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A Closer Look at the Locky Poser, PyLocky Ransomware

To keep this blog moving, I want to talk about this article entitled: A Closer Look at the Locky Poser, PyLocky Ransomware and this article is quite interesting. Not only is this piece of ransomware going after some files we might have seen, but this particular article has gotten my interest because there are tons of file extensions I’ve not even seen in this list and a lot in which I’ve not even heard of. This is absolutely crazy!

Some of them are of concern, especially our audio files such as mp3, m3u, m4a, and other associated movie and video files. This practically makes a computer useless to get anything done unless you pay these folks. In the disability community, I don’t remember ever having an issue that takes a computer out except for the issues we discussed way back in 2006 on our third podcast.

I don’t think they will go after the biggest executable file ever, the exe extension. The reason for this is simple, they want a working computer so they can extort you for the rest. Thats what ransomware is.

Do you have thoughts? Lets hear about them.

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Tech podcast 287 is now up!

Hi all,

Podcast 287 is now up. Its on our RSS feed as well as mixcloud for your listening pleasure. It will also be on live wire and ground zero later on. My box over on both systems is 2276.

Here are the show notes.

Hello folks, welcome to podcast number 287. This is the first podcast on Anchor that will be released there. I talk about scammy behavior, even though it wasn’t in email form, its good to be on guard. Transit App has their new version 5 of their app, and I demo a little bit to show you how it works now. Finally, we bring back the scammy behavior when we talk about an article from Phishlabs entitled Phishing 101: Targeted Phishing Attacks. Our contact information is also available at the end, as well as our public thanks to Anchor. Thanks for listening!


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What is happening with all the accusations of hacking and no action?

I’ve been reading numerous articles that have accused various countries of hacking. The problem I see is a big problem. That is this. If you have proof that a country is hacking, whatever it may be, why don’t we work to get them prosecuted? I’ve also seen accusations of antivirus companies spying on the United States, when their job is to analize threats. On the next podcast which will be our 288th, I’ll talk about my thoughts as wlel as scanning some articles live looking for something I was looking for. I’m curious on what you guys think of all this hacking whether it is state sponsored or not? I think that if it was state sponsored, something else happens. Thoughts?

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Anchor and this podcast


We’ve done it! We’ve moved this podcast over to anchor, and the issues I’ve experienced are resolved. You can still use this this RSS link to subscribe, it will redirect you to the proper place. I’ve also put out in podcast 2587 which is out now, a thank you to the team there. They were asking about a logo, but I’ve never had one for this cast. The team there put one together, and has helped me through this transition. The show notes will post later today to the blog, but the RSS feed has the entire show notes there. I hope you’ll enjoy the new home, and thanks Anchor for your support.

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Mytelespace changing telephone numbers

Hi all, it has come to my attention that Mytelespace, the telephone line that started in 2008, announced a new telephone number. They are announcing that the 832 telephone numbers which we’ve had since we moved to that location are going to be discontinued. The number I’ve been using is 712-432-2831 but they are not announcing that number. The number that was announced as of September 7, 2018 was 720-787-1070. The administration had asked for people to log in using that number, and when I did, I ended up getting a fast busy signal.

Mytelespace announced 5 months ago on their twitter that this was going to be happening, but no timeline was ever given.

If people read this, I’m curious on whether anyone was successful dialing the number provided.

You can email me, or find other contact on the page on the blog entitled information you need. Thanks for reading!

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anchor update

Hi folks,

I’ve had to restart the feed, and there were some issues with the import which was automated. I’ve gotten all of the podcasts up, and the blog will have to supplement the RSS with this blog as there is a 1000 character limit. We’re still going to put the mixcloud which I uploaded the last podcast to just today. Your thoughts are still welcome as we beta test together to see how this works. Its always a learning journey.

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Tech 286 is now out

Tech 286 is now out. We’re working on anchor, a service I heard about, and found out that the RSS has returned to my server although I still see it as part of the permanent forwarding. In the meantime, you can use the current RSS feed or mixcloud to get your copies. I’m hoping to get this resolved so I can see how things work with it.

Here are the show notes with this show, and thanks for listening!

Welcome to podcast 286 of the technology blog and podcast series with Jared Rimer. On this podcast:

  • Skype gets a repreave as Version 7 is loved by many in the blind and sighted alike. This is because its got global hotkeys that are loved by all. We learn some good news from Michael in Indiana, who lets me know about the Freedom Scientific podcast and from there, we learn that Skype is going to allow us to use Skype verson 7 for the foreseeable future.
  • Very Good Security raises $8.5 million to handle companies’ sensitive data is something that I feel is pretty good news! I normally don’t tweet or talk about these, but I found this one to be promising, and I hope that this company, based in San Francisco, takes the money and really develops this to something great! I want to wish them good luck!
  • Dice world, a game package for the blind and sighted for IOS and Android, released an update. I’m not sure if Android has this yet, but a short demo showing you the newest feature, a daily bonus for taking your first turn for the day. This is going to get interesting. The latest IOS update also has some accessibility fixes as well.
  • This podcast is going through a test bed on anchor.fm. I want to really get off the podcast feed we’re using and have been looking for a replacement for the podcast feeds for some time. Joseph from Illinois mentioned it on passing, someone else mentioned it to me, and I decided to take a look. After a user error which caused firefox to crash, I was able to upload an episode or two, although as part of importing, I had to move my current feed from where it is to Anchor. While I turned off the redirect so they can look at an issue that I am having, I’ll currently upload to both feeds while we figure out the best route to get this to work as importing needs something I can’t do. I also ask for your feedback if you’ve used it, and I hope to hear from users pro and con. Nothing is set in stone, and we’ll see how things go.
  • I cross posted this segment to the White Cane Travel podcast, but how do automated voice announcement systems work across the country? While I’ve experienced issues I’m continuing to address, I’m bringing this up as a talking piece. Please leave your thoughts.
  • Teaching time. I get a text message telling me I’ve won millions. New people are coming on the internet, and so now is a good time to do some reminding.
  • Finally, I give muy contact info.

I’m going to learn how this new platform works with the RSS feed, because I’ve always had issues with the show notes where it comes to links, and how much content I can put. We’ll see how anchor works, and I appreciate everyone’s support! The podcast is over an hour.

Please go to my web site to find contact info, or feel free to contact me through the contact information through the podcast. See you on another edition of the podcast very soon!

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Tech podcast 285

Tech podcast 285 has been up for a little bit now. We’ve been playing with a new RSS service for podcasting, so thats why the delay on the blog.

Once we get this working, than I could get back to a regular thing, so we will make sure to use the same RSS, even if it redirects.

Here are the show notes for today’s program.

This podcast is available through mixcloud, RSS, and through live wire too.


Hello folks, welcome to podcast 285 for August 29, 2018. On this extended edition of the podcast, we’ve got quite a number of items for you, and the podcast will last you 113 minutes.

  • We start with a demo of Mixcloud. Mixcloud can be considered similar to streaming services like Pandora except they have the advantage of you listening to podcasts. I talk about the web site, demo the app, and the app is interesting but some accessibility issues are present.
  • Stuck in traffic has a series called stuck in traffic. In this segment, Wulf talks about tech support scams. Here’s the youtube link for those who want to watch it.
  • I wish that this could’ve been around to help pout with my dad, but I found a ted talk about artificial intelligence to diagnose disease. Here’s the ted talk video if you want to watch it directly.
  • We’ve also got quite a number of articles that we mention in a news segment.

We hope you enjoy the program as much as I have putting it together.

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