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Articles for this week

decided to post my comments.
First the breech, thats bad you would have thought these people
learned how not to repeat the same mistakes especially with the
widely done thing with target and how it was broadcast.
2. the pandora thing I am undecided, if it was true that person will
be delt with though on another note, I know pandora for windows uses
adobe air and adobe air is not accessable.
So if they are stuck to adobe air its just possible that its
inaccessable because air is inaccessable.
Cyber bullying is still a bad thing it continues to be people have
killed themselves over it!
The swatting thing.
Good on the caughts on putting this rat bag in jail won’t stop
hackers though just like the current wars won’t stop exteremists.
What I find bad is this guy is blind.
He is in jail but now we have the added stigama and stereo type of
being poor, helpless, stupid, now bad and should be aborted at birth
or put in jail.
I personally am concerned of what people will now think of us after
this article.
Never mind that this guy is in jail.
I once was fixing a school system well teaching someone how to use it
when I mistakenly accessed an secure system with no access.
I was promptly accused of hacking and fired.
To be honest the system was so restricted bar one part i couldn’t
stand to work on things, but to be honest I am worried now.
Its hard enough for us to get a job now.
And while we are not poor blind stupid and helpless anymore or at
least thats in the back ground people are going to get the wrong
impression of us off the bat.
We will just have to do what we are told and hopefully act helpless
enough so they don’t notice us.
I may be over exagerating but I am lagitimitly scared at this point.
Its hard enough to be blind but to have this bad guy heaped on us as
a minority really does not help.
Next is the fire phone from amazon.
Its all for shopping

Amazon's Fire Phone might be the biggest privacy invasion ever (and no one's noticed)

that link says amazon will use all personal info stored on its system
for its own use.
They tried to back track a bit, not that its going to be accessable,
sertainly not buying it.

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