the ninite stuff which is safe I have issue with.

I want to make sure things load as they should, make sure that I have unchecked that toolbar, or make sure I have installed my custom options and not just the recomended choices.

Ie winamp.

if i used silent installs I’d get everything under the sun.

All I want  is audio and video playback.

maybe some hotkeys and general plugins.

I don’t need ripping, uploading, streaming, online subscriptions, libraries, detecters, visuals, etc.

For  the majority it will probably be ok or should be but still.

I am in 2 minds on this one.


I have never encounted the duping on call ids.

I do however not reply to any messages which block their id from displaying as these are usually phone marketing or recorded messages.

On that note if a message marketing something  does speak in your ear and its recorded.

Listen to the entire thing, as they will give you a key to press to remove you from their lists.

You should do the same to any marketing calls you recieve ask them to remove you from their list.

The only reason is if  you happen to have some association with the company in question.

Ie american express.

But even lagit stuff can look like spam.

Phone spam is not really that bad, since there are laws for that.

Text spam can be dangerous but since you still need to go to the net or action it in some way its still at least the text is not dangerous.

Email spam is not dangerous as you need to act on that to.

Web spam, is dangerous, cookies are not necessarily dangerous  but popups are, though it pays to look  at what they are first.

Some sites have safe popups to.

Mostly its comman sence, really.

Unless you have win98 ofcause.

If you do like my grandpa did once then expect to get viruses, spyware, etc.

No software will cover your os without being bad at you in fact who knows.


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Is the Firefox 10 silent update feature a good thing?

This is quite interesting. I like the auto updating, but I can see the points raised here. Windows lets us know what is happening, so Firefox should do the same. Check this out.

Is the Firefox 10 silent update feature a good thing?.

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Who’s on the Line? Increasingly, Caller ID Is Duped – NYTimes.com

This is quite interesting. I would think that the rules they have in place should work, but it wouldn’t surprise me that it doesn’t. Wonder what they could do to curve the amount of calls that are spoofed like this? Check out this article which is in two pages, and feel free to leave your comments.

Who’s on the Line? Increasingly, Caller ID Is Duped – NYTimes.com.

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Mobile ‘Rootkit’ Maker Tries to Silence Critical Android Dev | Threat Level | Wired.com

I tweeted this towards Denise Howell at Twit. This is quite interesting.

Mobile ‘Rootkit’ Maker Tries to Silence Critical Android Dev | Threat Level | Wired.com.

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FCC Will Not Bless AT&T/T-Mobile, Asks For Hearing On Merger | paidContent

All right! This is a good thing then. I knew I smelled trouble with this merger. Check this story out.

FCC Will Not Bless AT&T/T-Mobile, Asks For Hearing On Merger | paidContent.

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Window-Eyes 7.5.2 is Now Available!


GW Micro is proud to announce the release of Window-Eyes 7.5.2. This version includes improved stability, support for the latest versions of Firefox and Thunderbird, comprehensive Braille support in UIA and IA2 applications, support for the latest Braille displays, Windows XP support for the remote assistance feature, Office fixes, user interface improvements, and bug fixes. For a detailed list of all Window-Eyes 7.5.2 features and enhancements, visit http://www.gwmicro.com/Window-Eyes/Latest_Features/.

If you own a copy of Window-Eyes 7.5, or 7.5.1, you may download an upgrade to Window-Eyes 7.5.2 for FREE. To get started, select the Check for Updates option from the Help menu in the Window-Eyes control panel. Alternatively, you can open a web browser and navigate to http://www.gwmicro.com/upgrade, enter your serial number in the edit box provided, and select the Check for Upgrades button.

If you prefer to obtain a CD version of Window-Eyes 7.5.2 for $20 (free shipping with US postal mail), you may do so by contacting our orders department at 260-489-3671, or via email at .

All Retail, Dongle, Everlock, Payment Plan, and Evaluation versions of Window-Eyes 7.5 and 7.5.1 (for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems) can be upgraded to Window-Eyes 7.5.2.

Upgrade pricing information for older versions of Window-Eyes can be found at http://www.gwmicro.com/Catalog/Upgrades/.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and updates.


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Technology podcast 160 for November 20, 2011: Freshbooks, a Qwitter replacement, and shopping tips

In this podcast which you can find on the RSS feed you will find some info on how you can sign up for Fresh Books, you will find some info on a Qwitter replacement, and you’ll also find some shopping tips. Contact info is on pages for the blog. Enjoy!

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Android Malware Up 427 Percent Since July

Well. This is quite interesting. I am definitely not surprised by seeing this, seeing how Android is an open platform. Tech news Today has wondered why Android is open and apple is closed. Well, Apple has protected their users in a way against stuff like this. Check out this article out and leave me your comments.

Android Malware Up 427 Percent Since July.

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Kachingle and the Transgression of Opt-Out | Kris Straub | humor scientist

This company this article is talking about, sounds like a scam. A big, rotten, scam. Note, that there is some strong language at the bottom where there are two post scripts as part of the article. I’ve never heard of this company. If they have money for me, I surely don’t know anything about it. Check this article out.

Kachingle and the Transgression of Opt-Out | Kris Straub | humor scientist.

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“Grooveshark Bosses Uploaded Music” Say Universal In Massive Lawsuit | TorrentFreak

This is an interesting article dealing with Groove Shark. Never heard of it, but it reminds me on the continuing failure of the music industry. They aren’t going to win this, evn if the service is shut down. We all know more services like it will pop up over time. Check this one out.

“Grooveshark Bosses Uploaded Music” Say Universal In Massive Lawsuit | TorrentFreak.

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Technology podcast 159: Freshbooks, sopa, and commentary on future podcasts for November 16, 2011

Sorry for the delay folks, we’re having net issues, but I bring you podcast 159.

RSS to pick up the podcast

Show notes:

Welcome to podcast 159 of the technology blog and podcast. Fresh books is the main segment, where I talk about E-mail settings you have with it. We have sopa talk, and we have a Main Menu segment dealing with note takers and the blind community. In the fresh books segment, I mention we’re featuring something from Shaun, but I thought the note taker segment from main menu would be a nice fit for this cast. Shaun will be back with more very soon.

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The Duqu Saga Continues: Enter Mr. B. Jason and TV’s Dexter – Securelist

This is quite interesting duqu news. It talks about a bunch of stuff, and you may find it as interesting as I did.

The Duqu Saga Continues: Enter Mr. B. Jason and TV’s Dexter – Securelist.

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Technology podcast 155 for August 13, 2011

This podcast was released on August 13, 2011. I saw that there was a draft here, and I don’t know if those notes were posted, so it is better late than never.

Welcome to Podcast 155 for August 13, 2011: two long segments for your podcast, and even one short segment from Blind Bargains to top it all off.

  1. Thanks to Kelly Sapergia we learn that The Canadian Library Digital section is where you can get the “One child at a time” book we talk about on our first segment with Melissa Harrel from our AMW Reloaded podcast series. This segment was taken from the 20th podcast, and talks about the book just mentioned, cyberbullies, predators, technology, AMW, and the AMWRL podcast as a whole.
  2. Lino Morales of LLJFM Internet Radio and I talk about the blind community getting hit with direct messages leading to fake twitter log in pages, Robo Braille and other topics of interest.
  3. Trend Micro news from the August 12th edition of the newsletter is talked about a bit, and the fact we used RoboBraille to do the audio translation.
  4. Blind Bargains gave us permission to feature audio as long as we have the fact that they did the work. In this final segment, we learn about the Orion, which may not be released yet, but was to be released this summer.

This podcast is packed, and lasts 138 minutes and 51 seconds which include our sponsors.

We’ll be back with more from the March archives of back audio, including some stuff from Shaun Everess that was sent back then.

Hosts: Jared Rimer, and Melissa Harrel for a segment

Contact info is in the podcast and on our blog.

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Norton updates Tablet Security and Mobile Security

Interesting stuff in regards to mobile security. What do you guys think?

Norton updates Tablet Security and Mobile Security.

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GW Micro, Inc. Announces ReadEasy+!



GW Micro, Inc. Announces ReadEasy+!

GW Micro is proud to announce the ReadEasy+, a stand-alone digital capture reading system specifically designed for the blind and visually impaired.

The ReadEasy+ is compact, stylish, light-weight, and easy-to-use. The ReadEasy+ has an intuitive user interface consisting of only 6 buttons making it the ideal reading solution for blind or visually impaired people of all ages, whether they are 4 or 104.

“This system has been designed for high accuracy and speed, but simple for anyone to use,” said Dan Weirich, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for GW Micro.

According to Weirich, a blind or visually impaired person can read any printed text by simply placing the text next to the ReadEasy+ and pressing a button. The system takes a picture and then begins reading the text in a clear, human-sounding voice within a matter of seconds. The buttons located on the ReadEasy+ are tactile, making it easy to use for a visually impaired user with any level of vision.

ReadEasy+ customers can add a Keypad Feature Pack to enable more advanced functionality to the ReadEasy+, such as the ability to save files to a USB flash drive. Individuals with Low vision can obtain additional benefits from using the ReadEasy+ LV, which can connect to a computer monitor to magnify text in addition to reading it. Add the optional Touch Screen Feature Pack (touchscreen monitor sold separately) and instantly turn the ReadEasy+ LV into the first-ever reading system that supports multi-touch gestures much like those used on the iPhone and iPad! Low vision users can quickly move around a document, adjust magnification and start reading with the touch of their fingertips!

For customers who need access to documents in foreign languages, such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, and others; additional languages can be easily added to the ReadEasy+. The ReadEasy+ is the first stand-alone reading machine that can recognize and read multiple languages automatically (additional languages sold separately).

The ReadEasy+ and ReadEasy+ LV will begin shipping soon and customers can begin placing their orders today. Contact GW Micro or your local GW Micro dealer regarding sales within the U.S. for more information. You may call GW Micro at (260) 489-3671 or contact GW Micro via email at , or learn about the ReadEasy+ on the web at ReadEasy+ Information.

Aaron Smith
Web Development * App Development * Product Support Specialist
GW Micro, Inc. * 725 Airport North Office Park, Fort Wayne, IN 46825
260-489-3671 * gwmicro.com

To insure that you receive proper support, please include all past
correspondence (where applicable), and any relevant information
pertinent to your situation when submitting a problem report to the GW
Micro Technical Support Team.

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Latest spam trends and predictions for the end of the year

This is quite interesting, dealing with the spam wars. Spam is just part of the game now, and E-mail is used more than ever. Check out this article dealing with the spam spikes or declines.

Latest spam trends and predictions for the end of the year.

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Malaysian CA issues 22 weak certs, gets its certificate revoked

From the “I can’t be surprised” department: another certificate company that is not doing its job right. Security Now and other blogs covered another story which was big news, but I don’t think this will be that big, but you never know. Check out this story.

Malaysian CA issues 22 weak certs, gets its certificate revoked.

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Solona down

On an earlier podcast which is not available for download, Jared Rimer did an Interview with Solona’s operator. Yesterday, I went to go and log in because Qwitter has a session with it for ease of use and it hung. Thinking nothing of it, I dismissed the buffer session so i could use twitter’s services. Its been over 24 hours, and a lookup of the domain information shows that it is not to expire till next year. The NS servers are pointing to Network Solutions, and it was not to expire till March of next year. I’ve not talked to the operator of Solona for some time, and he did want to come back and update my listeners on what has been new at Solona. He has mentioned that he didn’t have time and I know what that is like, so I was not worried. If anyone has anything, write me, or registor and post to the blog. I look forward for any updates. As a side note, I tweeted toward Solona and as of press time, have gotten no response, but I do know it is late. If I have updates, I’ll update this post.

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Trend Micro newsletter first line of defense

Hi all, the first line of defense for November 4, 2011 talks about an instant message worm called r2d2, and this new worm that is going around has had coverage called duqu. I suggest if you haven’t caught up on the news, you read this newsletter and read what interests you. Enjoy.

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