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an interesting few notes

Hi all.
Its been a while since I updated this thing in ages.
First and foremost I was looking into the cloud on ms win8 with the
new ms accounts.
I wandered what would happen if you couldn’t login.
Cloud stuff is good but being a tech and a hacker of some note I have
wandered what would happen if something goes down.
the net is never fully stable.
your lines can glitch, routers can break.
Your isp will have issues from time to time.
your account could get hacked prity much exposing all the data you
have to who knows what.
the cloud servers could go.
something else along the way could go.
Oh and your security software could make login impossible to.
There are several ways to get round that.
1. create a local account and a cloud account.
2. refresh the system and install your apps again.
My responces to these.
1. if you are going to create a local then what the fuck’s the point
in making a cloud account in the first place.
Ok skip the ms junk about multipul devices, and other things if you
have a local why not set it as you have always done.
Some techs will point out your local hardware drives, etc have a limited life.
Well it was not so long ago where a google centre close to me failed.
net down, cloud down, oh dear.
it would have been much better to have the cloud only have effect
after you logged locally.
true have your settings in the cloud, your files insecure though that
may be, etc but have it that the default desktop or whatever came up
if things didn’t work out in the first place.

2. this relates to 1.
It seems pointless to me anyway that if you are going to have cloud
and it fails you have to essentually reformat.
in fact reformatting would be better, hell going back to xp or even7
would be better than 8.
Maybe I am being to strong but the fact as statued above cloud
systems can have potential pitfalls not to mention that ms update is
quite unstable really puts in question how stable ms stuff is as a whole.
All of the systems here have local login and secondary cloud access.
Ok if it fails its a real pain.
no gadgets, no news, weather no program updates, no twitter no
nothing till its up again but local stuff is accessable.
On the cloud side, if I am logging in, boom no system, need to
restore or reformat to get it working again.
Also I question the portability of the cloud in the situation where
laptops are concerned.
I will on occation have to be away without a net connection.
If I have to login to a cloud to boot I will have a major issue and
have to reformat.
So if you have loads of units maybe, or if you must then have both.
My plan is to skip cloud fully and just have local or at least have
local and see if I can login to clouds afterwards.
I also heard that there are some issues killing cloud access after
you have it and using a local instead though not sure if true which
makes me wander why I’d bother in the first place.
The only reason is if I were in a business situation where all
clouds were administered by a server.
that server went online.
as long as you could login to the server you would still have access.
Personally though I see no point for home users to worry about cloud
access at login.
I have several pcs with xp and 7 on them.
Cloud access.
aim, skype, msn, yahoo, a few other sites.
gmail, youtube etc, etc.
office, my documents every bit of software I use!
win 8 cloud.
everything if cloud doesn’t work, nothing.
If I loosse the cloud now ok no up to date info but I can live I
will bee extremely annoyed but I will live.
cloud win8.
fine everything works.
it goes down.
reformat and try again after which I would wander why the fuck I even
bothered with the cloud.
Thoughts are welcome.

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