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comments on the 2 posted articles and things

Hi all.
well it seems I am away hacking cracking, testing and designing sounds for games, working out on other junk and this is what I finally motivate myself to come back for.
Firstly, heart hacks.
You know its probably possable, I mean everything including the moterways are controled by computer.
There was a case last year maybe even earlier this year where airbus revealed that a back door in its chips only meant for admins and diagnostics engineers was discovered by hackers and had potentual for issues.
I guess if the bad guys want to they could hack the chips in heart units and implants.
They chould change the speeds of those units, and moniter things.
However it would have to be pritty close.
I don’t think for example you can remotely hack into them yet unless there is that feature.
Generally though you need to be able to be close, so I guess if you got into the building or close to someone with the chip, was wirelessly in range of it, had the software and stuff, you could hack it.
I am not sure how close the range of those would be.
myself knowing this the easiest way to limit attacks like this would to be to make it quite hard to do.
Firstly reducing the range to near 0 so the doctor would have to be in the same room as the patient to do it.
True you could kill the doctor, get into the building and do it but you would have to be in real close.
At that range it would be easier to stab the person with a knife than do this junk.
Names and numbers.
Its a blessing and horrible curse of digital technology.
Everyone is a name, and also a number and also a bunch of 0s and 1s which may live past physical life on any number of computers.
All boxes are ticked and filled in.
We are after all machines.
Thinking, inteligent, emotional, but still machines.
In the programming of a machine its on or off.
It works or its failed.
Its logged, reported, completed.
It doesn’t matter how its done as long as the job is stamped, filed and completed.
Actually quite scary to be honest.
Have a computer do an opperation.
get the patient nice and open say a heart transplant or something.
now hack the system and make the system say its complete, file the job and its done.
its not but it thinks it is.
And there you go, its on and its finnished and its off but it isn’t.
Machines do not care about the middle junk.
its all data.
Its what the world has come to become sadly.
News just out at least locally has put our regular snailmail to be basically halved and maybe eventually none of us will get mail which is bad for old people.
On the other hand a lot of the generation after 11980 sertainly the 90s and such are going to use computers.
its the generation born in the 70s and less that are the issue.
Not to many of those now but still.
My grandpa has a computer.
Its not the state of the art but it exists.
He never really attempted to use it, and never secured it properly.
He got hacked into all the time.
I never bothered because so much of his stuff was paper the hackers would only get pictures of tenis and such nothing sensitive.
The new system came a couple years ago mainly so I could admin it better.
He never used it though I keep it secured for him.
Now he has dimenture and will never use it.
It was pushed by the family though to be honest he was happy to use the phone and letters.
And on that note the phones are going out of fashion.
faster fibre nets are coming on, no power, no coms but the world does not care.
Copper will be heavily taxed and probably eventually disposed of totally.
I have also read the article on bullying and aggree something needs to be done.
However punnishing the parents, I don’t know.
Its this name and number thing yet again.
It would be easy just to put them all in jail.
Sadly especially with ilander and maori and maybe others a lot of these people are usually poor, or abbused themselves, some on drugs etc.
Their history may have been in the jail out of jail cycle, the cycle needs to be broken because it won’t help.
It costs the tax payer loads to put muderers and others in jail.
I’d personally have them shot, it would probably cost less and with the echonomy and all.
either that or serious fines.
In singapour where I went on holiday, littering is fined.
stealing is fined.
if you have drugs, you are shot.
No trials you are just shot.
and its well sign posted.
its clear, you know the law, you break it and its your own issue.
If the law is clearly posted everywhere then it shouldn’t matter how its inforced.
Ofcause its how a lot of us me included think.
technology has made it easier to think about states on and off.
We no longer need to think of stuff in between.
Manual braille is also dropping.
its all computers.
On that note last week an article on a radio station I listened to said due to tech we were losing our ability to navigate.
And the same article said we were loosing our ability to invent at least men are.
You don’t fix things you are encouranged to buy things.
if your computer stops working you throw it away and replace it.
Unless you spend cash on a good one.
And we worry about landfills!
I think the whole world needs a reeducation on tech, there needs to be a ballance, eventually no one will need to move.
Robots will do it all then we become fat lazy and will eventually die or get bored with life or something like that.
I was born in the 80s early 90s and at that time we were just coming out of the manual tech ballence age.
now its to much.
Yesterday I looked at getting internet since the isp I am on I wish to change at some point maybe.
The prices at least in new zealand are crazy.
The net is not cheap unless you have dialup.
Then just about every previder seems to be owned by vodafone.
True thats fine but um.
If I could travel in time, I’d like to go back, maybe to the 70s and 80s maybe 60s when we did have computers but not so much dependance on tech.
Its why I don’t have a twitter I tweat with or facebook.
Its why I try to get away from tech when I can.
Its almost impossible but I do manage it though I am almost on it all day and night and I still have not enguaged in the frivilous muckings of a normal socialite.
In other news of tech, I have started at least the first few steps on registering for a job with accessworks to test websites oversease and another company for local testing.
I have a research project due in the next month or 2 and should be ok on that front.
later all

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