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Rainbow Tables: Your Password’s Worst Nightmare

I recon that this would be a good topic for discussion. Wht do you think of this dealing with rainbow tables? I found it interesting, especially how it is used to find the same hash as a password that you may not even use. Here goes.

Rainbow Tables: Your Password’s Worst Nightmare.

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A new website was found today at www.speeddots.com.
Its a fully accessable range of screen protecters. for the i devices.
2 versions exist, advanced has f and j keys labeled and standard does not, otherwise its the same for everything.
This will really revolutionise access.
The cost even for here is 20 bucks.
being7 us and 3 shipping put it together in nz and thats the standard retail price for standard screen protecters here.
Its something to look at.
http://m.livejournal.com/read/user/freakyfwoof is the site where I found the info today.

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Another reason copywrites need a real workout

Hi all.
I don’t believe it.
This asstounds me that us humans in general can be so fucking stupid dumb and generally suckfull.
Just like the new laws for file copywrites in nz these will be impossible to inforce.
And then if they are who will go online.
No one thats what.
The music industry are already going back trying to defend their reasons to stay analog.
And as far as the new rules go in that reguard, I did do the legal test of the stores, the top ones being by ms and apple.
Access in apple is well there but its still inaccessable.
ms doesn’t even work.
Apple need to have an itunes account created in a web page though as this is inaccessable.
Over that we have amazon mp3.
A search of riaa finds napster and bareshare and imesh 2 of which unless changed are known malware previders.

So before we set these laws we need to get the digital content right.
Heck the book industry is already trying to attempt at least to go electronic.
A few artests are going indipendant with digital and disk downloads etc.
But most of the big companies still like their analog disks.
Well good by to them, I couldn’t care less if they went out of business.
Wake up and smell the coffee.
We download music because thats the way it is.
If you can’t be bothered selling it, so be it, its the future.
Disks, cds, etc will have a shorter life.
Physical media bar the flash card is the way of the future.
And even that will probably go away sooner or later.
On the subject of the uk ruling on webpages its laughable.
Firstly its know that no one reads the stupid terms even on software installs.
I don’t even read it.
Though I probably should.
I doubt I would like to see terms to accept on a webpage that I visit and to buy a licence.
If its something like a newspaper subscription I’d understand that.
I guess product updates for registered things would apply, tough but not far from the truth I suppose.
Licences for other things hmmm not sure.
I guess alegal sites would drop in principal, for shortterm.
Granted that and such hackers would still get round it.
And all the work for existing site owners and host to put terms on sites.
If its work related, I don’t see a problem.
Many companies either restrict sertain sites or block access to stuff logging everything done on the system.
I guess this could happen full time and be put as a destraction which is at least reasonable.
Ie doing personal email and banking at work is a bad idea all round same with ebay etc unless you are allowed at lunch break.
Over that though I think all the licencing is just going to get the net no where.
We are going to encourage more piracy than ever.
We are supposed to stop it not make it worse.
Granted this is one of the major issues we will have to face as our world increasingly goes online.
We will have to figure out who has access to what, copywrites, spam and other things.
We will have to figure out how much is to much.

There is a simular debate here over voip.
Basically if any digital devices and networks lose power all coms are down.
The expensive copper networks have longer life and such.
Therefore in some ways copper is better for us to stay with but digital could potentually stop everything.
If we do get all this set, then we really need to set accessability laws.
Websites everywhere will have to be where applicable accessible.
Same with software and computers.
Some laptops like the new ones by toshiba and others have touch screen for volume controls.
We also need to look at the touchscreen market to.

Then digital stores in general.
I’d like for example like to go to my local store, or warehouse chain, buy online or when in the store ask for a digital album on a flash drive, download or cd and same with books.
I’d like to buy dasi content to while we are at it.
What do yu thingk

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A Stuxnet Comeback? – Dark Reading

This article deals with copycats like what stuxnet was like. I found it interesting to read why they don’t think it will be a hit, but I think anything is possible. Check out this article, and leave me your thoughts.

A Stuxnet Comeback? – Dark Reading.

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UK ruling makes internet browsing a copyright risk, rendering innocent acts of millions illegal | Meltwater Blog

UK ruling makes internet browsing a copyright risk, rendering innocent acts of millions illegal | Meltwater Blog.

Now wait a darn minute. You’re telling me, that just by browsing a web page, you’re in violation of copyright? Now, just wait here. This article explains wht happens when a computer opens a page like this blog, and this article you can click through to read. Even people downloading podcasts like this podcast, and my AMW Reloaded podcast, could be in violation of copyright too. This means, everyone will have to pick up a phone, call the people running the site, and get permission to view the page. This is outright wrong, and I don’t think it’ll pass. If it passes in the UK, it’ll pass elsewhere, making the Internet useuless, and we will stop updating pages.

Please comment here, or by E-mail if you wish.

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Spotify already slapped with patent infringement lawsuit | ZDNet

Spotify already slapped with patent infringement lawsuit | ZDNet.

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In Baring Train Crash Facts, Blogs Erode China Censorship – NYTimes.com

Maybe China will not have anything to worry about now, its dictatorship of the Internet I feel by reading this, may be coming to a n end soon. Not today, but soon. Check this multi-page article out.

In Baring Train Crash Facts, Blogs Erode China Censorship – NYTimes.com.

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Trojan Tricks Victims Into Transfering Funds — Krebs on Security

I think this one is important to have and read. So, pass this along.

Trojan Tricks Victims Into Transfering Funds — Krebs on Security.

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PayPal exec: It won’t be easy to compete with us | Wireless – CNET News

This is rather interesting. I think Paypal may have something to leverage on, seeing how i’ve heard the talk and Google isn’t quite there yet, although going slowly. I personally think that we need to start slow, and see what works, and doesn’t work. Read this article, then come back and let me know what you think.

PayPal exec: It won’t be easy to compete with us | Wireless – CNET News.

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Introductory Window-Eyes App Development Training in Anaheim, CA

Sent to GW News on July 13, I’ve signed up. We need two more before this class meeets the minimum.


The following event has been posted to the GW Micro Upcoming Events page:

Name: Introductory Window-Eyes App Development Training in Anaheim, CA
When: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 to Friday, September 23, 2011
Where: Anaheim, CA
What: Introductory Window-Eyes App Development Training
Who: Marc Solomon
Comments: GW Micro and A.T. Kratter and Company are excited to offer the Introductory Window-Eyes App Development Training in Anaheim, California!

This training class is for people who have little or no Window-Eyes App writing experience. You will, however, need to have a good working knowledge of Window-Eyes. It is highly recommended that you have taken the Window-Eyes training class within the past 12 months. The Introductory Window-Eyes App Development Training offers the ability for anyone interested in Window-Eyes App development to be able to come and learn how to use apps, configure apps, and create apps with no prior knowledge of Window-Eyes App development required. A large focus is placed on the basics of Window-Eyes Apps, and how to get started creating your own Window-Eyes Apps, as well as how to use Window-Eyes Apps to make applications more accessible. If you have used scripting languages from competing screen readers in the past, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get up to speed with Window-Eyes app development!

Due to the large amount of material this class covers, the training will be a 3-day class. The class will be held on September 21, 22, and 23 at the following address:

North Orange County Regional Occupational Program
Education Center
385 N. Muller St.
Anaheim, CA 92801

For directions to the training location, please call
714-502-5858. Space is limited, so sign up soon!

The cost for this class is $895. For more information about the training class or our training policies, go to training. We anticipate a very high demand for this class, so be sure to register soon.

If you have questions regarding the class, please call Marc Solomon at (260) 489-367, or, email Marc at .

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msse updated

Just to let all know that microsoft has updated security essentuals today.
Its out of band but still.

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TruthOrFiction.Com Scam Alert : An Automated Phone Call Alerting You That You Lost Your ATM Card

To: TruthOrFiction Subscribers
From: TruthOrFiction.com Team
RE: An Automated Phone Call Alerting You That You Lost Your ATM Card

An Automated Phone Call Alerting You That You Lost Your ATM Card- Phishing Scam!

This is a telephone call from a computer generated voice warning you that your ATM bank card has been reported lost or stolen.

This is a scam called “phishing” to trick you into giving out your personal information to identity thieves. If you get such a call do not respond to it and hang up.

One of the call back numbers is (970) 532-4041 and actually belongs to an automated telephone service company but according to the message on their phone system they did not make the call and their call back number was used by the
thieves without their knowledge or permission.

For more details go to: http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/a/automated-phone-call-lost-card.htm

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Why don’t cybercrime rewards work? » CounterMeasures

Interesting take on this subject. Any thoughts?

Why don’t cybercrime rewards work? » CounterMeasures.

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gaming news

This came on the gamers list, and is definately a
gadget that someone may want for christmas.
We don’t just have consoles but have flavours of
consoles in the same class, just like bluebird crisps.
>Microsoft Corp. unveiled a limited edition Xbox
>360 console at a Comic-Con panel on Thursday
>that will be modeled after the character R2-D2,
>with a wireless gold-colored controller resembling his droid pal C-3PO.
>The console will make the character’s signature
>beeping sounds when the white-and-blue console
>is turned on and the disc tray is opened. It
>will also feature a 320-gigabyte hard drive, the
>largest available for Microsoft’s gaming system.
>The “Star Wars”-themed console, available later
>this year, will cost $449.99 and come with a
>white Kinect sensor, headset and “Kinect Star
>Wars,” an action-adventure game utilizing the camera-based controller system.
>”Kinect Star Wars” developers also confirmed
>that a pod-racing mode based on “Star Wars:
>Episode I ? The Phantom Menace,” would be featured in the game.
>The game allows players to use gestures to drive
>pods across intergalactic landscapes, as well as
>wield light sabers and other powers of The Force.

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Vulnerability in Skype allows accounts to be hijacked – Update – The H Security: News and Features

At least Skype is dealing with appropriately. Some bugs like this one could be hard to reproduce. Wow.

Vulnerability in Skype allows accounts to be hijacked – Update – The H Security: News and Features.

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Technology podcast 153 for July 17, 2011

RSS for the podcast

This 39 minute podcast has two long segments I think you’ll like. First, I talk about the AMW Reloaded blog and what happened to it. I have also part 2 of my HTML type of course, as well as several tech finds of interest.

As a side note, we’re not publishing the podcast as we usually do, mainly because of time, and our other podcast which is AMW Reloaded. I’m not going to discontinue the podcast, but i hope to have a couple of casts a month. Also, since I don’t have full twitter through qwitter because of my stupidity, my access to it is limited at this time. Contact information is on my blog, and I hope you enjoy the blog and podcast!

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an interesting thingy

Hi all.
Whilst listen to the click bbc news tech program today An article interested me greatly.
This was that children have not got the skills on how to know what goes on with their computers just to use word.
Its unfortunate to say but with the new tech there is no need to know what the system does anymore to use it.
This is good in the way people can usually get it going but bad because if it breaks they won’t know how to fix it.
In the early 90s and 80s, I was privilaged to have dos.
At an early age I was getting into my guts of my system and at least on the vertual level pulling it apart.
I know all I need to know about the old system interfaces and then some.
This has helped me keep things tidy here and know what some stuff does.
Later on I did a certificate in opperating systems including dos, windows and linux and my basic understanding of the command line which I had for the last 10 years or so has really helped me.
We are slowly losing that part of our society.
Its cheaper to replace things now.
The fact that no one even tries to learn keyboard shortcuts over mice is another thing I don’t care for.
The fact the system breaks you install a recovery cd, and you just run it and it fixes it all for you.
Unfortunately windows is a throw away system as far as I care.
If something breaks then its broken.
To fix it just reformat and the problem is solved.
Everything is linked to something else.
This is generally good though if something really goes which often happens it will take the rest of the system with it.
Ie if a wheel on your car falls off or something you will crash maybe.
Or something like that.
Or say a door is not closed properly the car will explode.
That is what its like now.
Though the interface for the modern system is good for fast use the need for even us blindies to even give a shoot about our systems really destresses me.
We should know what our systems do, and how they work.
With the modern systems like linux this is comming back into focus now.
THe fact that anyone with interest does use the command line is another.
However unless you used a full featured os like dos or linux you wouldn’t even know how to gut a pc right.
Ofcause being blind these days we are put with take your blinky accessable device and use it and thats about all you need.
On the surface it looks that way for the general user.
Internet accesss, facebook, or other social networks, messenging, skype, chat, email.
Word processing spreadsheeting, and thats it maybe a few poor blindy games.
My point, if thats all you know then its ok.
Sadly thats not just blind people all these smartphones are restrictive if you put your mind to it.
You can’t use anything except what the manufacturer puts on those.
Even with the advanced devices these are not cross platform.
When you use a normal windows system you can do whatever you want.
All programs, all functions.
I have often said this though.
If I was born today I’d skip pcs altogether.
THe mac system has all the features we would ever need.
No extra programs to buy, no extra software.
My issue is with things being simple is what if they are to simple.
Being the case, and I think it has already reached that case now.
Then sooner or later we will only be able to do what we are told to.
Not that I was imune.
When I started, I ran a computer, with normal blind programs on it.
I used it but never ventured outside the box.
One day I dropped it and descovered with some help that I understood how it worked and the language used.
I warry we we are losing touch with things in general.
In the old days for instance the only way somethign could break was if hardware failed.
If som ething crashed in most cases it could be bypassed.
In fact about 99 of the os could be bypassed if that was needed.
In win 95-98 this was still the case to some point, but later systems its harder to do that because of linking

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software reviews

Hi all.
I was going to make a podcast on some of this but it did not pan out.
Today I put to the test several software packages.
1. instantbird.
Good messenging client.
I wouldn’t mind something to sort contacts by online/ offline as well
as what previder msn, aol, etc they are on so I can differenciate
between which.
Its my only gripe.
Though whilst I have xp its win messenger 5.1 for me though at least
I will have something I can use which is not live esentuals.
2. itunes and zune.
With 2 months before the antipiracy laws hit here I decided to see
how accessable the 2 top previders of musical content were.
These are apple itunes and microsoft zune.
My only gripe with apple is that their account creation system is not
To a point the rest of the stuff is.
So although you may need sight for the first part its mostly ok.
Microsoft zune was just bad.
Loads of weird buttons in install, frames with no label and loads of
other issues on how stuff worked in the main setup screen.
This really sucks.
Since even with itunes its not fully accessable.
The only pluss to zune is that the account creation process is online.
You need only upgrade a service to your live account, and also have a
xbox live account to.
Its a bit convoluted but that part is ok.
I suspect that we will probably do better with websites like amazon mp3.
Though who knows.

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free synth project

This is a note file which is only temperarily stored in memmory as I
have no intention to return to this project.
It started after I got the site on 000webhost.
I decided I’d store a few projects.
ANd finally make a contribution to stuff in nvda
I was going to compile the synths that could be directly supported
with nvda with the acception
of eloquence.
However it all turned to custard.
Most of this was experimental espeak data for android and piko, and a
lot of it was mostly festival or to be presise festvox.
I never got the good quality stuff working and ended up using up most
of my 30 gb cap.
In the end I decided to put the project to rest by posting the
resources I searched to get the several gb of data and files.
It goes without saying that I won’t be trying this agin.
In particular because apart from the built synths already on nvda
site, I really don’t care anymore as I don’t really use anything bar
espeak in standard config.
On the subject of websites this is still on the cards.
But will most sertainly involve me either going premium at a fixed
rate or getting a local domain and trying another offer a friend has.
And if that fails, I may just increase my dropbox space and use
000webhost.com as a blog site only.
This sounds like something I’d do except all the stuff needs to be
kept on my system and hmmm no thanks.
The other way would to put the current objects on sendspace but this
would really only solve the current situation.
anyway here is the rest of the article.
Synth experimental project notes.
These are notes I got from my project.
I was going to do some more but I am running out of bandwidth right
now so can’t
What I will do is refference the sites I got the stuff then people
can try this in their own time.
this stuff needs to go in the festival/english folder.
Note this makes up the bulk of the project.
Also note that the voices in here although the low level stuff works
the highquality stuff wouldn’t load.
Or maybe it took a time.


Note these are festival language files to be put in the synth drivers
folder directly.
They will override the festival folder.
Note I never was able to test this code.

Free eyes is a project for android.
this is where the extra data for espeak came from.

Unfortunately this won’t work for some reason.
Core requirements.
The following compiled synths are needed.
these are listed in the free synths page but for refference these are
the synths engines to initually install.
Festival core components

piko drivers
Note the 2011.2 version is still in beta so this may be an experimental compile

The rest of the free synths are at
Note because of stuff dieing on my site I won’t be likely to reserect
the project.
Eventually I will get the stuff but after wasting loads of bandwidth
this month its unlikely I will reserect the project especially since
its in early alpha.
This is all the data I have right now and you can do with this as you wish.

Oh this stuff is copywrited by no one.
Thats right you can modify this in any way, shape or form.
Because when I restart this system, the data will be destroyed.
I have no intention of keeping any of it myself.
If people want to do whatever then do it I don’t care.

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eRumor Alert: Facebook to Begin Charging Monthly Fees

FYI, thought I’d pass this along.

To: TruthOrFiction Subscribers
From: TruthOrFiction.com Team
RE: Facebook to Begin Charging Monthly Fees

Facebook to Charge Members Monthly Fees-Fiction!

There are various emails and notices that say that the popular Internet social network, Facebook, will be charging members for its use.

A spokesperson for Facebook said that they have no plans to charge members for use and will continue to allow their 350 million users to access their web site for free.

This is a hoax that originated in 2010, which resurfaced last weekend.

For details go to: this link from Truth or Fiction.

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