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a review of the toshiba satelite c850

Hi all.
Welcome to another posting from me.
I was going to blog it on my personal but thought I’d just put it here.
If you have been keeping up with my personal even though mostly its
humdrum you will have noticed that I got a new system last week.
the c850 sat pro is everything you can imagine.
Graphics of 1gb radion, full presentation capability, hd screen,
webcam, the lot.
500gb of internal drive space.
win7 on mine though 8 is what everyone is going for these days.
Fast and powerfull and quiet.
Things run faster than a clockwork mouse and heeps better than this
core2 since its an i5.
However as I found out its not all its cracked up to be.
Firstly, speakers.
If you think you can run around with internal speakers like you may
have done on your older tecra or older toshiba laptops or whatever forget it.
they are really tinny even though the card is hd.
each speaker is centered to itself and unlike the other speakers you
may be used to there is no slider to centre things for just 1 unit.
Also they are crap.
toshiba has partually fixed this by installing an audio enhancer
which sounds best if all things volumes and everyting is adjusted.
However tinny speakers become like box speakers in your clock radio,
still its better than nothing.
Next the keyboard.
all keys for page up and down home and end are on the right top, get
an external its just bad.
Next the usb ports.
At least with the tecra series they had most of them on the left.
now its mostly on the right.
the cd tray is on the left.
a real pain if you ask me.
Ofcause its going to have to be eventually gotten used to.
the headphones are on the right side meaning you can’t knock them
but even so, I have issues with where the usb ports are if you ever
needed a mic plugged in the right ports.
Saying that if you play an complex game with loads of sound objects
in the maps you will find things will go happily.
Note! check your plugins if you can I actually don’t unless something
breaks and snesamp chose that time to be incompatible with winamp.
it hardly happens that you have actually to update a plugin but when
it happens winamp will simply not start.
Worse still there is mno error message that it couldn’t.
Now that is fixed, hmmm.
This box is being old and being used its 3 years old.
So did I regret replacing this old faithfull box with another.
Yes because this one works ok but no because this one has its own set
of issues.
One thing other to note.
don’t under any circumstances install the factory image.
just load the out of box windows and set things yourself.
the bullitin board is inaccessable but everything else should have
access to it.
this includes the realtech hd control panels.
The only thing I am annoyed about in windows is the copy paste replace dialogs.
Still for a machine for high powered usage I’d take the c850 any
day its also light.
at least in 32 bit mode it seems it will run all older software which
it self is good.
So will I ever get a desktop?
Maybe I will get one.
at least I will get one I can fiddle with from time to time.
later all

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