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a lot of posts

Hi jared.
Wow, there are a lot of posts to comment here.
First zip codes, I know my own, but they can be a real bitch to search for on some sites especially your own.
The 3d museum.
Hmmm interesting on a diagram side but though I did a 3d model servey 3d printing of stuff so I can feel it though interesting really is a bit of a waste, why not re print my eye instead.
The museum you can feel sounds nice but really we should be focusing on how to make disabled people normal rather than making things more accessable.
We have the tech, so we should use it for usefull stuff.
The only reason I care about things being accessable is because I am blind.
If I wasn’t then I wouldn’t care so much.
The new braille display sounds interesting though never using one and not having the cash its a bit mute.
THe eye beacons sound major usefull, going to strange places would take a while to navigate and especially when in strange places for a limited time.
This nicely brings me to my reason for writing a post instead of commenting.
From next friday the 4th april to sunday the 13th I will be out of the office.
I will be in australia in strange places going up strange rivers in strange boats and staying in strange friends strange houses.
Yes eye beacons will be usefull.

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  1. Comment by Sharla date 31 March 2014 alle 09:52 (),

    There are about 130 pharmacies already providing ScripTalk in the USA and Canada. Contact En-Vision America at 1-800-890-1180 to see if there is one near you, or for a brochure to take to your local pharmacy regarding ScripAbility Accessible label options. The ScripAbility software suite includes ScripTalk, ScripView large print labels and Braille labels.

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