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The Security box, podcast 129: The Government Watchdog says there’s still a lot to do

Hello everyone, welcome to the Security box, podcast 129. There is one spot where some strong language is used, but the podcast overall is fine.

The RSS feed has the program, or it will be rolling out if you don’t have it yet.

Do you not have RSS? No problem! Here is the 144.8mb file you’ll need for today’s program.

The program is played on Bluestreak on Friday and International Friends on Monday.

Here are the show notes including a link to our main story.

Hello folks, welcome to the security box podcast 129. Last week, we talked about the government, but there’s more to the story in which people may not be aware of.

Apparently, there has been a watch dog group out there taking reports on what the government has or has not done.

The article is titled Government watchdog: Feds fail to implement vast majority of cybersecurity recommendations and was covered by Cyberscoop.

This is a very interesting article which we’ll be stepping through.

Besides that, my hunch may indicate that we’ll have a moron of the podcast, people may have questions, and we’ll see what the show has in store.

Thanks so much for listening, participating and learning with us.

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The Security box, podcast 128: What’s going on with CISA?

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Security box, podcast 128. I hope that everyone has had a great week, and those airing the program will be getting their copies within the next day.

The RSS should have the file by now and should be distributing the program to those that want it.

For those who want RSS, please use this link to get it. It is a redirector to the RSS feed on Anchor, the provider that provides the podcast series.

Don’t have RSS? That’s not a problem. We will provide the 127.4mb file for you to get. I hope that you enjoy the program and thanks so much for reading, listening and participating on our program!

Now, without any further ado, please feel free to look at our show notes below, as it incorporates links to the various stories and main topic we’re covering.

As a side note, there is no strong language today, so please know there was no need for an additional disclaimer.

Show notes

Welcome to the Security box, podcast 128. On this podcast, we probably have two morons of the podcast, one of which should’ve gotten it before we came up with the idea. We also ask the question, What’s going on over at CISA? This acronuym stands for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Seems as though they don’t know what’s going on, or at least might be confused.

Moron of the podcast

We have listed both morons of the podcast by listing the basics of the story and links to the stories themselves.

  1. It seems as though T-Mobile has had yet another breach with at least another estimated 37 million consumers, whether prepaid or postpaid.
  1. The second moron goes to a guy in Russia that thought it would be fun to launder crypto currency. Not only was he funneling Crypto, but he was the founder of a crypto currency exchange. Russian founder of a cryptocurrency exchange known for funneling ransomware profits arrested comes to us from Cyberscoop and hasn’t been blogged as of yet, but will be.

Topic: What’s going on at CISA?

CISA has been known to send notifications via an email list that people can subscribe to. How I got on it, I don’t remember, but it has since changed the way things are sent. Regardless, the article Insiders worry CISA is too distracted from critical cyber mission is our article that will help us with our discussion. It also comes from Cyberscoop.

Other stuff

I know that Nick missed last week’s program so we’ll give him an opportunity to get on the program and talk about anything from last week. We’ll go through news, notes and other things too.

Supporting the podcast

If you’d like to support our efforts on what this podcast is doing, you can feel free to donate to the network, subscribing to the the security box discussion list or sending us a note through contact information throughout the podcast. You can also find contact details on our blog page found here. Thanks so much for listening, reading and learning! We can’t do this alone.

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The Technology podcast 371: Philmore Voice mail updates, lastpass and other companies need more help

On the heals of the Security Box, I found a very interesting article I blogged about earlier. But I thought including it as part of this tech podcast as we have some updates we need to correct.

The RSS feed will be getting the program, and the 21.6mb file is here for you to have.

Note that the tech podcasts may be shorter now since I’m trying to be more timely on things. With that said, here are the show notes for this program.

On this podcast, a video voice mail update and why didn’t Lastpass let us know what’s really going on with their breach?

here is the blog post that I wrote with the accompanying article that I talked about during the second segment.

Contact info is at the beginning and end of the program.

Feel free to send your comments if you wish. Thanks for listening, make it a great day!

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The Security box, podcast 127: Bulletproof Hosting

Hello folks, welcome to the Security box, podcast 127. Yes, we have a long time person who made an appearance and they were along with questions and commentary.

As this is written, the RSS feed is being populated with the program, and it is possible for some adult content or language, especially during the topic at hand in our second hour.

Here is the 106.9mb file if you need it.

The possibility of adult content within the discussion is there, so we’ve got the disclaimer in place just in case. Please be aware of this.

Show notes

Welcome to the security box, podcast 127. This time, we’re going to talk about something I don’t think any podcast has ever covered. What that might be? That would be Bullet Proof Hosting. What is it? Why is it such a problem? How can you stay away from companies that allow such a thing?

We’ll take from Wikipedia’s write up on Bullet proof hosting but we aren’t taking the entire thing. This term (written as bulletproof hosting) will be also included in this week’s EMHS updates.

The podcast will also have any news and notes, updates on the particulars of screen readers and what they have to help us deal with the ongoing threats for looking at links, and much more.

If you’d like to support our efforts on what this podcast is doing, you can feel free to donate to the network, subscribing to the the security box discussion list or sending us a note through contact information throughout the podcast. You can also find contact details on our blog page found here. Thanks so much for listening, reading and learning! We can’t do this alone.

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The technology podcast, podcast 370: Video Voicemail

Hello folks, welcome to another tech podcast.

This product has been talked about for quite a number of yers, and its here.

You can find the app in the app store for IOS and Android.

While I have no need for it, maybe some people might find it interesting.

For those who don’t have RSS, his is the 15.8mb file.

It seems as though while there are settings out there so that the telephone number is not made public, when telling the app to make a video call, it prompts you to call a specific number.

While discussing this with Michael, who is on for this podcast, I think this might be similar to other video platforms, why it would give you a telephone number of the subscriber is beyond me.

show notes

We like innovation. Philmore Productions has now released Video Voicemail to the public. He first showed it at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. Feel free to check it out, look it up and see if it is something you want to use. Commentary on what a caller experienced is given and thoughts on this as well.


This probably didn’t pass beta, so it could be a simple bug. We’ll keep people informed. It will get interesting.

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The Security box, podcast 126: your security posture

Hello everyone, welcome to the security box, podcast 126.

This time, we are going to take a step backward and cover your security posture. What specific things are done that you might not be working on? Are there things out there that you need to do that we mention that you are not doing?

Learn about some of the things through the news segment and our main topic as we discuss this important topic.

Don’t have RSS? That’s OK. We still want you to get files, and that is why we’ve teamed up with Sendspace to bring you direct downloads to our files.

Please use this link to download the 94.2mb file of our podcast, and thanks so much for listening!

Please remember. We have a full directory over at our TSB podcast page where you can get this show posted today as well as all of our past shows.

Good news! There is no adult content on this episode of the program. We will be working on making this as family friendly as possible for all users.

We understand the world can be diverse, and by making this change, we’ll be able to hopefully make that change.

As discussed prior, if we do have adult language or the like, we will be putting our disclaimer like we did last podcast, to conform with legal requirements.

Thanks go out to our partners for rebroadcasting our show and if you want to broadcast the show, get in touch! Contact info will be in the audio of the show, or on our blogs pages.
Thanks again for listening, and make it a great day!

Show notes

Below, here are the show notes from the podcast itself.

Hello folks, welcome to the security box. On this edition of the program, we’re going to talk about your security posture. We’ve got two bonehead of the day awards and plenty of discussion both in news and our main topic! Stay tuned for our next podcast, we’ll be here again soon!

Enjoy the show, and thanks for listening!

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The Technology blog and podcast, podcast 369: What is going on with Domains and the domain registry

Hello folks,

I’m deciding to release a full tech podcast. These segments may be more of the “things to ponder” segments I would do for the technology podcst sub podcast, the Security Box.

Download the 26.4mb file and I hope you enjoy the program.

On this podcast, learn about the domain registry, a company who basicly lied to me and told me something I couldn’t even do to begin with. Turns out this company is a liar, possibly a scammer and no, they won’t be linked as their web site is not all that accessible as I asked.

Correction, I asked and they said they did accessible web sites but their site was not. And, talking to another agent, they said whatever I wanted, they’d do for me. But I digress.

You decide on what the company I talked about said and decide if you agree with them or my research.

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Security Now! episode 904 for January 3, 2023

This episode aired on January 3, 2023.

Hello folks,

There was not much going on during the break, so after catching up with what was, Steve talks about Lastpass.

title: Leaving LastPass

This week, since a single topic dominated the security industry and by far the majority of my Twitter feed and DMs, after a brief update on my SpinRite progress we’re going to spend the entire podcast looking at a single topic: LastPass.

Let me say that I do not know what Steve decided, but it seems to me like he did decide to leave based on what I saw on Twitter prior to the show.

With that said, I did blog my thoughts about this, and I do want to listen to the show to determine what really happened and the reasoning behind it.

If you want to listen to the show, here is the 50mb file for you to do such.

The files come directly from Twit and are not hosted through JRN services.

We hope this is of value to listeners, and make it a great day!

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The Security box, podcast 125: What’s gone on with 2022 and what do you think will happen in 2023?

Hello folks,

The security box has been released to the public and we also have the 147.3mb file for you to download.

We found an issue with some equipment which will be sent and fixed, sorry about the technical issues.

To comply with International Law, we have and will include a disclaimer of some strong language within this podcast. It is not explicit enough to warrant an explicit tag, but we need to comply and have done this.

Below, please find the show notes to the show, and I hope that everyone enjoys the program.

Next week, our security posture.

Welcome to podcast 125 of the Security Box series. On this edition, let’s talk about a new book we found during the break, one in which might be of interest since we’re going to talk about security posture later. The book is titled The Ransomware Hunting Team: A Band of Misfits’ Improbable Crusade to Save the World from Cybercrime by Renee Dudley and Daniel Golden. While it doesn’t cover your posture per say, it does cover a team who is behind you in the fight and understands the struggles. You see, its not all your fault, we understand that. You could even do everything right, including having the right training.

Next, we’re going to cover two articles that cover the year end review and what is coming up in predictions for 2023.

We may have blogged these, but if we haven’t, they’ll be blogged as part of the podcast show notes which these are.

Besides that, we’ll have plenty of things in news if we can remember it all, and of course, we’ll have lots of discussion on things that might not be in the roundup. We hope you enjoy this edtion of the podcast, and thanks for listening!

Again, our next podcast will ask about one’s security posture. We talk a bit about this at the end of the program and of course, there will be no wrong answers.

Thanks again, and stay safe!

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The Technology podcast, podcast 368: Fintok … or … Financial advice on Tiktok

Hello folks, welcome to the technology podcast series. Its been decided. I’ll be releasing the segments that we’ve aired or will be airing for Throwback Saturday Night as part of this podcast mainly for discussion.

On today’s episode, we play a file I recorded which was going to initially going to be aired this year but was aired during their new years show. Since TikTok was one of the biggest things this past year, it seemed fitting.

Don’t have RSS? Here is the 15mb file which you can have for the podcast.

The segments will be anywhere from a few minutes to maybe a half hour. This is so that Throwback has time to discuss.

Here are the show notes for today’s podcast and I hope you’ll enjoy it and have your say.

Hello everyone. Welcome to podcast 368 of the technology podcast series. On this podcast, we’re going to put out the file that talks abot Tiktok being used for financial advice. TikTok is at it again, now we have fintok was blogged on December 30, 2022 with an article talking about this by our digital goddess Kim Komando.

While Social Media is not knew, TikTok has been treading on thin waters. You can search Tiktok for all of the news coverage we have on our blog.

We’ve decided to put out this and other things for discussion and to keep this podcast going. I hope that this will be of interest, and we’ll see how it goes.

Contact information is available on the blog and within the podcast itself. Thanks for listening, and make it a great day!

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The technology podcast, podcast 367: Utech app updates and thoughts

Hello folks,

Welcome to the final podcast of 2022 with a tech podcast that is not security related.

On this podcast, we’re going to cover some changes with the utech app which make it much more accessible.

Download the 36.91mb file for those who don’t have RSS.

On this edition, we talk about utech’s update to version 2. We also have thoughts on how we might be able to keep this podcast going. This is the last podcast of the year from the network. Enjoy!

Let me know what your thoughts are on how to continue this podcast and we’ll be back next time.

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Security Now, episode 902 for December 20, 2022

More burning questions await us in this episode.

title: A Generic WAF Bypass

This week we answer another collection of burning questions: Is there no honor among thieves? What was discovered during this year’s Toronto Pwn2Own competition? What did we learn from last Tuesday’s patchfest? Whose fault was the most recent Uber data breach? What happened when Elon tried to block all the bots? What’s the first web browser to offer native support for Mastodon? What exactly is “Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior” and why is it such a problem? What will happen to GitHub submitters at the end of next year? What measure could every member of the US senate possibly agree upon? Exactly what applications are there for a zero-width space character? And finally, what larger lesson are we taught by the discovery of a serious failure to block a problem that we should never have had in the first place? The answer to all those questions and more await the listeners of today’s Security Now podcast #902.

download the 49mb file if you wish.

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Security Now, episode 901 notice

Episode 901 of Security Now picks up where 900 left off with more questions. I’ve not heard this one yet, but its going to be a good one I’m sure.

title: Apple Encrypts the Cloud

This week we answer the following questions and more: What browser just added native support for passkeys and where are they stored? What service have I recommended that suffered a major multi-day service outage? How can you recognize a totally fake cryptocurrency trading site? Which messaging platform has become cybercrime’s favorite, and how would you go about monetizing desirable usernames? What’s the latest in TikTok legislative insanity, and is it insane? Which two major companies have been hit with class action lawsuits following security breaches? Was Medibank’s leaked data truly useless? And Apple has finally given us the keys to our encrypted data in the cloud, holding none for themselves… or have they?

download the 58mb file if you’d like to download the file. Thanks for listening!This program aired December 13, 2022 and podcasted the same day.

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Security Now notice: episode 900

This is an inaugril episode for Security Now. Steve indicates that there is only room for 999 episodes, but only time will tell. We wish them the best.

We’ve been talking about several different topics coming out of this episode, and episode 901 which I’ve not heard yet promises to have more questions.

Title: LastPass, Again

This week we answer a few questions: What if an Australian company doesn’t secure their own network? Has Ireland NOT levied fines against any major Internet property owned by Meta? What’s in REvil’s complete dump of Australia’s Medibank data disclosure? We finally answer the question: Is nothing sacred? (It turns out it’s not rhetorical.) Also, whose root cert just got pulled from all of our browsers, and how did a handful of Android platform certs escape? What US state has banned all use of Tik-Tok? What country is prosecuting its own ex-IT staff after a breach? How has memory-safe language deployment actually fared in the wild? Are last August’s BlackHat 2022 videos out yet? And which brand of IoT security camera do you probably NOT want to use or purchase? Which podcast had the most amazing guest last week? What happened when SpinRite was run on an SSD? And what does LastPass’s announcement of another hacker intrusion mean for it and its users? Answers to those questions and more coming your way during this week’s Security Now! podcast.

Want to download the file which was podcasted and taped December 6, 2022? Here’s the 49mb file for you all to have.

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The Security box, podcast 124: Ransomware costs are now at 1 billion dollars

Hello everyone,

Welcome too the Security Box. I want to take this opportunity and thank each and every one of you for listening. This is the final Security Box for the year and it runs just a little over 3 hours.

If you want to be listed as someone who is running the program, send me a note, and we’ll be in touch on details. You’ll be listed on TSB’s page of Email Host Security.

I’d like to thank Nick Jackson from Santa Barbara for coming on as a participant of the show. I hope he’ll be on more podcasts.

Please make sure you check out my profile on club house and subscribe to the Jared Rimer Network to learn about rooms we will be cobering.

We’ll see you January 4th for our next program!

For those who don’t have RSS, here is the 166mb file for you to have.

Now, here are the show notes.

Welcome to the Security box, podcast 124. On this podcast, we’ve got news coming out of Security Now about another root Certificate company that is no more. We’ve got news and notes from around the landscape, and Ransomware payments have hit at least a billion dollars. All this, including questions, comments and other miscellanious activity on today’s show.

Trust Core

Security Now podcast 900 is full of questions. One of which for this podcast talks about another trust certificate authority that isn’t. The apparent company is called Trust Core. This reminds me of the Hong Kong post office and why they were a trusted certificate authority. We’ve never covered certificate authorities and maybe we need to. Let’s just say that they intercepted traffic and installed malware.

EUFY not telling the truth

I don’t have any articles, but SN 900 covered this and I saw a notice from Malware Bytes. They say that footage from their cameras are not send to the cloud, but an Ars Technica article mentioned by Stieve indicates otherwise. The company Anker (not to be confused with Anchor) says this is not the case.

Ransomware costing a billion dollars

Ransomware costs top $1 billion as White House inks new threat-sharing initiative is a Cyberscoop article and our main topic. If we can share intelligence, maybe we can better defend against these problems and maybe Ransomware can be slowed down. We’ll see how it goes.

That completes the notes! I hope each and every one of you has a happy holiday season as the JRN recharges our batteries and we’ll be back next year!

If there are any other podcasts, they’ll go under the tech podcast brand, I’ve got a webinar that I missed most of, so will be catching that.

In the meantime, it’ll be time to post articles and much more during our break, so enjoy the posts, register and comment, and thanks so much!

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The Security box, podcast 123: The Psychology report 2022 report and more

First, I’d really like to thank Herbie Allen of the mix for running today’s Internet Stream because I had an Internet Outage that lasted throughout the show.

I believe the outage started before 8 am and it came back up after 1:30 in the afternoon.

To allow RSS time to populate the program and get it out, we’re going to release the podcast blog post a day later.

As a side note, EMHS was updated with the correct link to the International Friends Radio Network web page as searched for. This will be on the TSB page.

Here are the show notes for this week’s episode of the program, and thanks so much for listening!

We have one more week where we’ll be covering the billion dollars its potentially costing for Ransomware these days. I believe I’ve blogged the article already, search it out. If not, someone ping me!

Welcome to the security box, podcast 123. Today, we’re going to cover the psychology of passwords 2022 report. We’ll also have the news from around the landscape, maybe an asshole award of the podcast if one is warranted and much more. I hope you enjoy the program as much as I enjoy bringing it to you.

The Psychology of Passwords report

The article we’re going to take from this time is New Report: 2022 Psychology of Passwords from Lastpass.

Wile most people receiving some cyber security training during the pandemic probably learn a few things, 62 percent still reuse passwords. The article links to the full report but we’ll only talk about what is in the article itself. Maybe we can apply it to this community and give our thoughts on how this community should shift its thinking.

For those who don’t have RSS, please get the 132.9mb file off of Sendspace and thanks so much for listening!

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Episode 899 of Security Now for November 29, 2022

Episode 899. Can you belive thaT Security Now is almost at 900????????????? For a wekly podcast that started in 2006 and I remember listening to the beginning, its been a long time coming.

Title: Freebie Bots & Evil Cameras

What happens when you: Run a Caller ID spoofing service? Or when you mis-list and underprice online goods? Or click on a phishing link for a cryptocurrency
exchange? Or consider working for a underworld hacking group? Use a webserver from the dark ages in your IoT device? Or rattle your sabers while attempting
to sell closed networking systems to your enemies? Or decide whether or not to continue to suspend your Twitter ad buys? Or login to Carnival Cruises with
a passkey? Or use hardware to sign your code? This week’s podcast answers all of those questions and more!

Download the 49mb file if you want to listen to it.

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Security Now notice, podcast 898 for November 22, 2022

Title: Wi-Peep

This week we note that Firefox moved to v107 and that Google recently reached a nearly $400 million dollar user-tracking settlement. Red Hat has started cryptographically signing its ZIP distributions, the FBI purchased the nefarious Pegasus spyware and Greece paid 7 million euros for the similar Predator spyware. Passkeys have a directory listing sites where they can be used, the OMB has decreed a quantum decryption deadline, and 33 US state attorneys general have asked the FTC to get serious about online privacy regulation. We have some engaging listener feedback and SpinRite is finally a day or two away from starting its final testing. And we’re going to wrap up by examining some chilling research which allows the physical location in space of every WiFi device within range to be accurately determined by someone walking past or flying a tiny drone.

As this is being written, I’m listening to this one, and this is quite interesting how it can detect all of the networks around even without access. This might be interesting to discuss if people bring it up.

Download a 57mb file if you want to listen to it.

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Security Now Notice, podcast 897 for November 15, 2022

Welcome to another posting where we catch up on Security Now episodes. I figure sharing is OK, since I do listen to the podcast anyway.

This is the notice for program 897.

Title: Memory-Safe Languages

This week we have another event-filled Patch Tuesday retrospective. We look at a newly published horrifying automated host attack framework which script kiddies are sure to jump on. We have a welcome new feature for GitHub, crucial vulnerabilities in the LiteSpeed web server, a spiritual successor to TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt for Linux, Australia’s announcement of their intention to proactively attack the attackers, a controversial new feature in iOS 16.1.1, a couple more decentralized finance catastrophes, some miscellany and listener feedback. Then we’ll finish by looking at a just-published advisory from U.S.’s National Security Agency, our NSA, promoting the use of memory-safe languages.

Download the 43mb file and let us know if there are any notes we need to cover on our podcast.

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Security Now notice, episode 896 for November 8, 2022

Hello all,

I really need to try and keep Security Now notices caught up. I’m in the midst of 898 and this week is 900. Its going to get very interesting out there.

Anyhow, we are providing this for people to have another podcast that covers security and things we may not cover.

Title Something for Everyone

This pure news week we look at Dropbox’s handling of a minor breach, and we follow-up on last week’s OpenSSL flaws. The FTC has had it with a repeat offender, and we know how much total (reported) ransom was paid last year. Akamai reports on phishing kits, we have some stats about what Initial Access Brokers charge, and we look at the mechanics of cyber bank heists. Several more DeFi platforms defy belief, Russia is forced to move to Linux, the Red Cross wants a please don’t attack us cyber-seal, nutty Floridians get themselves indicted for a bold tax fraud scheme, is China cheating with 0-days?, the NCSC will be scanning its citizenry… and more!

Use this link to download the 47mb file and if you find something you want us to talk about on TSB, please let us know.

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