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review of the agomo beta

Hi all.
Well some whiles ago, I decided to sign up for the beta of the agomo,
the new cloud solution from piriform.
I do use defragler and ccleaner extensively all the time but a few of
my systems are not in range, if I could remotely schedual cleaning
and other stuff for all my networked systems then that would really
be good espcially since I can’t always get to some of them.
It would also help when I was busy or they were busy to get access
to functions should the need arrise.

On this test I used ie11, on windows 7 with all updates installed.
I was using one of the latest i5 toshiba satelites the c850 which is
still selling ok.
Now, the first steps.
notifications and getting the invite easy as.
Registering for access was interesting.
The only thing I found either annoying or quite good you be the judge
is the fact you need some letters in your password to have capitals.
as well as numbers.
I had never had a site do this but after doing it for what I had
chosen, it all worked.
No capchas or anything.
2. downloaded and then using erunt made a backup registry.
installed the agomo client which installed ok.
linked my system was notified by the link by the software and via
email of the event in the cloud account and on my event log on the
cloud webpage.
Now here is where it gets interesting.
Most of the functions are done via the site.
This is fine there are links to just about every function,
information is displayed below.
There are some issues, these issues lead me to ultimately uninstall
and revert my registry, clear the junk anda few other things to make
sure no one had access to my computer.
I found the list of links on the page quite hard to access especially
since some of them didn’t seem to look like they clicked.
things were not as accessable as I thought though you clearly had
access to several tabs.
I could not access the program without using my comercial reader
which was not nvda and using its vertual function.
most everything was not present, ccleaner could be run, and a preffs
dialog and a few other things.
As far as I know though, I don’t really know as I didn’t even check
the dialog.
I was hoping for a client one could run anywhere that displayed a
list of functions that was all included and that I could easilly navigate.
I unlinked the system, uninstalled the software and roled back my system.
The software has potentual but we may not be able to access it.
In short if you are using ccleaner or defragler then continue to do so.
This service may improve over time.

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review of the agomo beta was released on December 13, 2013 at 10:04 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: December 13, 2013.

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