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Podcasts released

I’ve neglected to post show notes or details of the last several podcasts.

podcast 229

Lots of various things including an update on My Telespace VS Philmore stuff. Sipmeeting VS Philmore … is what you need to read. We talk about some security and tech stuff, and also we talk about scams.

What to read

The podcast is 2 hours and 18 minutes. Enjoy!

Podcast 230

Welcome to podcast 230. On this podcast, we finish up Go Metro version 3.x and its demonstrations. Then, our largest segment lasting an hour and 43 minutes, is dealing with identity protection and thoughts on what we should do to try to get companies to understand why they need to do something to keep our personal information as safe as possible. We’ve got plenty of links to stories and Wikipedia that will be of interest to read. Take your time, don’t rush, but make sure that you comprehend what we’re talking about so you can participate in the discussion. Here are those links. As a side note, I don’t expect you to understand everything, its a lot to digest.

Podcast 230

Podcast lasts about 2 and a half hours. Thanks again for listening!
Office of Personnel Management data breach (wikipedia)

podcast 231

On this podcast, Honeywell, IOS with SIRI, and Lastpass.

Podcast 232

We just released podcast 232 today, and here are those show notes.

On this cast, my thoughts on breaches, hospital security, UEB, and a discussion on the most recent breach which we tried to do from 230 which failed miserably. Two videos play, and we’ll see what you think. Hope you enjoy. Links will be in these show notes.

Links from 232

Other links that might be of interest from 230 which may be of use:
Podcast 230

We’re sorry for not posting these show notes sooner, its just been busy. We are continuing the fight for understanding these breaches, and I’ll continue to mention the big ones around. See you all later.

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