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IOS 12.1.1 now out

I am on apple vis, and they are posting that IOS 12.1.1 is out as of December 5, 2018. Their post is here. One thing they fixed which I was able to see was extranious text in the call history screen. I didn’t personally find it to be a big deal, but I also know it wasn’t there before, so i’m glad that they have fixed it. The post linked also has other information that may be of interest.

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Microsoft Killing Edge? A podcast has the details

Hi folks, I was tipped off to some news that Chromium was going to be the new norm for Microsoft. I’ve not luistened to this yet, but the video which includes Paul T. and Andrew is linked for you to check out. This could be huge! I know Edge hasn’t been very accessible, and steps were made to make it better, however, I’ve not used it at all. I think the times I’ve opened it, navigation wasn’t working with JFW, but I honestly don’t know how it works. This could be very interesting. Anyone hear of the news, and what did you think?

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The breaches continue, what else is new?

This week has spawned some very interesting news that I’ve been meaning to pass along. There are several articles in regards to one, and one of which I’ve only found one article on.

Lets get started on my thoughts.

The Mariot baught out starwood Hotels, and now they have reported a breach. Cyberscoop and Krebs On Security are two sources that have articles that I have access too. Armando from Northern California also sent me one from Action News Now which talks about what to do. The numbers can be anywhere from 370,000 up to 500,000 if not more when all said and done. I think this is the most in everything we’ve covered and sadly, this has been going on for some time now, at least 4 years.
According to Krebs on Security, this whole thing started in 2015 when Starwood initially reported a breach which was already a year old. Now, this is 4 years old, and we’re only learning about what is actually happening, and the investigation is still in process. Check out the various articles to find out more, and of course, form your own opinions.

Next, the United States Postal Service is in the news This Krebs on Security article talks about this one. The number on this one is 60 million, and that may not include duplicates if multiple people signed up for the service at the same address. For example, two people would be effected if dad and I signed up using the same address. This can’t be good, but we’ll have to see over time.

Finally, Trend Micro has a very interesting article which would be timely about now. Today’s Data Breach Environment: An Overview is the name of this article, and I can’t find a better time to cover this one, because of how timely it is in regards to the other articles in here. Some of the top threats include ransomware, cryptomining, and tec and email scams. Megabreaches are on the rise, according to this article and there is no reason for it to slow down. Data indicates that it takes 191 days to detect a breach, and that is about 6 months, – a very long time – don’t you think? There is also a 16 percent increase inmega breaches from 2017 numbers. So far, 259 megabreaches in 2018 and only 224 during the same period of reporting last year. Hacking or malware is not the overall reason for the breaches which may be good news, but this is not good overall.

The article covers much more and goes in to more detail on the three points of compromise mentioned above.

I hope that this article may be of interest to my readers, and feel free to read more by clicking through to the links. Thanks for listening to the podcast and reading the blog.

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