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What to post online when it comes to relationship issues

I saw this question on facebook. I’m putting this on my personal blog and this blog. This blog, only because it is technology related. I’m curious on what people think. My thoughts are below the question, and the person who posted this to facebook is not named here.

I saw this on facebook. The person who posted this is not named here, but there is a discussion going on and I thought I’d post the question out here for people to see and possibly comment on.

Controversial question for the week.

Do you feel it is inappropriate to put fights/disagreements/issues that you and your significant other have in a public venue, such as Facebook? I personally think it is not a good thing to do because any matters, unless of a severe or threatening nature, should be kept between you and that person. Getting too many people involved in your relationships can get things messy. . Discuss.

My two cents. I mentioned in the discussion that I wanted to post something, but I couldn’t do such a thing because doing so may hurt my reputation. While what I wanted to post wasn’t relationship related: I said: it was a work related thing which could be a problem. Most comments within the 15 so far mention that nothing should be mentioned publically. I did mention once you post something, even though you have your profile private, anyone can do with what you wrote and make it public.

Facebook for example, is is bad on changing ones settings for everything to be public. This can turn bad, if you went off on your boss for some reason or another. People have gotten fired for such activity, so people should be careful. Your thoughts are welcome.

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