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This week on Throwback Saturday Night, Free VPN

Hello folks,

Throwback Saturday night is a two hour program that airs on server 2 of the mix. It is Saturday at 5 PT, 7 CT.

The first hour will be music and talk, while the second hour is talking security.

Here are the notations of what we’re going to talk about dealing with free VPN services.

Hello folks,m welcome to the Security hour for this week. We’re going to be live with a very interesting article that was recently found as I’m still behind on Mastodon. Sometimes its a good thing.

Today’s article comes to us from Hackread. Its titled Free VPN Service SuperVPN Exposes 360 Million User Records.

Who is Super VPN and why are they supposedly leaking over 360 million customer data? is the blog post from the JRN.

The crew will have other topics if time allows as well. Hope you enjoy the program!

Why not come join us? We hope to see you very soon and thanks for listening!

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Throwback Saturday Night: Swatting is becoming a huge problem

With the advant of technology, swatting has become a big problem. Take the Kansas case of 2019 where a Los Angeles man pranked a Kansas home and sent the swat team down there to kill someone. We’ll talk about an article tomorrow that recently passed our desk as well as the landscape.

Here are the notations for tomorow.

Welcome to the podcast. Man charged in 20-plus calls of false threats in US, Canada — including Pa. is the article you’ll want in today’s security hour. Here is the tech blog article on the same story.

Swatting is a big deal and now, technology is a part of the problem. What exactly should we do about this?

Our Listen page on the mix has links for server 2, where the security hour plays as part of Throwback. Program with music starts at 7, and the security hour is at 8.

All times station time which is central.

See you there!

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This week on Throwback Saturday night: things to look for in email messages

Hello everyone, here we are again with another episode of Throwback Saturday Night. The show is on Saturday on server 2 on the mix.

This week, we’re going to continue our treck through files that’ve I recorded, and of course they’ll have the usual music segments too.

On this edition of the program, we take from the March 31, 2023 newsletter from Kim Komando.

I even add a bonus tip for those that may not know too, and Yes, I change the name of the person to protect their identity.

Here are the items in which are mentioned that may mean that someone is in your inbox.

  • Your delivery was unsuccessful: No, it wasn’t. If you missed it, you’ll most likely get a text or note on the door, not an unsolicited email. Bonus points if you know the tracking number.
  • Action required: Your Payment Was Declined: Anyone demanding you act through an email deserves to be ignored. This one is often an attempt to get you to pay for nothing.
  • Re: Anything: OK, there are times when an email with “Re:” at the start is part of a legitimate email chain, but it’s a common scam tactic to make you feel like it’s part of an existing chain.
  • Payroll has been delayed: Does your boss email you with this exact phrase to tell you there’s a problem getting paid? If not, it’s a scam. Move along.
  • Dropbox: Document shared with you: This one can be hard to spot, especially if you’re a Dropbox user. But follow good advice not to click email links, and you should stay safe.

Please be safe! While Kim has social media flyers and things, let’s pass the word on this. If you do want flyers and social media information to post, this is the link to use to get them. Thanks for listening to this edition of the podcast!

Its never too late to share things like this, there are always new people comoing online and since we’re on Mastodon, the word must continue to be spread.

Again, the show is on Saturday on the mix, and broadcasted elsewhere, check Internet Radio schedules to see if your channel broadcasts it.

Thanks for listening!

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This week on Throwback Saturday Night

I know I didn’t put this up on Friday like I usually do, but tonight on Throwback, we’re going to talk about how bad Phishing seems to have gotten by listening to a podcast from Cybercrime Radio. We’ll also cover any book updates, the landscape and more.

The show is on server 2 of the mix starting at 7 CT, 5 pacific time.

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Throwback Saturday Night for April 29, 2023

Hello everyone,

This program is going to be live all the way, even for our security hour.

After calling Terry, the producer, we’ve decided to do a full length hour.

The group will have music and the like during the first hour.

To listen, go over to the mix’s listen page and select server 2.

The server 2 time is 6 PT, 8 CT for the security hour on Saturday and the show itself starts at 7 CT, 5 PT.

Now, here are the notations for this live show and thanks for listening!

Welcome to Throwback Saturday Night’s security hour. This is going to be the live edition. If you want context, this blog post titled T-Mobile, are you serious? Writing letters to get people to sign up? was posted to the blog on Monday April 24th.

We’ll also cover the landscape and anything else the team wants to cover.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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This week on Throwback Saturday Night

This week, something from the Kim Komando newsletter talking about Security and my question is, are you as Secure as possible?

Here are the notations for the program.

Today, we go to the Kim Komando newsletter for March 28, 2023. On this edition of the program, the newsletter talks a little bit about the dark web and some sobering statistics when it comes to what is out there.

For example, the fact that a credit or debit card can be stolen and sold for as little as $10. Are you scared? Are you just going to tell this host f-you? Read the accompanying newsletter by the digital goddess Kim Komando and make up your own mind. You must make the right choice. Its up to you.

How do I listen?

The show is Saturday night on 986 the mix.

The start time for the music portion of the program is 5 pacific, 7 central. The security hour is 8 central and 6 pacific.

I’ll be there on Teamtalk with the rest of the guys at the top of the hour.

Ask for an account on Teamtalk by following its instructions on the website. Someone will get back to you.

Also, the blog is getting this a day earlier so that people have time to read and decide if they want to join us whether listening or teamtalk.

I hope that this finds you well, and we’ll be in touch!

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Throwback Saturday Night tonight on server 2 of the mix

Kroger notifies more than 82,000 Postal Prescription Service patients of mistaken information sharing is the article that will be linked to within the show notes.

I was asked to do a file on this recently and so we have it.

Thanks for listening and make it a great day!

Here is the link to the listen page at the mix and join us for the security hour at 8 CT, 6 PT. Program starts with music and the like at 7.

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This week on Throw Back Saturday Night

Tomorrow on Throwback Saturday Night, we’ll have two different things for you. They may be related as the topic itself is social media. I hope you’ll enjoy these topics and whatever the team comes up with..

Go to the listen page and select server 2 from the list on Saturday, 8 PM central, 6 pacific time.

Hope to see you there!

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Security Hour on Throwback Saturday Night. The team hopes that you enjoy the music as much as they have bringing it to you.

Today, there are two items that we will be covering today.

Both of these are Kim Komando minutes, we’ll link to any articles or blog posts if necessary.

  • First, do you want to know about a site that Kim is saying that we should not tell our kids to go? In this 9 minute file, I talk about something I read from the Current newsletter. In it, there’s a section about a popular social media site that is mainly used as a pinboard site is now used in a different way. I’m not responsible after you hear this one!
  • Next, we’ll have a Kim Komando minute. Its talking about China’s atempt to make TikTok legitimate although as we talked about, it seems from something I heard they have the right things in place. But you might have problems with this one too.

Some TikTok coverage from the tech blog:

I hope that you’ll enjoy this one, let the team know what you think of it. See you next time!

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This week on Throwback Saturday night’s security hour

Hello folks,

Starting this week, Throwback’s security hour will include show notes as part of the upload process.

This week, we’re going to talk about that big story about the breach that occurred in two countries and of course the team will talk about the other topics that were posted to TSB and other places they may read.

Want to listen to Throwback Saturday Night? Go over to the listen page of the mix and select server 2.

The program starts at 8 central time, 6 pacific time for the security hour portion of the show. Throwback itself goes from 7 PM to 9 PM station time, 5 to 7 PM pacific time.

Here are the notations for tomorrow’s program.

On this edition of the program the blog post linked herein is titled Kiwibank counting customers … major breach at Latitude lending company. If you are in New Zealand or Australia, you must read this because you might be affected. Kiwibank is not totally at fault here, but they must try to figure out what happened and help their partner in dealing with this issue.

Other articles that might be discussed may include but not limited to:

Thanks for listening to the show, and do make your voice heard!

I hope you’ll come listen to us and email your thoughts about what is said. If you want to join us and you don’t have an account on TeamTalk for the mix, contact us and request one. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks so much for listening!

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