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Crime Does Not Pay … The Shadow Knows

I’ve been meaning to write about the latest in the cyber community who has gotten caught. According to Cyber Scoop Former U.S. Army contractor sentenced to prison for destroying IT system has been posted and its more great news.

According to the article, the gentleman mentioned here was working on a U.S. army IT system and was recently sentenced for illegal access of his employers network. The DOJ is linked here with an article entitled Man Sentenced to Prison for Cyber Sabotage which I have not read. The link can be also found as “U.S. Army IT system” was linked to that page I’ve also linked here.

The shadow may not be a radio show anymore, but he’s still there watching, and knows who the guilty is. He will let you know when your time has come.

Thoughts on this one?There are lots of links here, so trying to quote and talk about everything that caught my attention will be hard. Feel free to leave that feedback.

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Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 13.1.2 With Camera, iCloud Backup, Flashlight, Shortcuts Fixes and More

On the heals of 13.1.1, we’ve got more fixes for those who use IOS 13. This Apple Vis post goes in to detail in regards to what has been fixed. From what I’m reading, there may not be any accessibility fixes, but the release notes are general by the looks of it. I want to pass this along, so you know things are out.

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Identity Skimming: Old Threats Made New Through Technology

Consumers looking to avoid skimmer fraud are often left in the dark and vulnerable to identity theft

Source: Identity Skimming: Old Threats Made New Through Technology

This is the beginning of an article written by Scott Schober. I can’t wait for the book to be available on Kindle, but this blog post i found of interest. ATM skimming is what we need to worry about, however, since I don’t use ATM’s, I don’t know how they work. Read this article carefully, and feel free to comment on this.

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Tech podcast 324: two books of interest, and two articles of interest

Podcast 324 is now out, and I hope each and every one of you can get it. RSS and Mixcloud will have the cast. It is also available on my show on Live Wire and the bulletine board 974 ill have it as well.

Welcome to podcast 324 of the technology blog and podcast. On this podcast, we’ve got two different books that are talked about. The first is one that I’ve already read, the second is one that I’m going to read and preordered through Amazon. Finally, I’ve got two articles that I talk about. One is in regards to a school system teaching the parents of their students the dos and don’ts of social media. Finally, an article which wasn’t tech related, but yet it was bullying. What would have happened if this turned to online bullying and the same type of injury took place because of some cyberbully(s) who wanted to cause him harm? The only issue is that this child was 8 years of age. All of this, on this edition of the tech podcast.

One thing I should mention is that Scott’s book is available on Amazon as a non-kindle purchase, Kindle will be released October 1. He offered to send me a released copy, but since I can’t read print, I’ll wait for the digital version. Thanks Scott for offering to send it, it was appreciated. Thanks for reading the notes, and feel free to leave those comments! Contact information is available at the end of each and every podcast.

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Why the fate of online accessibility may rest with a Domino’s Pizza lawsuit

I think I’ve covered this before, but this seems to be an update. I know the person involved although I’ve not talked to him in a long time. We’ll be watching to see what happens, and of course, we’ll see if there is pushback.

The pizza chain is asking the Supreme Court to review a case that could push business websites to better serve people with disabilities.

Source: Why the fate of online accessibility may rest with a Domino’s Pizza lawsuit

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My Obserbvations on assignment 15 and how I can use b2k to proof my work

Hello folks,

So this afternoon I heard from my proctor. The whole point on assignment 15 is to use typeforms throughout the lesson. There was a bit of confusion I had, and I couldn’t recount which one except for the displayed material. On one of the items, I believe I kept one typeform and I need all of them. I’ve fixed one critical mistake and it was critical and I described that and how I fixed it in this blog post (Sep 23 2019) and so I can use the same tactics to make sure that I put the typeforms in the write place, check the spacing, and make sure it still lines up.

My proctor was pretty happy with the work overall, but no blank lines on 25.

Time to go to work, and see if my second attempt can be submitted successfully without too much difficulty. This should get interesting.

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IOS 13.1.1 has been released

Hi folks,

On keeping up to date as best we can, IOS 13.1.1 fixes some issues including battery drainage faster than usual. My IOS 12.4.2 sure seems not to have fixed that, I noticed it when updating to 12.4.1. In fact, my phone seems to not hold a charge at all by the way its acting, so I may have to take it to the store to have them do a battery check. Apple Vis has more detail. Stay safe.

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Fox Los Angeles reports Door Dash as the next victim

Hi folks,

The breaches just keep going. This is absolutely not a good thing, however, the fact that passwords were salted, credit card and bank info was secured enough to where no harm could be done, and the fact they are reaching out for help. This is the best thing that a company can do in this type of situation. Sadly, we don’t know why people are not effected past 2018, but thats what is being reported.

DoorDash data breach compromised information of 4.9 million consumers, Dashers, merchants Fox Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES – Popular food delivery company DoorDash announced Thursday that a data breach compromised the information of more than 4.9 million consumers,
Dashers, and merchants.

“An unauthorized third party accessed some DoorDash user data on May 4, 2019,” the company said in a press release.

The breach impacted anyone who joined the platform on or before April 5, 2018, according to DoorDash. 

“Users who joined after April 5, 2018 are not affected,” the company added.

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We take security … however

There was a retweet I saw. It said that every email that has been sent out in the last 10 years when a breech has occurred says that “we take security seriously however …” and goes on to explain what happens. This is something I’ve been thinking about as of late as we’ve been publishing stories of various kinds of breaches, ransomware, and the like. No wonder we don’t even have a solution except sorry.

What we need to do is start from the beginning. The beginning indicates that if you don’t look for it, don’t click it. If you’re curious like I am, really look to determine it isn’t a threat before you click. If it looks too good, don’t even open the attached file or even click or press enter on the link. Other thoughts?

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8 year old suffers brain injury, bullies attacked in bathroom

Hello folks,

I’m going through twitter, and I can’t believe what I’m reading. The only reason why I’m posting this on the technology blog is because this could’ve been an online bully, and not a physical bully who could have done something to cause this 8 year old boy to ijure himself because of words. The story in this case is … sadly … not the case. The student was attacked in the bathroom, where he may have needed to go.

Bullying can be done in many different ways. It can be done online, physical, and even just teasing could be considered bullying. I don’t know if thats normally the case, and thats why I’ve underlined the word could in that sentence.

The article 8-year-old Texas boy suffers brain injury after attack by bullies should be read. Whether its online, offline, physical, teasing, or anything in between, it can all be bad in their own way.

I’m hoping that they find out which student or students did this, and give them a good teaching lesson. I’m not saying suspension is the answer, but if they understand how bad it was, and the fact that the question of whether they would like it if someone did that to them, would at least make them think.

Bullies are quite different than those who do it, realize they did something wrong, and vow to learn from their mistake. Bullying in any form is a crime, but how to punish a child for that, I’m no expert on. Thats why I think it would be a teaching tool.

Here are some items that have been posted to this network, or what I’ve written on the subject of bullying and cyberbullying. Maybe they also point to articles I’ve commented on that I’ve read as well.

There are others, but this is just a few. I’ve even posted articles elsewhere and this is the articles page where you can find the rest. We really need to discuss this.

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Jaws crashes somehow, restarts jaws, and gets new update

Well, I know its a little dramatic, but this is how it went. I went to read an article, and hitting the key for the client to open the web page crashed Jaws. After getting JFW back up, it lets me know of the update.

This is the September update. I know I rebooted yesterday as I do each week, but its OK.

From the Jaws web page, here’s whats new for September 2019.

Enhancements in JAWS 2019.1909.28 (September 2019)

The following is a list of improvements made in JAWS 2019 between the August 2019 update and the September 2019 update.

To download the latest release, visit the Downloads web page. You must be logged on as an administrator to install this software.

• For single-user perpetual licenses, JAWS, Fusion, and ZoomText 2019 now check to see if an update to your license is available when the software first
starts. For instance, you recently purchased or renewed a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA). You will then have the option to update the license on
your local computer. This allows you to install major releases in the future you are licensed to run without having to go through the authorization process
after the install.
• While browsing the internet, JAWS will no longer announce “Clickable” by default as you move to various content.
• You should no longer hear the message “Press JAWS Key+ALT+R to hear descriptive text” as you navigate form controls and certain other elements on the
• Resolved a reported issue where JAWS and Word would become unresponsive when attempting to edit a long comment.
• By default in Word and Outlook, JAWS will no longer announce “Alt SHIFT F10 to adjust Auto Correction” when you move to something that was auto corrected
• The AutoCorrect Detection option, previously only available in the Quick Settings for Word, can now also be changed in the Quick Settings for Outlook
• JAWS and Fusion will no longer gather and announce the count of all the objects, misspellings, grammatical errors, and so on when a document is opened
in Word. This will enable documents to load much faster, including very large documents containing a lot of these items. You can always press INSERT+F1
for an overview of what the document contains.
• If the Table Display option located under the Braille group in Quick Settings is set to Current Row or Current Column, addressed a reported issue where
the current row or column was not being shown on the braille display as expected while navigating tables in Java applications.
• Resolved translation issues with the Hungarian Liblouis braille table.

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Apple releases iOS 12.4.2 for iPhones and iPads dropped by iOS 13

This is some good news. maybe it’ll fix my battry issue thats been caused by 12.4.1. M9 to 5 mac has all of the details to date., and I’ll see about running the update when i’m not expecting a call. I missed one because the phone didn’t tell me who was calling I.E. name or number. I looked in my phone records and I think I know who it was. If they don’t call back, we’ll reschedule, its all good. Thanks for reading!

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A heroing story of drugs, the underground, and an interview that tried to do it justice

I read a very interesting piece from Krebs on Security last night dealing with an interview that was conducted after a gentleman was recently released from a 41 month stint after he was sentenced for sending drugs over to Krebs and trying to have him arrested for posession. It was not applicable for Krebs to interview the guy, and it may be of value that he didn’t. Some of the text in this blog entry may not be safe for work, as it does contain some strong language. There is a full translated interview in to English linked as a PDF at the end of the article.

I admire Krebs for wanting to interview the gentleman behind the potential arrest, and I would’ve liked to see what he had to say. The gist of it isn’t pretty, because this purp has been doing this type of activity since he was 13 years of age. It started with drugs, and the job entitled him to take the drugs before the cops showed up. He eventually got tired of this and moved on to other types of crime.

Other types of crime in this gentleman’s past included credit card stealing, identity theft, and botnet charges. He spent 15 months in Italy’s worse prisons before being extradited to the United States.

To read the entire article, please follow the link: Interview With the Guy Who Tried to Frame Me for Heroin Possession and please make it a great day!

As a side note before this post ends, comments indicated that this is the best story yet. A personal touch. I agree.

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The Cyber underground, taking a look at 5 underground forums and activities

Trend Micro had an event today which I attended. The event is called a webinar. This is basically like a telephone conference, but all over the Internet using a platform to listen. This particular event delbt with the cyber underground of 5 different countries. One question was in regards to two others, but there wasn’t enough time to cover every single one.

Here are some take aways:

  • The Russian cybercrime forum is full of different things including the most active on finding and using vulnerabilities and using them to do harm.
  • None of them want to harm people, a lot are informational, sharing links to stories and other things of that nature.
  • A lot of the attacks use home devices provided by your internet provider. I really should look to see how I can change, if needed, those default log ins.
  • Shodan was talked about as a research tool. We should search our own IP and see what it has to say. You aren’t going to get “asked for it” if you don’t look, however, we just don’t know. It doesn’t hurt to look.

I wasn’t sure how I was to ask this, but the webinar was saying “he” meaning males are involved in all of this. I’m curious if any females are involved in this type of activity in their research, but wasn’t really sure how to ask it so we’ll see what comes out over time.

Here is the link to register for this event so you can get access to the on demand copy when it becomes available.

This was quite interesting, and if you do view the on demand, let me know what you think.

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Phishing calls from Apple? You bet. Its a high value target

Hello Everyone, apple is in a target zone, and this can’t be good for them. They’re doing the best way they can. Apple Warns iPhone Users Not To Answer Apple Support Calls and the advice here is sound. You should follow the advice there and only answer your phone when you’re expecting a call from them, not before. Its also known that if you didn’t put in a support call, you shouldn’t take the call.

I had a thought. You know aht we should do? When they say that our account is compromised, you should say OK, if you’re apple, you tell me what the account info is. Apple assisted me with changing my address, and they asked me for no personal information. I even had it verified once I fixed it, and they were able to confirm that the change was made.

They are the most secure company I’ve delbt with and I’m happy to be in that ecosystem. May we learn from this story, and continue to educate.

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Here’s an interesting question I want to ask people. I’m using the same article title as the linked story COURT RULES IN FAVOR OF MINING LINKEDIN USER DATA which was quite interesting to read. Linked in is basically job searching, posting content of value in our industry, and recruiting potential candidates. Based on this knowledge, my question has to do with this story. Since our profile is public for people to see, recruiters to contact us as has happened to me, and posts like this one for people to read and comment on, what would be our privacy rights?

Linked in is not meant for private profiles and only sharing with friends (otherwise known as connections.) It is meant to post things of interest within our field I.E. I’m in the tech field as well as blindness field. I also do web hosting, and some security work as well. So things of value in this industry cover a lot.

Thats why I’m happy to get on DLVR, so I can post more when I see more, it can get recycled and or reposted depending on the service, and it could get quite interesting when someone comments on something. You never know where it can go.

Facebook is a different story. Its more informal, where you can lock things down. You can on Linked in too, but I feel the benefit of doing so isn’t going to be much.

If you’ve seen this article, what did you think of it, and who is right or wrong? Thanks for reading, and make it a great day! I look forward in comments on social media and the blog itself.

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Smart cities could give the visually impaired a new outlook on urban life — GCN

Can you imagine what type of a thing this could do? I just sent this off to Los Angeles Metro, and I could definitely see some benefits to that. I’m glad I saw this, because it could be of value to talk about.

Internet-connected devices and artificial intelligence can improve services and the quality of life for visually impaired smart city residents.

Source: Smart cities could give the visually impaired a new outlook on urban life — GCN

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Apple releases IOS 13.1 to the public

Today, Apple has released IOS 13.1 to phones and pads. This apple vis post from the 21st will cover fixes and regressions. As they are a small team, you can let them know of your experience by commenting in the post linked. I give you this post as a service for those who don’t follow Apple Vis directly.

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Assignment 15 and braille 2000

As I continue to work on assignment 15 and understand its intricacies, I’m sure happy that we built in the voice features.

I’ve been able to get some other assistance, although it is not a graded report. My confusion was in regards to exactly what my report says, line 25 is not to be blank on this assignment. I think I put two blank lines instead of the one like the assignment says. When the report I got back from the person assisting me, I was able to use Braille 2000s macro I set up successfully to ask it what line the last line of that item was on. Sure enough, it reported what I was told, and I was able to verify that number 21 of the next question was to start on line 25 as expected by the instructor.

It is hard to tell via paper braille that there are two blank lines, and I tried to figure it out with the last braille out of my assignment that Braille Institute brailled for me.

I’m sure glad for Braille 2k’s advancement on making this accessible for me to correct my own work. I can’t wait to talk about the next version when it becomes available. I’m surely glad for Bob and the work we’ve done to make this a pleasant edit, based on instruction that I’ve been given.

I’ll even get this verified by my instructor when I get on the phone with him at some point this week.

Thanks Bob, for making my job very easy now!

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China: are you kidding me on the cybersecurity aspect?

Every time I’ve covered China, its always been bad. According to this article from the Diplomat entitled Expanding Cyber Demands Embolden China’s Homegrown Cybersecurity Darlings I am starting to wonder. Unless I’m mistaken, China has the great wall firewall, and we’ve talked about this great wall and its complexities since the podcast started. While the blog has been on jaredrimer.net for years, those articles may or may not be available on the Internet anymore. I’ll let you do that search on your own time, but I do remember covering China very diplomatically because of the firewall issues. I believe if memory serves, that they even cut off their own citizens back in the day?

I’m hoping that this is a new turn for China, and that this will turn out well.

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