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Tech podcast 326: Dice World, NCSAM, braille transcription, and more

The RSS feed found here found here and the telephone line Live Wire on my show and bulletine board 974 now have my latest podcast. The show is up now, but the board will pull it within the next 24 hours.

The show notes are sweet and to the point I think, I am also working on shortening the intro too. Lets see how it goes.

On this podcast, Jaws and firefox’s latest version. NCSAM should be all the time, yes or no? We’ve got a braille transcription update, and Dice World has a new layout.

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Technology podcast 325: Door dash, Commentary, NCSAM, Scotts New Book, and A Braille Transcription update

Welcome to the technology blog and podcast.

  • Doordash is the latest major breach, lots of coverage on it. It happened between the release of 324 and now. Is this the beginning of the end? Here is the blog post on it.
  • There is some commentary left by Joseph. We’d love to hear more on what you have to say, so please leave thoughts on segments.
  • Password managers and phone calls is the third segment as we start NCSAM. Here is the blog post on phone numbers which should be really discussed. JHere is the blog post on password managers as well.
  • Scott Schober wrote a new book. Here is the blog post on this book. I talk about chapter 3 specifically, and my thoughts on it, as it did hit home for me.
  • Finally, I’ve got a braille transcription update as I continue to struggle with assignment 15. I think I’m almost there! Thoughts?

My contact information is available at the end of the program, and thanks for listening.

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Tech podcast 324: two books of interest, and two articles of interest

Podcast 324 is now out, and I hope each and every one of you can get it. RSS and Mixcloud will have the cast. It is also available on my show on Live Wire and the bulletine board 974 ill have it as well.

Welcome to podcast 324 of the technology blog and podcast. On this podcast, we’ve got two different books that are talked about. The first is one that I’ve already read, the second is one that I’m going to read and preordered through Amazon. Finally, I’ve got two articles that I talk about. One is in regards to a school system teaching the parents of their students the dos and don’ts of social media. Finally, an article which wasn’t tech related, but yet it was bullying. What would have happened if this turned to online bullying and the same type of injury took place because of some cyberbully(s) who wanted to cause him harm? The only issue is that this child was 8 years of age. All of this, on this edition of the tech podcast.

One thing I should mention is that Scott’s book is available on Amazon as a non-kindle purchase, Kindle will be released October 1. He offered to send me a released copy, but since I can’t read print, I’ll wait for the digital version. Thanks Scott for offering to send it, it was appreciated. Thanks for reading the notes, and feel free to leave those comments! Contact information is available at the end of each and every podcast.

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Tech podcast 323: Philmore, Ecuador getting owned, and Braille stuff

The RSS feed now has the audio of this podcast. Its dated the 19th, however, I am only getting a chance to put it up now.

Below, please find the show notes, which link to several blog posts as of late. Thanks so much for listening!

Welcome to podcast 323 of the technology blog and podcast series. On this podcast, we’ve got several segments for you.

  • What happens when you have a population of approximately 17 million, a company in Miami, and a potential breach? Ecuador had that happen to them, and there are no rules to keep people safe from cyber attacks or breaches. Blog Post
  • What do you see when you hear or see the words “heat stroke?” It isn’t anything to do with the sun, and this I saw while working on the prior podcast. blog post
  • Three items in one, dealing with the company Philmore Productions. Have they learned anything? Two messages and an accompanying blog post on the subject indicate probably not. I’ll be caucious and indicate that things better change, or it will more than likely be the end. We’ll have to see. Please read the blog post, as well as listen to two messages in his own words. Let me know what you think of this one.
  • In two segments, I cover the transcription course as well as talking about braille in general in regards to paper braille VS display braille.

I hope you enjoy the program as much as I have, and thanks for listening!

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Technology podcast 322: Philmore and tech gone bad, a self driving car incident, braille transcription, and Phishing

We’re packed on today’s edition of the podcast. Its up on the RSS feed for you to go and get.

Welcome back to the technology blog and podcast, this is podcast 322 of the continuing series covering everything tech including assistive tech, self driving cars, the security landscape and more. This podcast is packed and even three articles that are on one topic, Phishing. Lets take this opportunity and give you the breakdown of today’s program, and I hope you’ll consider contacting me with your thoughts and comments on these topics.

  • Philmore Productions has had it bad with the technology as of late. I put a senario in place as a thought piece. Let me know what you think.
  • An unofficial report on assignment 15 was released, where I knew I had to fix some things, and yet I have read everything. Its going to get interesting once I’m ready, and I’ve sent my official assignment. Still pushing through.
  • A self driving car has had it bad. This isn’t the first for this make and model, and I have a hunch that this can be fixed. The strech of highway, according to the article I read, is to blame, where something wasn’t fixed, and the car got in to an accident. Multiple cars got in to an accident at the same spot. California highway barrier not repaired before fatal Tesla crash from blog The Technology blog and podcast is the article, and it links to the article of the same name where you can read more.
  • In our Phishing segment, three articles come together with some alarming statistics. Its not going away any time soon. The first article which caps off this segment is entitled Why Social Media is Increasingly Abused for Phishing Attacks. Just take a look at this stat: “In 2018 we found that the abuse of social media increased by near 200%” and if thats not enough, Phishlabs expects this to increase. I am not surprised, and this article is linked to other material. In another article Cybersecurity: 99% of email attacks rely on victims clicking links which means we need to continue to teach. Its OK to be curious, but yet, you should know the signs and we need to make sure we slow down and look at what we’re clicking on. Finally, to cap this off, Techwarm, a contributer to the blog, posted What is Phishing: Learn How to Protect Your Company which also links to some things and a great article to boot. All of these articles are put together in a nice package and tied up with a bow.

I hope you enjoy this 73 minute podcast. I’d also like to thank Amadeus, maintainer of Live Wire for putting this podcast as a podcast on Live Wire. Besides my show at 2276, people who read the RSS can now subscribe to a board to get the podcast if they wish. That board number is 974, so enjoy your options! Thanks so much for participating, and we’ll see you next time!

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Tech podcast 321

The RSS feed has this podcast I just uploaded Completed on the 2nd, i’m posting it late. Its all good.

Welcome to podcast 321 of the technology blog and podcast. In no way am I complaining at all, but I really think that braille transcription software, no matter what you use, should be a tool. When I started lesson 15, discussed in full in the first segment, I found that I seemed very confused. Its not graded yet, and I’m sure I have a few things to correct before my first submission, but I’m confident I’ll understand it. This article entitled Transcription software can’t do it all: Even Braille 2000 doesn’t have every possibility is a written aspect, but the first 30 minute segment goes in to an audio detail of the lesson and my confusions. Next, a very interesting ted talk dealing with storing data and DNA. I mention telephone systems including Live Wire, MyTelespace, and Philmore Productions Voice mail as examples of systems that could utalize this if it were to ever happen and how Philmore Productions could do things better and how Live Wire hasn’t lost any data because of a different backup routine. No trashing is going on here, but the talk and the recent Philmore Productions news about their data made me think about this a little more. Next, Armando is along with a very interesting talk about the Iphone and how we can utalize it without a home button. I relate an experience with a supervisor of a company when I showed him how Voice Over worked, and he didn’t have a home button. Contact info on both sides of the program is given. Thanks for listening!

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Technology podcast 320

Tech podcast 320 is out with a set of segments dealing with some of the technology I have in my house. I also have a braille transcription update, as well as an update on AIRA which I’ve utalized a little bit. RSS is here for those who need it.

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Tech podcast 319 is now out

Hello folks,

Tech podcast 319 is now out. We’ve got quite a bit of news, notes, a braille transcription update, and some commentary in regards to a Security Now episode dealing with sharing files and services out there. RSS is here or you can listen to the show on Live Wire on my box: 2276. I hope to have another podcast out very soon. Thanks for listening!

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Tech podcast 318

Welcome to the tech podcast, this is show 318. I’ll be in the process of reloacting, so this may be the last podcast until the relocation is complete. I’m hopeful that the relocating process will go well, and I’ll be available through contact methods mentioned throughout the program should you have questions and concerns.



  • We talk about URL shorteners. Cutt.us and similar services can be a target of spam. This service, along with a couple of others, allow the visitor to report suspicious links. These services allow the shortening of long URL links to shorten one for sharing. Reporting suspicious URL’s may be a start, but I’m going to try and get recaptcha on one of my biggest sites to see if it can curve this problem.
  • In segment 2, we finish the talking of shorteners by talking briefly about another service similar to the one I link above, and then we demonstrate braille 2000’s grade relaxer. This particular part of the application was already working, but some accessibility fixes were made, and with the beta, I present to you how the relaxer can be used in a classroom setting.
  • We take a song break. In the last segment, we had relaxed Gokul Salvadi to demo how this is done. I thought the music would be perfect to play one track, and you can leave your thoughts.
  • Finally, Equifax and Myspace are back in the news. When Myspace Was King, Employees Abused a Tool Called ‘Overlord’ to Spy on Users from blog The Technology blog and podcast | <a href=”Former Equifax exec sentenced to 4 months in prison for insider trading related to data breach
  • Our contact information is at the end of the program. I’m hoping that the relocating process goes well for me, and if something big comes out, I’ll do my best to get it out quickly. If not, then I’ll be back once I’m settled in. Thanks for listening, and thanks for your continued support.


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    Tech podcast 317

    Tech podcast 317 is now out on the RSS feed. I’m not sure if we covered the braille transcription software with grade relaxer in the segment with Braille 2000, but if I did not, I plan to do so in a future podcast. I link to it in the show notes, thinking I did, but I know I covered other stuff with the software which was minor accessibility stuff with the speech aspect of things.

    In any case, Braille 2000’s segment is short, but we’ve got a bunch of other stuff that is covered, including a very interesting article Phishlabs has in regards to the phishing sites themselves being more secured than years past.

    Below, please find the show notes, and thanks so much for listening to the podcast!


    Welcome to tech podcast 317.

    • How is our security as of late? Is the landscape good or bad? What are your thoughts on it?
    • Braille 200 has a very interesting update. Braille 2000 has interesting childrens program, made accessible is the article, and I talk about my work with this area of Braille 2000. Here is the Braille 2000 category that you can link to on the blog. It is the entire history of what I’ve been up too with Bob. We may have talked about this, but there are other odds and ends we tlak about if this was not talked about in this segment. If not, and you want me to cover it in detail, I can do that. The segment is Braille 2000 where we are at this point.
    • Jaws gets an update that fixes a major bug in Adobe. It also fixes other odds and ends as well, not just that. blog post for those who need it.
    • Mirai and Trickbot are back in the news. Blog post on the topic.
    • I saw an article on email and 5 signs on what to do if its hacked. Blog post.
    • Phishing sites and their trends. What do you think will happen? Phish Labs blog post has all the juicy details.
    • Michael in Indiana has a Philmore update. A month or so ago, Philmore Productions voice mail went down due to weather related activity. Its been a month or there abouts, and its still mostly down. The good news, Philmore did use an array, so the data isn’t lost, but the web site remains down. Listen to all the details.

    Contact information is available at the end of the program. Enjoy!

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    technology podcast 316 is now available!

    The Tech podcast which is number 316 in my series is now out. We Transfer RSS and mixcloud have the files. Below, please find the show notes.

    Hello folks, welcome to the tech podcast, podcast 316. On this podcast, we cover We Transfer. This is a service that was used to deliver files to me, and I actually like its interface. If it is right, I could see myself paying for it, but right now, I don’t need to do that. I talk about this service and what it has to offer. Next Braille 2000 V2.274 take 2: we’re getting better is the accompanying article and I talk about a new menu that will appear once the talking edition becomes available to the general public hopefully very soon. The beta can now be recommended, and you should contact Bob to get your copy. Finally, Krebs on Security is here with an article A Tough Week for IP Address Scammers is discussed. I hope you enjoy the program as much as I have, and thanks so much for listening to the program!

    The opinions expressed are those of the show notes, and may not necessarily represent the companies in which they represent.

    See you next time!

    Thanks for listening!

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    Podcast 315 update

    Hi all,

    After doing some thinking after sending an email to Anchor, I tried something which allowed me to log in and get the podcast on the RSS feed for everyone. While the wetransfer link is still good, people are now able to get the podcast through RSS. Mixcloud and I need to date to determine where I am uploading, because i stopped using it for some reason. I want to be able to provide people options, and Mixcloud is one. I will do that soon, and it will also be updated accordingly. Thanks for your continued support. I hope to be back real soon with another podcast.

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    Tech podcast 315

    Due to a technical error, the RSS feed seems to not allow me to log in to upload. We’re working on it. This we transfer link is a link to a 7 day download of the podcast which includes the show notes along with it. We’re covering a lot for this podcast, so why not get your copy?

    I’ve already got an email in to anchor to find out why I can’t log in. My other account is also effected, and I even cleared history and cookies with no results. Thanks for your continued support.

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    The Technology blog and podcast, podcast 314

    Holy crap, I forgot to post about tech podcast 314’s release. I don’t even think its on mixcloud yet. Me and mixcloud need to have a date, but the podcast is out. I’ve also neglected this blog as well. I’ve been reading a lot, but then quit. But I’ll try to be better.

    Here are the notations about the program.

    RSS Mixcloud

    On this podcast, tech moving too fast: do you think it is? Next, a braille transcription fail, big time. Gaelynn Lea, an artist on CD Baby, is disabled and yet involved in touring and more. I pick a track from this artist and we feature it. Finally, a tech talk dealing with a wristwatch to aid the blind and others in navigation. Search the tedtalk out on Youtube or Ted’s website. CD Baby page for Gaelynn Lea so you can read more about her.

    This program was released on the 14th.

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    Tech podcast 313: Wipro, Braille 2000, 2019 Phishing report, and more

    RSS and Mixcloud have copies of the show. Here are the show notes and articles.

    Welcome to the technology blog and podcast, podcast 313. We’ve got a lot for you in a wide variety of news, notes, Braille 2000 stuff, and more.

    • Wipro (pronounced We Pro) is in the news big time. There are three articles which are talked about in the first segment.
    • The 2019 Phishing Trends and Intellegence Report is out. Some very interesting stats within this article that I discuss.
    • Julian Assange was recently picked up for violating the CFAA according to a report. I thought I saw multiple articles, but one article was retrieved. I talk about this development.
    • Braille 2000 is getting ready to release their next version. In a segment, I talk about the Braille 2000 percent codes in general, highlighting the entire list that I have, skipping some which aren’t available yet. They’re talked about in passing, but no code is discussed in full. The web site has removed Version 1 of the software, and version 2 that has been ran is now on the home page.
    • Two ted talks about seizures and heart attacks are talked about and the full talks are played in full. You can search the talks separately through YouTube on the ted talks channel.

    The articles dealing with Wipro are hard to swallow. Clearly, nobody knows what is happening, but hopefully they’ve found the issue and corrected it. Being an IT company, you need to understand these things and do proper PR. The PR here was not good, and I’m sure they’ll feel the reprocussions for awhile.

    A list of articles that accompany the podcast follows:

    Enjoy the podcast, it lasts 72 minutes long. Thanks for listening and make it a great day!

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    tech podcast 312

    Tech podcast 312 is now up on RSS and Mixcloud. Transcription software, a woman getting caught with malware, and email signatures are the topics today. I hope you all enjoy!

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    Tech podcast 311 is now out!

    Hi all, the RSS, Mixcloud, and telephone options have the podcast. I’m slow in regards to updating this blog, and for that, I’m sorry.

    If you need links and or a phone number, contact me.

    Welcome to the technology podcast, podcast 311. We’ve got a very interesting braille transcription update which makes me very excited to push forward in this course. Besides that, a transit update, and we start with several articles in discussion. The articles will be linked, and the podcast runs 82 minutes. I hope you enjoy the program!

    Thanks so much for listening! That completes the article listings and do feel free to read them if the discussion interests you. See you next podcast!

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    Tech podcast 310: Phones, privitation of messages on voice mail, and more

    Edited to fix HTML, and to remove the listen line because the show has been removed by request.

    RSS and Mixcloud have the show.

    Hello everyone, welcome to podcast 310. On this podcast, we’ve got a very diverse podcast for you.

    • Bullying, is it a disability problem? I talk about this again in a different way. I talk about this in a way where one might be deleted for no reason, including but not limited to false information, information that may be old, and other aspects of the article. Bullying, Is This Just a Disability Problem? longevity.media May 2, 2017
    • Privitizing messages in voice mail, is it a big deal? Live wire made an announcement and change in regards to marking messages private which was received well. In today’s day in age, it is easy to take any private message and make a copy of it if you know how. Good idea? Bad idea?
    • Why Phone Numbers Stink As Identity Proof is talked about next. This article was written by Krebs on Security on the 17th of March. It argues in part that giving out our mobile telephone numbers may be more of a problem, and we should use services including but not limited to Google and disposable numbers from Services like Text Now. There are several people I know that have used, or are using the service in different ways. I’m sure there are other services that can be used too.
    • 51 Critical Cyber Bullying Statistics in 2019 is linked from the blog to an article sent by Someone named Caroline Black. She linked in an email to a post of mine from last year where bullying and cyberbullying was talked about. This article has some very chilling stats, and its talking to others and bringing awareness to the problem that will solve it. I talk about some of the statistics within this article and have invited Caroline to the podcast to discuss this.
    • IOS and Mac have updates is a short segment. In this segment, the fact that IOS and Mac have updates is mentioned with info on how to find the posting where you can learn more.
    • Finally, Text Reminders is talked about. There is no demo, but a description of the service, the fact it isn’t free, and the basics about it. I worked with the company behind this to make the site accessible. The service works, and I find it valuable.

    As in all podcasts, contact information including Email, Imessage, and Text Messaging options is given at the end. If you’re listening by phone, leave public feedback, and if you want, have it aired on an upcoming podcast by letting me know. The podcast lasts over an hour in length. Thanks so much for listening, and make it a great day!

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    Tech podcast 309: Equifax, Goldwave, Live Wire news, and more

    The RSS feed, Mixcloud, and the telephone all have the show.

    631-403-1002 box 2276

    On this podcast, Equifax is back in the news, and its not so great. Next, Live wire has shows, and we talk about it. Goldwave is talked about with something new I discovered that it can do. You may notice a change in the program. Sports and technology, what are they using? I know of some of it, but yet I may not be correct. Finally, my confussion on assignment 12, and some of my confusion explained. Thanks for your continued support in this podcast.

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    Tech podcast 308

    Tech podcast 308is out. Ground zero has an update, and we’ve covered some articles as well.

    On this podcast, Ground Zero is closing. Why? Hear why in a segment. Satelites, can they be hacked? An article is very interesting, yet its not common. Michael in Indiana has an update on Vorail. Equifax is back in the news, and its not good. Finally, the 2018 trends from Trend Micro and their findings, something caught my attention about them. I hope you enjoy the program.

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