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backlog 1 of 2

Hello all and welcome to the blog.
Please note that things may be a bit late this week and for the next while.
Firstly meating with sonnar has been resheduled till next tuesday due to next monday being a public holiday and also that they are not ready yet.
I managed to get upgrade to slow but slightly faster vdsl due to poor lines but still a step up.
Due to a dammaged cable in the package I have been offline for the last 3 days and am only just getting into my backlog now.
Things that I have done so far have included, replacing the cable, connecting the phone with new cable, replacing my old phone cable with new cable because it wouldn’t work with the new system.
Changing the wireless network and password so it doesn’t totally suck and then setting the printer to automatic so it works because the other router I had needed spaciffic addressing and this one does not.
I need to get an wireless extender for the kitchen and down stairs as the re1000 linksys decided it does not like the router and in fact it won’t work according to forums.
After trying to update its firmware and it not working it doesn’t even search with software and I am unsure how to set it up via the web so I will get another one.
The last thing on the pipe is reformatting and resetting the ipad with new accounts and such because it also has issues with the network.
Dad is retired, if you have read the blog on my end you will note that things are looking up for everyone including me.
Don’t worry I will be putting tech up when I can but life is changing for me.
On the tech front, if you havn’t turned off recomended updates on your win7 or 8 machine, reports from twitter indicate that ms are now trying to automate the infection with the windows 10 virus on all machines.
Now if you are ready to go, then thats fine, I am not ready yet and to be honest I am unsure if I will ever go now.
The big upgrade end for all of us will happen at the end of july anyway and redstone is released on july.
For obvious reasons unless I get through all the articles on things, in the next day or so there mayy not be a crashletter article weekly roleup this or next weeks.
One thing new I need to do is actually retrain myself on my new 2gb recorder as I go away and do things.
During that time, due to security, atmosphere and other things, I am ditching all technology.
I will have a cell but it costs a lot to use so won’t be doing that that much.
I will have a field recorder and batteries.
I will have a full set of ears and I will not have any net access at all.
The laptop is to bulky to take to a hot place and anyway it would be antisocial to talk and work while talking, there is also security for where I go and so I won’t bother.
At any rate, routeens be damned.
I will be active till friday night and then I will be no more.
Friday next week that is.
See you later, read the other blog for more news.

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