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Kim.com not sure

Hi jared.
Wow, yeah this .com guy aint giving up.
I am not sure on this one to be honest.
Being a former pirate I hate the system, so fuck all of those us corrupt corperate bastards.
On the other side he did try to get some sort of internet party in government and it failed so as far as I give which is fuck all they can have him.
Any a pirate should know when he is caught, go to jail and become something else.
Being a pirate there is one thing in the code if there is one.
Don’t get caught.
If you are, your reputation the currency of all of us is dead, no currency no job, you are finnished.
Utterly and fully.
Time to find other work.
In my case the torrent laws pluss the free and opensource industry and some lowcost software ended some of the reasons for my rage against the system as a whole.
Especially because that software is a lot faster and better quality though I have purchaced a few good games and the like.
Yes I still do have a few things not my own but I am not actively seeking anymore unless I can’t get it anywhere else.
And with the torrent law, its impossible to torrent, torrenting is not alegal per say but its watched, some isps here actually restrict speed.
So I go for compilation albums now days or use bandcamp and other things.
The digital industry is taking over the cd industry to a level they seem to exist the vinal industry is coming back as well as streaming, payed and not so much its different and things are going along easily enough.
Now if they sort out this next treaty the blind should be free to get books accessably without having to jump hoops.
So my stance on the fight has changed.
Especially where cloud storage is free or low cost now.
The cost of a 500-1tb hard drive is just over 100 bucks and for another 50-70 dollars you can get a 2tb drive its more if you want bigger such as wireless or nas but still it looks good.
Low costing things like flash drives have cut down especially with imports from places.
On the things we shouldn’t be doing, I disagree with credit cards, debit cards are good because they stop us spending beyond our limits and thats the main thing.
I have an eftpos card for general use, its on another account not my debit card which is online only.
On the note about breaches/ fishing/ scams yeah its a bastard but its just life now.
If there is one thing we can do and I will state this in no uncertain terms for next year is this.
Stop! fucking! clicking!!
We click to many spam and suspicious links, we open a lot of stuff we should kill without doing so.
Now os updates reflect this and malware software at least an average to good one has cloud protection, but your brain is the first line of defence not some bit of software.
We don’t use our heads half of the time.
I for example have budget/low security but my brain is my defence.
I have got the odd bit of malware no one is freehold but I don’t click and its half the problem to be honest.
If we didn’t click there would be no need to secure our systems from malware that could come in only if we clicked or if someone locally logged into our systems somewhere.
Seriously doing your banking on a net caffe or searching the net on an open connection or something bad ie with passwords aint probably the smartest thing to do.
Most of this is what we should know.
Also do simple things like don’t fill your purse to bursting, you drop things, cards, etc.
Oh or you do what I did and split my purse wide open dropping everything.
For starters there is the cost of a good purse.
Get a card wallet seperate from your purse it helps.
A good one shouldn’t cost to much.
With software go for lifetime updates or low cost, there is no good to come from paying for that expensive video converter suite with extra offers if you then have to keep buying it again and again every version.
Its why I pirated winzip, 30 dollars for a version and upgrades, fuck that!
Sadly a few bits of opensource software use opencandy, for those that don’t and even if you insist using software that does have it and like it please subscribe or buy the software or donate or send a comment and say how much you like their shit.
thats it

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Last modified: December 25, 2015.

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