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comments and other things

A few things in assending order.
First the articles.
Is anything safe, if we think we are safe we are kidding ourselves.
With the new technologies out there, privacy as we know it is in the can.
You are prity much public, your identity is prity much out there.
Even your credit card number, password and several what you would
think is private are probably public somewhere.
This is the type of world we live in, with the ease of use, living
and other cool things about technology and the life we live
in crime, terrorism and a host of other down sides share the same
place with sharing, free thinking and other such things.
If you want to test this search your name in the google.

You will find about every message public or private you sent,
articles you published, postings, etc, etc.
If you go back far enough you will eventually find everything you
ever did, including what you brought from the store 100 years ago.

Its the blessing and curse of the digital age.
Its good and its bad at the same time.
I have often had people to affraid of going online incace someone
steals their identity.
I tell them I read about this all day, what I read could kill them.
Yet I deal with it as best as I can, protect myself reasonably, and
try to make sure I don’t go to far off the rails within reason of cause.
No one is actually legal these days, somewhere you do something and
it means something else and tech can go against you to.

We can rely on it to much so when it fouls, we can screw ourselves.

Ie a police computer has someone with your name commiting murder.
The tech can investigate, or just rely on his database.
He has a chance to get the wrong guy and this has happens.
We are also not ready to recheck what the system tells us.
If it says its white suger on that cake then its obviously that, its
not going to be poison, why check.
Oh someone died, must have been an error somewhere.

Things do crash to.

Getting one hacker for a dos attack is fine but why make a large
hoohar about that, there are a million to take their places.

The police thing is interesting.

There are all the amature scanners active, some not so much but still.
I read somewhere in an hamming book that on some radio stations,
recording what private, government, etc transmitions, decripting
them, etc is alegal.
Listening is not as long as you don’t respond.
It was old but it make sence.
I for example listen to the aircraft weather station at an airport
and a military base.
Its not coded, its clear chatter and I use it to plan my day.
I do off and on listen to shortwave stations and in deed if public
pull their urls and listen to their streams online.

We really shouldn’t be supprised.
Every phone has malware.
Apple and android mostly.
Symbian also has this though you only get this in text and programs.
Ie if you install lagit programs from official sources then you are ok.
I have a 5700 nokia and have never got a virus at all.
But I don’t brouse the net, skype, in fact I only text and phone and
don’t respond to spam.
I am carefull where I text, and only do some station promotions which
are lagit.
So its all prospective.
Windows has just been updated with at least 100 more mb of files.
I had to reformat dure to a crash last week and with all the packs,
for xp alone as well as online stuff we are up to at least a gb of
extra content, not counting sun java, codecs, and other software
including licencing files etc.
Java has just update as of 2 days ago.
Thats another 30 mb flash just updated last week.
Tech good and bad is always in motion.

On that note we finally get to a small thing that is still related to this.

What is spam.
Spam is junk mail, unsolissitated mail, containing adds, viruses, and
other things.

Ok, just hang on.
What is junk mail.
Junkmail is then spam.

So with some exceptions why do we accept the local news paper, the
coopons for local shops, food places, stuff from the local mp,
religious groups, charity donations for what we think is a good course, etc.

Why do we readilly accept this spam.
In fact if you are like me I always look foreward to the snail spam I
will get in my letterbox.
I rellish having read to me all the cool products on sale at the
local computer shop, even though I know in my heart I will never buy
them or will do it later but not right now.
Or read the local paper and actually enjoy it.
Or read countless housing and other company adds and although I chuck
those along with the propity mag away, still admire their presentation.

Yet when I get spam, I assume its bad and kill it.
There is little technically different from spam than junk mail.
Ofcause junk has rules which usually are kept.
There are always the same adds and stuff.
Deals on the back of your dockets could be concidered junk, the
entertainment and other books you get full of vouchers are in this
sent just spam though usefull.

When we get spam, well.

And spam was not always bad.

In 1995/1996/1997, I actually got my money’s worth from spam.

I signed with xdrive a now payed for service.
I never used it, but I got loads of free offers from companies which
were lagit, but were basically junk mail.
I myself didn’t have the necessary os, power, or ram to take
advantage of what would be now expensive products.

I was signed to an mp3 site that sent me adds, news letters and only
wanted me to click links to rate music.
From this I got a free cd which I simply got sent to my address.
It came, I didn’t have to pay, and I still have it, some of my
friends have coppies of it.

in 1997 it started to go bad though.

I guess the real difference from junkmail and spam is that junkmail
still has some use.
Spam is just, well junk.

If this is the case should junkmail be renameed to usefull bits and
bobs, and should spam be renamed to junkmail.

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Last modified: June 15, 2011.

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