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important adobe notice

Hi all.
This is a continuation to the post on my personal blog but I thought I’d post it here to save time and multiposting.
The free msi flash player service has come to an end from the 22 of january 2016.
This means we will all have to download and install the add filled installers of flash and get round those.
If you use chrome it is updated automatically and if you use win 8 and up thats also automatic.
I have not confirmed this but I think firefox updates itself to I am not sure.
Only companies can do this from next year, the public distribution pages were not supposed to be available and well next year they won’t.
Its free to get a 1 year distribution licence though for all players.
Sadly I have never found a way to get flash and shockwave installers from ftp because thats how I have got adobe reader of late.
You can technically force flashplayer to update itself to but even so its a shame.

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Last modified: December 1, 2015.

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