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Teletender is closing

It is with sad news that Teletender is closing its doors. Today is the last day to use the service. They have a good thing going, but sometimes, things happen for a reason. On the last podcast, it was made known that a patent infringement was taking place. One program over the phone indicated that the company involved in making these claims was bullying Teletender with this rediculous lawsuit and they should leave well enough alone. Patents are an interesting subject, one I follow regularly on This Week in Law which you can find more info on the Twit network’s twil page. Companies are suing each other for who knows what all the time. Everything from the way the phone is made, to the way it is operating. This is how business seems to be done today.

The certain program I mention happens to mention that people are not using the phone to read the web. If that was the case, than why was Teletender developed? People are using touchtone systems, maybe not as much as once was, but the technology will always be around as long as there are telephones. Philmore Productions was hoping either for a settlement, or for them to change the way telephone dialing is made so each can exist peacefully. Money can always change hands, but with a non-profit which Teletender is, thats hard to do.

There is no way to know whether a company is infringeing on patents until they are made aware of it. Sadly, a good service suffers because of this. I’m wondering how companies in the future could verify what they are doing is not violating any patent? I’m interested in your thoughts on this one.

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Teletender is closing was released on March 16, 2014 at 6:00 pm by tech in General commentary.
Last modified: March 16, 2014.

Comments (2)

  1. Comment by tech date 16 March 2014 alle 19:53 (),

    Hi Shaun, people are going to find out no matter what. Teletender was fine until Philmore found out about it and checked it out. Then he decided to talk to his attorney and things got started from there. Its just too bad.

  2. Comment by crashmaster date 16 March 2014 alle 18:27 (),

    Hi jared.
    Well there are also patent trolls.
    companies that don’t do or make anything but just say a word or something is theirs and its not.
    The patent laws are a bit mangled to be honest.
    there needs to be a place where people can find easily what is patented and by who and if they patent something and its to close to someone’s patent they can be told and either change it or see what can be done.
    The alert for if you are stepping
    on someones foot is to close.
    Ie you are about to step on my foot except there is no alert till you actually do it after which its to late and you get into a fight.
    Out of this the message is clear, don’t patent because you get sued, and don’t tell others what you are doing because you can get sued.
    not good

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