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some links for you all

Hi all you guys out there.
I have some links for you all.
firstly, look at this from bandcamp
Seems the industry is going to the digital age, vinal, tape, cds etc seem to be doing well.
Downloadable music to, not so much subscription based services.
Well it appears though it may bitch and scream, and sue, the industry is being pushed forward.

Next, submitted from my dad, I get this.
Security in android look at said audio.

Finally, submitted by our outgoing moderator of nvda list and head rep of win10 list, leader of the last nvda con international among other titles, joseph lee has submitted a tutorial cast on win10 redstone which has just entered discussion phase on the lists and who’s official release number will be 16007.

In other news on the hub and sonnar since this is tech related, A few more bugs fixed and another version of the hub is out for all devices, should be.
1.3.16 latest build released on the site.
Amazing support from our playerbase so far as we move to bigger and better things.
Things still being worked on include but are not limited to.
1. general website review/ implimentation including highscore and donation subsystems and databases.
2. Setting up for a pr marketing tv event which is still being worked on as far as to get people to handle it all.
3. New testers, yes this is still vary much open you just need to email me and tell me what you have and your experience I have already added one person from applevis that has the hardware.
4. as well as a issue on my wrig submitted I have a meeting with the boss and others next week for some more game tests, pluss the beginnings of some new audio content of which I don’t even know about.
Work on future plans is expected to be discussed at this meeting.
As of now I can be certain we are 99.9% stable.
No issue on iphone or droid, my pc issue not withstanding no issue there either.
Most of the work is to be continued on the donation portals, website and score database.
For the first round we are going well.
Its great to get a quick turn around especially when we are a new company, though while we have been working on several things its really cool to know things are going well.
Ofcause it can be disconcerting to not have that many issues, and only 8 off the apple side, 2 of which are online but still.
And now a few notes.
While things have been going on we have recieved a few queries on bits of the games.
1. audio tutorial, its made to be easy to understand.
Some may not like it but its the way it is.
2. Voice speed, can’t put it up and down as its a recorded voice.
We need funds to add a few more voices.
3. platform spaciffics.
Its been asked if we can have this feature or that mostly from the apple community.
Answer is no gamecentre, no voice over, in fact no platform spaciffic features of any os, its a tradeoff for being cross platform and why we have recorded speech in the first place.
Score intergration again working on it, will eventually happen.
From the comments or lack of them I can only presume everyone is happy with the current arrangement and that in itself is good though I would really like more feedback on what we are doing.
Its fine if its working but fact is while what we have had is good, vary little has actually been recieved, ie not much has been recieved.
So more is always good.
A reminder to all that I will be on vacation in 3 weeks time.
No net no computer nothing.
I will be traveling round singapoor and bali for 2 weeks so fuck you winter! and helo scorching heat and the beaches and a nice cold drink or strong coffee!!
This will be the second longhall trip I have done in almost 4 years.

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