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The New Features, Changes, Improvements, and Bugs in macOS Catalina for Blind and Low Vision Users

A little bit of Mac news coming across our desk while perusing Apple vis. This blog post with the same article title has all of the details.

What I really like are the functions that remind me of Dragon during voice dictation. That is awesome! I tried Dragon with Jaws many years ago, but its been a long time.

There are some bugs in regards to playing podcasts, and another bug, but a lot of enhancements with this update.

Give it time, update at your convenience, and feel free to report any bugs to the AppleVis community so they’re aware of it and to Apple so they can fix it.

Do let me know if you find this info of value.

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Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 13.1.2 With Camera, iCloud Backup, Flashlight, Shortcuts Fixes and More

On the heals of 13.1.1, we’ve got more fixes for those who use IOS 13. This Apple Vis post goes in to detail in regards to what has been fixed. From what I’m reading, there may not be any accessibility fixes, but the release notes are general by the looks of it. I want to pass this along, so you know things are out.

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Why the fate of online accessibility may rest with a Domino’s Pizza lawsuit

I think I’ve covered this before, but this seems to be an update. I know the person involved although I’ve not talked to him in a long time. We’ll be watching to see what happens, and of course, we’ll see if there is pushback.

The pizza chain is asking the Supreme Court to review a case that could push business websites to better serve people with disabilities.

Source: Why the fate of online accessibility may rest with a Domino’s Pizza lawsuit

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IOS 13.1.1 has been released

Hi folks,

On keeping up to date as best we can, IOS 13.1.1 fixes some issues including battery drainage faster than usual. My IOS 12.4.2 sure seems not to have fixed that, I noticed it when updating to 12.4.1. In fact, my phone seems to not hold a charge at all by the way its acting, so I may have to take it to the store to have them do a battery check. Apple Vis has more detail. Stay safe.

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Jaws crashes somehow, restarts jaws, and gets new update

Well, I know its a little dramatic, but this is how it went. I went to read an article, and hitting the key for the client to open the web page crashed Jaws. After getting JFW back up, it lets me know of the update.

This is the September update. I know I rebooted yesterday as I do each week, but its OK.

From the Jaws web page, here’s whats new for September 2019.

Enhancements in JAWS 2019.1909.28 (September 2019)

The following is a list of improvements made in JAWS 2019 between the August 2019 update and the September 2019 update.

To download the latest release, visit the Downloads web page. You must be logged on as an administrator to install this software.

• For single-user perpetual licenses, JAWS, Fusion, and ZoomText 2019 now check to see if an update to your license is available when the software first
starts. For instance, you recently purchased or renewed a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA). You will then have the option to update the license on
your local computer. This allows you to install major releases in the future you are licensed to run without having to go through the authorization process
after the install.
• While browsing the internet, JAWS will no longer announce “Clickable” by default as you move to various content.
• You should no longer hear the message “Press JAWS Key+ALT+R to hear descriptive text” as you navigate form controls and certain other elements on the
• Resolved a reported issue where JAWS and Word would become unresponsive when attempting to edit a long comment.
• By default in Word and Outlook, JAWS will no longer announce “Alt SHIFT F10 to adjust Auto Correction” when you move to something that was auto corrected
• The AutoCorrect Detection option, previously only available in the Quick Settings for Word, can now also be changed in the Quick Settings for Outlook
• JAWS and Fusion will no longer gather and announce the count of all the objects, misspellings, grammatical errors, and so on when a document is opened
in Word. This will enable documents to load much faster, including very large documents containing a lot of these items. You can always press INSERT+F1
for an overview of what the document contains.
• If the Table Display option located under the Braille group in Quick Settings is set to Current Row or Current Column, addressed a reported issue where
the current row or column was not being shown on the braille display as expected while navigating tables in Java applications.
• Resolved translation issues with the Hungarian Liblouis braille table.

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Smart cities could give the visually impaired a new outlook on urban life — GCN

Can you imagine what type of a thing this could do? I just sent this off to Los Angeles Metro, and I could definitely see some benefits to that. I’m glad I saw this, because it could be of value to talk about.

Internet-connected devices and artificial intelligence can improve services and the quality of life for visually impaired smart city residents.

Source: Smart cities could give the visually impaired a new outlook on urban life — GCN

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Apple releases IOS 13.1 to the public

Today, Apple has released IOS 13.1 to phones and pads. This apple vis post from the 21st will cover fixes and regressions. As they are a small team, you can let them know of your experience by commenting in the post linked. I give you this post as a service for those who don’t follow Apple Vis directly.

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Have an apple watch? Watch OS is now out for you to get

Today, I’ve found an article via Apple Vis talking about Watch OS version 6. I do not have this product, therefore, I can’t comment on it. I can tell you that the changes are quite detailed in this post, and I’m providing it to people so they may see if the upgrade is worth it, and instructions are given to update it.

Headings include:

  • An App Store on your Wrist
  • New Health Apps
  • Some Siri Changes
  • A New Way to Keep Track of the Time
  • Other Changes
  • And What About Accessibility?
  • How to Update to watchOS 6

These headings are at level 3.

Apple Releases watchOS 6; Bringing New and Enhanced Apps, New Health Features, a Dedicated App Store, Siri Improvements, and Much More

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Want to learn more about IOS 13 and accessibility?

I read this post last night from Apple Vis and it talks about the accessibility changes in IOS 13.

Yiou’ll want to check out podcasts 1258-1262 in their series to date that covers IOS 13.

Passing this along for those who would like to see it.

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First Public Beta of JAWS 2020 Posted with Improved OCR, Form Control Handling, More

For those who love to do beta software like I do, you might be interested in this. Lots of very interesting changes coming in the upcoming version I have never beta tested Jaws before, I did beta test Window-Eyes back in the day from the very beginning. If you’d like to read more, please go over to the blind bargains article entitled: First Public Beta of JAWS 2020 Posted with Improved OCR, Form Control Handling, More and read all the notations for yourself.

I hope you all find this of value, and do let me know what you think of these changes in Jaws. The comment boards await you. Thanks for reading!

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Have Braille Blaster? You’ve now got an update

I just decided to check out Braille Blaster, and I found the blind bargains post that covers details on a release. Lots of different things including an experimental graphics option for inserting images for certain embossers. I’m also sending this info to someone who uses the program.

While I’ve not used Braille Blaster, I think that people should be notified where possible of this and they can decide what they use, update, and the like.

Thoughts on using this software? Let me know how you enjoy or not enjoy it. Opinions are interesting.

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Breaking: AIRA now free for calls of Five Minutes or Less

I saw this article on blind bargains, I had to do a doubletake. Michael Hingson, a representative of IRA, spoke at the Accessibility Advisory Committee in our last meeting in regards to IRA. Either a meeting back, or two meetings back, Paul Schroeder also spoke as a public commenter in regards to IRA. I talked briefly to both gentleman about IRA and what I’ve heard amongst the community here on twitter and elsewhere.

I was on Facebook today, why, I don’t know. Perusing the posts, was the announcement from Michael Hingson himself, in regards to the free offering that IRA is offering. I’ve personally never used the service, and this is definitely a welcome change for those who can’t afford long term services.

I’m going to link to the blind bargains post, and I’ll look to utalize it to do basic mail stuff to determine what I need to keep, and what can be thrown away so when I do get help, they can only deal with what I know I needto have help with.

Blind Bargains: Breaking: AIRA now free for calls of Five Minutes or Less August 14, 2019

I’ll look at getting the app, and see what I think. The demo at Metro had some issues due to connectivity issues but for the most part, it went well. A video was also shared.

Thanks Michael and Paul for letting Los Angeles Metro know about the service, I hope that we can have a partnership with IRA where we can utalize the service in some way while traveling, so we can get assistance with finding bus stops, train departures, and the like.

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Bard suspending accounts older than 180 days

I just saw the following in my list email that I thought you should know. It was delivered to my email on the second of August.

Suspending Unused BARD Accounts

As of Friday, July 26, 2019, patron accounts that have not been used for 180 days will be moved to an Inactive/Suspended status. This means the account
will be temporarily suspended and the account holder will not be able to log into BARD.

This is a security measure put into place by the Library Of Congress. Accounts that remain unused for an extended period of time pose a security risk.

If you try logging into your account but find it has been disabled, simply call your regional library for assistance. Contact information for your library
appears at the bottom of every screen of the BARD web site.

Thank you,

The BARD Support Team

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Jaws gets an update, fixes major Adobe bug: other fixes too

Hi all,

Jaws has released their June 2019 update. In it, they fixed a major adobe issue in the reader product where MSAA mode would be on where it reads PDF files to you using this mode. I reported it, and was able to send a smaller file instead of the one I intended to send. This happened with every single PDF file.

In the release notes issued for this update, they talk about fixing this bug where the virtual buffer (MSAA) was not being loaded with the content, even when we tell Adobe that we’re using assistive technology.

Thank you VFO, for fixing this issue. For those who primarily use Jaws, the fix is welcome. Luckily, I was able to save the file and get a text representation, now, I can go back to reading PDF’s as intended.

There are also a bunch of other fixes between the April and June releases, and you can read them from this Freedom Scientific page for your convenience. Thanks for reading!

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WWDC, IOS, Mac, and More

Hello all,

WWDC was on June 3rd, and Apple Vis has several posts in which there is covere in regards to the Mac, IOS, the watch, and even some accessibility news in regards to these platforms.

I got a chance to review the WWDC post, and some of the accessibility post for myself. For those who don’t know about these posts, I’ll supply the links.

One user who talked about WWDC with me indicated that they watched it. I did not, but I read the majority of these posts I’m linking. The podcast links to an audio file which is podcast 1242 in the series. The articles are broken in to headings where appropriate.

Did you watch WWDC and if so, what did you think? One person said it was a waste of their 2 hours of time it took to watch it. I personally didn’t see it, so I’ve got no comment. Let me know in the comments.

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Capital one fixes major accessibility bug in app

Hi all,

In an earlier post we reported a major accessibility bug in the way Capital One gave us information after doubletapping on your card name. A customer notified this network of the updated app released on June 4th which addressed this bug.

We, the blind community, commend Capital One for their fast action fixing this critical bug to the available credit aspect of their app.

I can confirm that one of the people did leave feedback for Capital One, and I had planned to do it and just didn’t get around to it. Thanks so much for your continued support, Capital One, you are committted to this community, and we should applaud you.

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The Capital one app is broken

Hi all,

I intend to do this, but the capital one app for checking your balance and available credit for credit card users is broken.

  • Open the app and sign in.
  • Double tap your credit card, I.E. Visa $811
  • At the top, it should have your available credit and your running balance

Here, the app just says that there is possible text, and it doesn’t say anything else. Double tapping on the available text notice takes you to the bottom of the app where you can get help including getting at your credit card number, and other help and self service options.

I’ll demo this briefly on the next available podcast, but this is a step backwards for Capital One. My intent is to contact them about this issue, and this is in the latest version found on the store.

I’d like to thank someone who alerted me over the phone to this issue. I normally don’t look every day at my available crdit, but I do check on my running balance and I can see that on the main screen after log in after the main page.

Please let me know if you’re experiencing the same issue, or what is happening on your end.

Thanks for reading!

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IOS 12.3 now out

Applevis has posted an article in regards to IOS 12.3. This is the link to that post where it also talks about the general things that have changed. I’ve not updated to this version, I hope it fixes the jumping in Newsify that is reported in News. That was very annoying, and why I’m very behind in reading news and posting some of what I find of interest. In any case, here’s this post, and make it a great day!

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Braille 2000 soon to be getting a new version

Within the past year, I’ve added to my linedin page the fact I’m an accessibility tester for Braille 2000 a very powerful piece of software that can produce braille documents. Within the past almost year, I’ve started and talked extensively about this software, the braille transcription course, and the trials and tribulations of using this software with Access Technology. The software works for the most part with Jaws with some shortcomings, but not any major pitfalls. Thats good and bad, because NVDA won’t work within the editing pannel at all.

In recent podcasts, I’ve been talking about percent codes within working with RTF files. I’m due yet a new copy of the file, but in the upcoming podcast, I’ll be running through the list I have, briefly touching whats coming in this area.

I’ve found some very interesting bugs during my taking the braille transcription course which have been fixed. While I don’t have any timetable on the release, I can now tell you that Version 1 has been completely removed from braille 2000’s web site, and version 2 is prominent. I’m hopeful that the release will be fruitful, and both my network and braille 2000’s staff will be doing a joint release and I’ll be talking about it in full in a future podcast.

For more info, please visit the web site, and feel free to reach out with questions to Bob or myself. Its been a fun ride. I hope to have more news soon!

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Apple watch gets updates

Hi all, as I thought, apple watch did get an update to 5.2x. This apple vis post Apple Releases watchOS 5.2, Bringing the ECG Feature to Hong Kong and Europe and Adding Support for Air Pods 2 has all the details. I don’t have a watch, but I do want to pass this along to those that do and didn’t know about the update. Thanks for reading.

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