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another update dump

Well it looks like a few things are not going well.
1. itunes latest has access issues again.
2. updates out, for windows below 10.
An unknown update, update to the upgrade to windows 10 thingy and update to fix windows installer repair not working if you just happen to be on a server.
Also thunder bird 45.10.
Due to having no ports, broadband didn’t happen
Also due to general badness having coms techs that can’t do things right for a friend has me conciddering not even bothering to upgrade at all.
The only tech thing of note this week is that audiogamehub a thing I discussed a while ago has an update and online scoring, there is going to be some pr event next monday which I am going to so lets see, another step in the right direction I hope.
Its for local tv but a podcast will be made and it will be easy enough to handle.

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Last modified: May 17, 2016.

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