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Social media assignment

Lesson 6 talks about social media in the universal class course dealing with internet specialist 101. I feel i did well in this. The lesson asked to discuss three types of social media, and why one would use them. I use several, and one was not discussed as part of the lesson. I discuss why i use them and what they’re used for. Do you use social media, and if so, why?

Three types of social media include blogs, facebook, and twitter. I have all three, in fact, I also have podcasts. All are used for various purposes, based on the persons needs.

I have a blog located at https://technology.jaredrimer.net which discusses what I’m reading, my thoughts and opinions on various tech topics. I even have a contributing author who also posts things of interest. The blog links to various articles, and I’ve even shared lesson 5’s assignment there as I thought it would be cool to share what I write and learn about as well. The site also has an RSS feed which people can subscribe to so they can get the cast. The podcast is released when time allows, and may or may not include links to other articles. It covers various different types of things such as demonstrations of technology, my thoughts and opinions of articles, and even listener contributions. The RSS feed is https://technology.jaredrimer.net/audio if you wish to subscribe.

The blog also has an RSS feed. https://technology.jaredrimer.net/feed may be used to get the posts delivered to your RSS reader.

My facebook and twitter post my blog posts, as well as anything else I chose to post on it. I’m very selective on what I post, and when searching for my name, you’ll find things on me. My web site also has public links should you wish to check it out.

I use social media to get word out about my podcasts, and other things. One of my twitter feeds is specifically for one of my projects White Cane Travel. Each account created by twitter must have a different E-mail address. Rules only prohibit one facebook account which is fine by me.

Facebook is not just for posting, but for groups as well. I know of many groups on there, one of which I’m a part of. Twitter doesn’t have groups per se, but they have lists.

The lesson is a bit out of date, as Linkedin is not discussed. While I have an account on there, it is more of a professional network. My achievement of passing the work safety 101 course I took there is posted there. I use it to put a presence of what I’m doing professionally, and I sometimes post articles people should read. I’m very selective there.

Another form of social media which I use which is not discussed is Youtube. I subscribe to various video channels to get info. I have not posted a video yet, and I’m not sure what to use my channel for. Some people post personal things, while others post more professional things. The choice is all up to the user.

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