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Podcast 345, Cat fishing, Cat Phishing, and Parcel Tracker

Welcome to the technology podcast, podcast 345. On this program, Parcel Track, Catfishing, and Catphishing. Hope you enjoy the program!

Welcome to podcast 345 of the technology podcast series. This time, no covid-19 material as I have quite something different lined up for this podcast. I’m sorry its taken this long to release, I’ve not been feeling well, but the wait is worth it, as you’ll see.

  • What type of app do you use to track your packages? Just before podcast 344’s release, I had a hair, and decided to go searching for a replacement. Parcel Track was found and demoed. Some things including notification fixes were pushed out after the recording, the basic demo will give you an idea on what it is about and how it works. In the first segment, I talk about what I had used before, and introduced Parceltrack. The second segment was the demo itself.
  • Have you heard of terms such as catfishing or catphishing? Yes, thats awesome! I have but not really looked up what it meant until I found a Cyberscoop article talking about a well known figure that does cybersecurity work in the government who was impersonated. I did some looking up, and what I found was quite interesting. Both spellings of fish (phish) are used in this and it was quite facinating. Read the featured post for May 20th, Catfishing, Catphishing, what are they? for more on this, and it links to the Cyberscoop article.

Contact information is available for everyone at the end, and I hope you enjoy the program as much as I have bringing it together for you! Thanks so much for listening md feel free to reach out.


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Tech podcast 344 is now out

Hi all,

The RSS feed has the program. When this posts, I’ll get mixcloud updated with the show. I have not done mixcloud in quite awhile on any show so don’t fee bad.

On this show, its going to be quite interesting. Lots of non-covid-19 things here. I do have webinars, and other topics I can bring up, so we’re not going aywhere yet.

Below, please find the show notes, and I hope you enjoy the program!

Welcome to podcast 344. On this podcast, we’ve got quite a bit for you.

  • We’ve got news notes of varying kind.
  • I demo and talk about something I recently learn on the iphone thanks to Michael in Indiana.
  • I talk about Kreb’s article about moving money and how one can get duped. Krebs on Security: When in Doubt: Hang Up, Look Up, & Call Back which is also talked about on the tech blog.
  • Getting forms in a different language than you speak? We got two applications at MENVI which we are now not going to process based on advise given to us.

I hope to have another podcast really soon. Thanks for listening to this one, and make it a great day

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Tech podcast 343: Corona-19 in different lights

Hello folks,

While people are staying safe, the tech industry is having a field day trying to protect the masses from the recent Zoom Bombing and other security problems. While the focus of this podcast has always been informational, there is only so much coverage I can do.

I still need to read more and will post things of interest, but this podcast has covid-19 in a different light taking two different approaches.

The show notes are below rss feed and bulletin board974 and my soap box 2276 on live wire. I’ll also get it up on mixcloud soon.

I hope that each and every one of you stay as safe as possible during this difficult time for everyone.

Welcome to podcast 343 of the technology podcast series. This podcast is covid-19 based with a webinar done by Mikko Hypponen to a conspiracy theory which we’ll play the audio and comments from Michael in Tennessee. To boot, a video about 10 minutes dealing with 5G and the prospects of whether it actually gets you sick. The podcast is a little over an hour, and I hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much for listening.

The program lasts a little over 1 Hour long, and please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. Thanks for listening!

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Talking Covid on Internet Radio

Today, I was on the Internet Radio program talking tech and music with Andy andJosh on <ahref=”htt://www.986themix.com”>the mix.

I am one of the owners over there, and you can get RSS there. It may take awhile to get the file up, but it was a great show.

It is similar to this podcast, although its more of a radio program and not just a tech program.

Besides that, we talked about this Google Blog or Braille keyboards and Android thanks to Google. That is quite awesome!

When you get to the mix, go to the podcast directory, then TalkingTech with Andy.

Thanks for reading!

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Podcast 342 is out

Hello all,

Its been a couple of days since I’ve released podcast 342. It was uploaded on the RSS feed on its release, and Mixcloud yesterday. Problem is, I never wrote the blog post, as I was involved in doing something which I needed more help than I could do alone.

Be that as it may, I’m here now, and I want to tell you about the podcast. Trend Micro had a webinar on Tuesday which I attended. I did ask a question which got answered, although site safety checks web sites but its worth it. I asked where we can send spam for the Corona virus stuff for them to see. Site Safety lets you check URL’s to see if they are melicious. Its a nice service they offer and I put my B2K site through there to see what it returns. My main jaredrimer.net site is clean, according to reports and I want to keep it that way.

The webinar is dealing with the major outbreak thats going on now called the Corona Virus, and what threat actors are doing. I’ve seen a lot that is discussed, including multiple emails for masks that are supposedly to be baught to help prevent this.

Here are the notations for the podcast, and I hope you enjoy the program as much as I have bringing it together. Normally I hold webinars to allow people to check it out first, but this is vital now more than the others I have lined up. Thanks so much for listening!

On this podcast, I’ve got a webinar that I would wait on, but its too important. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of this pendemic. I briefly talk about what the webinar has, then enjoy this 57 minute webinar which ends the podcast. Here’s the blog post with the link to the webinar so you may get the slides if you wish. Thanks for listening!

The program will last an hour. The intro isn’t the typical intro, as I discuss the webinar in audio as a whole. The webinar itself is 57 minutes.

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The Technology podcast, podcast 341 is here!

Hello everyone,

Hopefully there will be no errors in this post, as there sometimes has been when I type.

I’m going to do better in making sure that it reads well, sorry about that!

Anyhow, today’s post is going to talk about podcast 341 which is on our RSS feed and mixcloud.

This podcast braught up a very interesting topic by Shaun talking about Mailboxes. Its the last segment of the program, but its worth noting mailboxes because we don’t really think about it unless we get things that don’t fit within the mailbox.

Some places call them letterboxes, but its all the same.

Here are the entire show notes for you, and I hope you enjoy the cast as much as I have putting it together!

Welcome to podcast 341. We’ve got a bit of stuff for you for an hour podcast.

  • The topic of cheating came up within the dice world community. Dice World is a game that now has chat rooms in it. I’ve covered this on my cast before, but someone wanted to cheat in other games, and questioned their participation in the tournaments.
  • I cover Braille2000 and setup as a blind person. I’ve got a write up on it as well. Read the write up: Getting Started with Braille2000 as a Blind Person for more.
  • I cover a little bit of news on the aweful change in our lives with the Corona virus, although I cover this as a tech related thing. I’ve got blog posts covering this, so just go peruse that.
  • Finally, Shaun Everess comes along and asks a question by email about letterboxes and why they’ve gotten smaller. Here we call them mail boxes, but it is pretty much the same.

Our contact info is at the beginning and end of the podcast, and I hope you enjoy the hour long program!

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Tech podcast 340: NLS news of interest, Apple, Microsoft, Phishing and scams, and SSL

We’ve got a podcast full of stuff. Michael in Indiana is along with Apple and Microsoft Phishing and scam news and experiences, and I’ve got a discussion on SSL/TLS stuff as well.

The entire show notations is below.

Welcome to podcast 340 of the technology blog and podcast series! This is the shows notations, and there’s plenty.

  • Braille Book Review is a magazine put out by the Library of Congress’s National Library Service and there’s probably info that may be of interest to some.
  • Michael in Tennessee and I are to talk about Apple, Microsoft, Phishing, and scams.
  • SSL and TLS can go hand in hand with that discussion because I had an incident with a cert expiring, and so did the domain. Bad combo!

Contact info is found on the podcast both at the beginning and end of the program, and I hope you find this podcast of value. Thanks for listening to the program, and remember to leave those thoughts! They’re very valuable. See you on another edition!

Thanks so much for checking out the blog and podcast, and make it a great day!

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Tech podcast 339: News, notes, Tmobile and Sprint merge, and Social Media Insites with Phishing

The RSS feed has the show notes which is short, but also the podcast.

Sprint and Tmobile murge, blog updates news notes and more, and Phishing insights and social media scams from a bebinar. Contact info at the beginning and end of the program.

Mixcloud will be getting the cast soon, and thanks so much for reading, listening, and participating! Its much appreciated!

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tech podcast 338

The RSS feed has the show and it’ll be soon on live wire and Mixcloud. The show notes re shor, and I hope you enjoy the program!

Welcome to podcast 338. I catch up with you on my workings on the Braille Transcription course and the work I’m doing with it now. After that, we bring you the IHS vulnerability research webinar from December 2019. I thought I had the link to the blog post talking about this webinar, but I guess I didn’t post it unfortunately. I’ve posted some but need to do a better job on it. If this wasn’t december’s, it must be November’s, but be that as it may, its a great webinar.

My contact information is made available at the end of the program as usual, and thanks so much for reading and participating on the blog!

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Tech 337: Building security takes a new hight

The RSS has th program on it. Its just gtten published.

We’ve got lots of different things includig building security, erata, and more.

The full notes are below.

Welcome to podcast 337. While we’ve got some corrections by Shaun in regards to last podcast, one of the biggest topics I think you’ll want to get your paws on is buildings being connected to the Internet. I’m not kidding! I’ve got a blog post with the article of the same name: Hackers are hijacking smart building access systems to launch DDoS attacks and this is definitely something to think about.

Also on the podcast, we’ve got a dumb criminal award for the podcast. If you’re going to commit a crime, you want to try and hide like a lot of America’s Most Wanted’s criminals did. Thats why they were hard to catch, and eventually, a lot of them were caught. A great story on how not! to get caught in cybercrime? is my blog post, and I link to Brian Kreb’s coverage of this.

Finally, although not in the exact order of the podcast, we’ve got my discussion of the infamous 404 page and how it helped me fix a bug on my own web site. Building a 404 page that helps fix bugs is the article title, and it was definitely something interesting. While the code I wanted displayed didn’t show, the fact is, we can fix our error pages to help us fix those pesky mistakes in code.

Contact information is available on the podcast, and even available on the blog. Feel free to utalize it, and we’ll see you on another edition of the cast!

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Tech podcast 336: password managers, braille transcription update, an interesting report, and more

This podcast is packed! The show notes, found below the separation line, has all of the juicy details on this program. Its available on the RSS feed as well as Mixcloud.

If you’re on Live wire, the bulletine board is board 974.

Other contact info is given in the podcast and can be found on one of the pages of this blog.

Welcome to podcast 336 of the technology blog and podcast series. I’ve got quite a number of things of varying topics in today’s program.

  • The first segment of this program covers this blog post: A very comprehensive password manager review and Lastpass gets a poor review even though it has great features, up front postings of any security issue, and no data lost to date. Why? What gives? Thanks to Consumers Advocate for bringing this to our attention by sending an article, but this is definitely sad. Most of those items I’ve never heard of.
  • The second segment covers news, notes, and items posted to the blog. The tech blog has posted more since the recording, and you may be interested in a topic that has been posted, so get in touch!
  • I have a Braille Transcription update on assignment 17. Assignment 17: I passed! and Assignment 17 has been submitted for grading. I’ll have a full write up at some point in regards to assignment 17 through Braille Transcription as a blind person at some point.
  • I’ve talked about scammers that have contacted me to try and hook up. They never call. but yet, they want money, gift cards, and hangout connections. Scammers hitting the blind, same as my talks earlier is the blog post that talks about this in writing. Dice World wants to know about players who are engaging in this behavior, please contact them if you feel the activity you’re experiencing is questionable. Thanks Dice World for listening to the community! You really do care about safety and security, great job!
  • A recent article sent to us by Mary, a brand new contributer I’ve made available to the blog. I cover some statistics on this porgram, and More than 70 cybercrime statistics – Soon to be a $6 trillion problem is the blog title and accompanying article linked within. More from this facinating report will be discussed on another podcast.
  • Finally, Shaun Everess is along. He sent me an email recently, and his thoughts got me thinking. I address his email on the podcast for everyone to hear what I have to say. Facinating stuff, Shaun!

Contact info is of course at the end of the program, and this program is over an hour and a half this time. I hope you enjoy the wide variety of topics on this podcast, and I’ll be back on another podcast very soon! Thanks so much for listening!

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Braille2000 being talked about on internet radio

Hello folks,

I just want to come in and let you know about Braille2000 being talked about on Internet Radio. Besides my shows which mentioned it by passing, there is now a show which featured me as being interviewed recently.

On this podcast, I talk about the benefits of Braille2000’s talking edition, how it came about, the various methods of getting braille including the percent codes, B2K itself, and the like.

If you wish to listen to the program, you can go to the go to the RSS feed or you may download the 220mb file right here.

I’ll have it up on jaredrimer.info next week, but the mix gets first dibs.

Its also available on livewire on my tree at box 2276.

I hope that you enjoy the program, and please tell your friends!

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The first 2020 patch Tuesday is here, are you ready?

Hello all,

I have not gotten a chance to read any particular articles but the first patch Tuesday of 2020 is here being the week ending January 17, 2020. Tuesday is the 14th, and there are two articles from Krebs on Security on this one.

The second from Krebs seems quite interesting. The notations from Security Now! for this week indicate that they will be catching you up on the news of the final patch Tuesday for Windows 7. But the article from Krebs talks about a patch that goes back several windows versions.

You can’t forget the Trend Micro Security blog January Patch Tuesday: Update List Includes Fixes for Internet Explorer, Remote Desktop, Cryptographic Bugs to boot. I’ll get a chance to read some of this soon, but it is definitely time to see if its time to update your computer. While I am unable to do so at this time, I plan on doing so before my next Internet radio show which is on Saturday. That will be of importance Friday or Saturday.

Its important that we catch up with our patches as soon as we can. Lets stay safe, and thanks for reading and listening to the blog and podcast!

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Technology podcast 335: Trend Micro predictions, AVA and a talk, and the Canute 360 talk

I’ve got the podcast on the rss feed and an mp3 can be had upon request. WWe’ve got a wide variety of topics taking a little over an hour. Below, find the show notes.

Welcome to the Technology podcast, podcast 335. On this edition, we do talk about a few things including security, transportation, and braille, but in a different light. Translation software was talked about in the talk, but nothing too specific. Here are the topics.

  • On our first segment, Trend Micro’s 2019 report and 2020 predictions. I talk about the numbers and what sticks out with me. Incidently, the webinar that they’ll do this month is dealing with the predictions for 2020. I’ll blog about that after I get a chance to read the email. If you want to read my blog post about the threat report and predictions please go to the blog post entitled: Question: Are we looking for more or less threats this year and if so what kind? from blog The Technology blog and podcast and it links to the article in question.
  • On the second segment, we talk about the automated voice announcement system. Every bus here is supposed to call stops and every train is to call stops too. While it is technology, and it fails, the failure is also within the drivers. It has to work both ways, and my talk which will be presented on Thursday, January 16th, at an Accessibility Awards Luncheon will talk about this. At some point, we must have drivers and passengers work together to get passengers to where they need to go safely. How is it for you in your area? How is the AVA specifically for you? Lets talk!
  • Finally, the canute 360 is discussed. This blog post which was posted on the 10th talks about where to go and links to Blind Bargains. I attended this forum, and what I learned was quite interesting. I didn’t stay long for the questions and answers, but the presentation was quite interesting. Its supposed to be made available for listening at some point. I do want to catch this so I can take the time to listen to the rest of the questions in case there is something else I can learn.

Finally, what is coming up on future podcasts and contact information. I hope you will enjoy the program as much as I have putting it together for you. I look forward in hearing from you!

  • email/imessage tech at menvi.org
  • text/whats app 804-442-6975

If you have other social media, you can use that. The Jared Rimer Network has all contact info made available and links to social media as well. Thanks for listening!

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Tech podcast 334: SBC Yahoo! having trouble, the beginning of a tutorial, and the Internet being gone for a day

This podcast is packed, and our RSS feed has been updated. I’ll make sure that Mixcloud will be updated as well. If you need an mp3, please contact me and I’ll ship one right away!

Hello everyone, welcome to podcast 334 for January 9, 2020. We’ve got a very interesting podcast comoing up, lets tell you whats on it.

  • What has been going on with SBC Yahoo! mail? Looks like they aren’t communicating with their customers about potential problems. I don’t think this is right, and my blog post entitled Yahoo forcing random password resets … am I the only one supporting someone having trouble? goes in to detail about this in writing.
  • As I tlak about what I want to do with the podcast, I give you the beginning of the Braille2000 tutorial I have created in regards to the talking edition. Go to the Braille Transcribing as a blind person web site to learn more, and download the full tutorial which is based on the documentation. We’ll have more from this tutorial over time.
  • In commentary from last podcast, Shaun Everess talks about how there is a video out there talking about not having the Internet for a day. Instead of linking to it I take this talk a little bit further by talking about it but bringing up the loss of power to boot. What would we do if one, the other, or both occurred? Lets take this for a spin.

As always, contact information is going to be available at the end of the program, and I hope you enjoy this podcast. The podcast runs over an hour in length. Thanks for listening, and make it a great day!

Stay tuned, I’ve got plenty more coming. Thanks for listening!

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Technology podcast 333: the first of 2020

Hi all,

Happy new uyear frpom the team at the technology blog and podcast. The podcast is available on our RSS feed for your enjoyment.

If you’d like an mp3, please contact me and I can upload one through we transfer and I’d be happy to do that.

I did start at one point the option where I uploaded a copy, copied the link and put it in the blog post. I know Shaun said that the files should be mp3 and I upload the raw mp3 to Anchor, what they do, I have no idea and I’ll inquire.

In the meantime, I have several segments for you on this podcast which is over an hour long, and I hope you enjoy the program!

I hope to get this and other programming up on Mixcloud very soon.

Please find below, the show notes of today’s podcast, and I’ll be in touch with you on another podcast very soon!

Welcome to the first podcast of 2020, podcast 333. Below, please find a list of items and links where applicable as the topics of the podcast are listed below.

  • Breaches galore, the epidemic of whats happened in the last decade. Are we really looking for more trouble, or will it slow down?
  • Freshbooks: thank you so much for giving me a great reason for talking about you today. On this podcast, I talk about how I had to reinstall the Freshbooks app, and how easy it was to reauthenticate with my account. I was afraid that I was needing to grab my 20 character password and paste in the password field. Not anymore!
  • Twit.tv has a new sponsor on their list that spomnsors segments on Security Now. Sadly, I can’t take advantage of it at this time, but it looks like something we could’ve and should’ve had many years ago. Learn about privacy.com and see if it will meet your needs.
  • Michael in Indiana and I talked about software and reminisced about the old days of how downloading the wrong software wasn’t fatal, but just a havoc. Today, this isn’t the case. I mention Stuxnet as an example of software that was developed and it did some real world damage. Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon: by Kim Zetter is the name of the book and its author. I read this through Kindle and I may have talked about this on my podcast when I did. If this is the first actual weapon that destroyed data and things that were going on, is something else being developed we yet don’t know about?

As usual, our contact information is at the end of the program, and I hope you enjoy this first podcast. I’ll be back on another edition very soon. Thanks so much for listening to this 71 minute program!

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Technology podcast 332: Iphone 11, Awards, and Braille Transcription

Welcome to podcast 332, the final podcast of this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed this years particular podcasts. We’ve got this on the RSS feed as well as on the telephone line.

I know I’ve neglected Mixcloud as of late, I really need to start posting there like i have been before. If you’re one of my mixcloud subscribers, tell me where I left off, and I’ll make sure to catch up if you only hear tech stuff.

Welcome to the final edition of the technology blog and podcast series for 2019. Trust me, we’ve got a lot more coming, but this is the final podcast of 2019.

  • My initial thoughts on my brand new, Iphone 11.
  • Brian Krebs gets an award. Several other members of the security field was also mentioned as needing the award more than Brian, but CISO MAG Honors KrebsOnSecurity is the article Penned by Krebs.
  • I have a segment on Braille transcribing as a whole in particular to Braille2000 and not specific to the assignment as a whole. I found this quite interesting, even while I did the talk.

In the first podcast of 2020, I’m going to talk about a company I feel we should’ve had around about 10 years ago if not sooner than now. Its an advertiser of TWIT, and boy, if it doesn’t fit my needs, I feel it may meet others. We’re going to start with that, and even more as we continue the transcription course, my Iphone 11, and who knows what else we’ll cover by this podcast as next year gets started and beyond. Until next year, thanks so much for listening to this podcast, and I’ll be seeing you very soon!

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Tech podcast 331

On this podcast, NVDA gets updated and its a breeze! Assignments 17-19 are talked about and I want your thoughts. A webinar that caught my attention, and web design and why links are all over the home page.

Its up on our RSS feed and I’ll see about getting it up on Mixcloud.

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Tech podcast 330

Our RSS feed has the podcast, here are the show notes.

On this podcast, B2k news, domain buying, and news on hospital mortality rates when ransomware and other attacks happen.Hospital breaches leading to more heart attacks? You bet! from blog The Technology blog and podcast Thats the name of the article and its linked from me. Very facinating read.

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Tech podcast 329

Tech podcast 329 has been out, and I believe I’ve neglected the blog. I believe I released it last week, and I apologize for not posting!

I’vll have some big news to share after I do some more development on one of my web sites I may have talked about. Enough of that for now, the RSS and mixcloud should have the podcast.

Below, please find the show notes for this podcast. Truly sorry for the fact I didn’t post it when it was published!

More later.

Released November 5, 2019

Welcome to podcast 329.

  • How can we keep ourselves as safe as possible when databases that companies hold them online? I completeluy understand the aspect of why they need to do so. It isn’t possible for them to store it like I do, and its just becoming a problem. A telecom company breached, mongo DB to blame is the blog post referencing this segment.
  • National Cyber Security month is now complete. Why? In this ever changing landscape where everything is online must we have only one month to teach how to be as secure as possible? Please check out my blog post penning this topic: NCSAM is over, shall we stop teaching for my written thoughts on this important topic. Its something we should be discussing, and we should be discussing it all the time.
  • I found an article through dark reading, and instead of covering that, I think we should try to discuss it in a different light whereby we ask how consumers can be safe in this time of major security problems. It isn’t just the entity that we shop at that should be the main problem, it is in both things. Merchants need to fix their security, but shoppers need to be careful and some tips are discussed on what we can all good.
  • Dice world has some interesting updates and I tie that in to other games and the accessibility landscape. There is always something to learn and I’m happy to see what happens as we continue to grow.
  • Michelle Dyer was a dear friend of mine. I let the domain go because I was under the assumption that the domain was not needed. Family contacted her closest friend, contacted me, and I’ve relaunched the domain on October 31st. Due to some other technical issues I could not fix, the domain is now relaunched and I only made some changes to clean some outdated info. Please click on this link to go to the Michelle Dyer Memorial page where you’ll find tech podcasts to download that she was a part of. We thank each and everyone for your continued support of my work.

The track I selected for this podcast comes from the artist Ehren Starks from the depths of a Year. Contact information is also available at the end of the program. Thanks so much for listening!

Thanks for your understanding while I try and catch up!

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