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My personal review of windows 10

Hi all.
Well I have been needing to service 2 systems from family one of them a
server style desktop the other a laptop.
Both are dule cores, both have round 2gb of ram.
One of them was well broken sort of and the other had win 10.
Things I like about windows 10 include the following.
1 speed, I couldn’t believe how fast starting even on a core2 duo win
10 is really fast running and starting if I didn’t know any better I’d
say I was using my i5 duel rather than a core2 duo especially since the
same system had been slow on win 7.
Ofcause the system needed a little spyware clearing but it was not
really bad just left over fragments, and a hard drive full of junk.
Coppying a flash drive to the system was really fast and a integrity
check was really good.
2. Windows is spying on you.
Ok, its a misnoma to think windows is actually spying.
Firstly all those settings are easy to find and read.
Things you will want is calindar, microphone, and camera access.
You may not want contacts access but you may want it.
What you will want to turn off right away.
advertising access, location access, and radio wifi sence access.
You will also want to turn off smart filter store access, and turn on do
not track access.
You want to set your windows updates to warn you before restarting, you
will want to set the data for updates to be sent only internally over
your internal network and not the net saving you data.
You will want to pick a solid color or a picture for background rather
than have automatics take over and slow things.
You will want to make sure your drivers are updated, from actual
hardware drivers sites not the ms generics.
The manufacturer of the devices vary but I have found printers as old as
2005 with driver updates and some video cards unless they are really old.
Your high def device may actually have a driver and you may want to
install whatever that driver is to get full power, on the other hand
your standard hd driver may be enough.
Make sure system restore is on and above all use a local account.
Turn off cortana especially if you don’t use it or don’t have a mic
plugged in all the time.

Sadly that was the only good point I found over windows.
A lot has changed since 7, the file menu does not have the new folder
option anymore, you have to go to a toolbar, I couldn’t get the edit
menu to pop up, there was no select all.
Also windows help kept launching.
I have used microsoft edge and just preffur internet explorer or firefox.
Progress bars with nvda were not read in a lot of places and that was a
bit of a pain.
If you run things in admin mode forget doing it from search I was not
able to I had to go to the folder, search the file and run it like that
there must be a better way I am sure.
I missed seeing what extra features came via windows update, reading
what things were etc.

Back to privacy, if you don’t need apps like twitter or facebook or
connecter, or whatever, turn it all off, you may want to keep clock and
alarms on.
I was able to strike the programs list once but never managed it again.
In conclusion while win10 is a nice os to have and I could use it, there
were some frustrating issues, in particular that the file explorer is
just a plain ribbon.
I am also saddened to report that bar a few different sfx most are win8 sfx.
I did manage to clear the notification centre but wasn’t able to restore it.
If you are a simple user like me well 7 is where you go, I am happy to
be returning to my win7 desktop though with 10 there is not as much
resistance as 8 was.
Also if a driver fails you can choose not to install drivers
automatically if you want.
I didn’t keep the system on for that long while figuring it all out and
updating it but I had a better experience with it than the 7 laptop, a
dell with video cards no longer existing to a hot cpu, noisy fan, full
of spyware and a bad memmory module to boot.
Oh well, with these out the way, I am looking to the next system to fix
that is on win 10, an i5 and man is it messy always is.

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My personal review of windows 10 was released on September 9, 2015 at 6:57 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: September 9, 2015.

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