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Important Message from NFB’s Newsline service

The opinions here are my own. They do not represent NFB Newsline in any way, I just want to pass information along.

Here’s an E-mail I just received from the NFB Newsline web site portal which U.S. subscribers can use to get newspapers and other content over the phone.


An important message from the Director of NFB-NEWSLINE

You are receiving this communication because you are subscribed to the NFB-NEWSLINE audio information source.


This is Scott White, Director of the NFB-NEWSLINE service. Recently it has come to my attention that some of our subscribers have been engaging in activities that violate our usage policy.

Specifically, some NFB-NEWSLINE subscribers are recording articles from the NFB-NEWSLINE service on telephone chat boards via three-way calling which is making NFB-NEWSLINE content available to non-subscribers. The rebroadcasts of NFB-NEWSLINE content in any manner is strictly prohibited and is in violation of our usage policy. Any subscriber disseminating content from NFB-NEWSLINE to any person or persons must immediately stop this activity or run the risk of having their NFB-NEWSLINE account restricted or terminated.

Please note that this restriction does not apply when you are conducting a brief live demonstration via a three way call with a potential subscriber in order to show them how they too can enjoy and benefit from NFB-NEWSLINE service.

I have also observed some NFB-NEWSLINE subscribers sharing their private identification and security codes with either friends or other family members. The codes that you are issued when your application is approved for NFB-NEWSLINE service are for your individual use only and should not be shared with another person for any reason. Even if you feel the other person will be eligible for the service, instead you should tell them to contact us at 866-504-7300 for more information on how to sign up for their own personal account. The sharing of NFB-NEWSLINE subscriber codes is in violation of the usage policy and any subscriber found to be engaging in this activity runs the risk of having their NFB-NEWSLINE account restricted or terminated.

For any questions regarding these two conditions of the usage policy, please contact Scott White by calling 866-504-7300 or sending e-mail to .

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Scott White, NFB-NEWSLINE Director

It is absolutely sad that we need to receive such an E-mail. I’ve personally not shared my code, in fact, I haden’t used it in so long I had to have it given to me again. I know a lot of articles are being sent through voice mail systems, and it is a good reminder that people shouldn’t do this. While articles are on the same web sites as NFB Newsline pulls it, NFB Newsline is a specialized service for the blind to get information quickly and easily. My personal opinion is that this E-mail is something to keep in mind, and you should read it. I’m hoping that whoever is doing this will realize they’ll lose a great service. This has been going on for some time now, and I suppose that this was eventually going to happen. I’ve personally not told NFB Newsline anything, because I would want proof, and with several hundred people on one voice mail system or another, it is hard to pinpoint who is doing what. I wonder if they have a similar message over the phone? They should. Make a great day.

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Important Message from NFB’s Newsline service was released on February 27, 2014 at 8:31 pm by tech in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: February 27, 2014.

Comments (5)

  1. Comment by tech date 6 March 2014 alle 20:09 (),

    Hi anonymous, I completely agree with your comments. However, the law is specifically clear, and if that is what is going on, than we need to obey it. Your comments are valid though, and I completely agree with them. Print readers get all of the copyright notices though, where this system does not, so there is no knowledge about this. Your thoughts are fair to post though.

  2. Comment by Anonymous date 6 March 2014 alle 12:19 (),

    Sharing of articles is something that has gone on since email and the Internet as we know it came to be in the mid 90s. On web forums, as well as in Yahoo and Google Groups, people refer to articles in their posts by copying the hyperlink, or web address, into the post. The problem with the voice bulletin boards is that there is no elegant way to hyperlink over to an article, and the only way to have content available to a listener to a board post is to record the actual article on to the board, since they can’t copy the link in any way.

  3. Comment by tech date 2 March 2014 alle 17:11 (),

    FYI folks, on one voice mail system, someone is urging people to post articles on to the Phiolmore system, and one box number was blocked from accessing one board. This is totally unacceptable.

    Here is at the bottom of all E-mail fro m NFB Newsline when receiving an article.

    This article is provided to you as a courtesy of NFB-NEWSLINE® Online for your sole use. The content of this E-mail is protected under copyright law, and is not to be distributed in any manner to others; infringement of our non-dissemination agreement is strictly prohibited. Allowing someone to have access to this material is in violation of the Terms of Use agreement that you electronically signed when you signed up for NFB-NEWSLINE® Online. Please do not forward this E-mail or its attachments to any other person or disseminate it in any manner. Thank you. The NFB-NEWSLINE® Team.

    Keep this in mind folks.

  4. Comment by tech date 27 February 2014 alle 23:37 (),

    To top it all off, there is nothing on the phone about this, and there should be. Policies are not read because they are in legal terms and most people don’t understand them. Problem is, that sites should be straight forward and to the point. Hopefully, NFB will put something up over the phone about this.

  5. Comment by Lino Morales date 27 February 2014 alle 23:02 (),

    It is so sad Scot White had to send us that email today. I’ve been using NFB Newsline since 2001 and I value it’s service. I hope you morons who’ve violated their usage policy really read this and quit this activity ASAP! I don’t want NFB Newsline to go a way just because some people want to violate their user policy.

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